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Ch. 51: School Lunch and Lotte Eating Alone

As far as Research Labs go, this will be the second one apart from the one on the Marquis’ property.

Even so, I really like the Research Lab on the Marquis’ property, so I’ll be spending most of my time there.

I thank the Academy President and start making my way home.

As I walk around the spacious grounds of the Mages Academyーー

Hati: “It looks like a fun place.”

Werner: “Yeah, there are fun things to do around here.”

Hati: “This is the Academy where my Lord spent many years.”

Hati was looking this way and that curiously.

Werner: “Well, since we’re here, Hati, let me give you a tour.”

Hati: “Yes! Hati would love that!”

I placed Hati on my shoulder, and we walk over the expansive Academy’s grounds slowly.

Hati’s eyes sparkled with glee the whole time.

As we passed through one location after another, we headed to the cafeteria to let Hati eat a pancake.

Hati: “It’s good! So good!”

Werner: “I’m glad. The meals at the Academy cafeteria are cheap and good.”

Hati: “That is a wonderful thing.”

Hati seemed to really enjoy the pancake.

Watching her, it made me want some, so I got up to go order a plate for myself.

The Academy cafeteria is overall, a self-service style dining hall.

I take my plate of pancakes, and return when Hati spoke up.

Hati: “My Lord! Lotte is here too!”

Hati points, and at the entrance of the cafeteria, Lotte was there.

Lotte was surrounded by five people.

Hati: “Lotte has many adorable friends. She must be having a lot of fun.”

Werner: “Adorable…….huh….”

Hati really calls everyone she sees adorable.

Hati: “Lotte has made many friends and has gotten adjusted to the Academy. My Lord, you must be relieved.”

Werner: “, Hati. She must be feeling isolated.”

Hati: “IーIs that so?” Werner: “Yeah, you don’t see any students around Lotte, right?” Hati: “IーIs that so? Hati did not realize…”

It’s probably difficult for an Ancient Dragon like Hati to be able to tell the difference between students and non-students.

The Mages Academy is the highest learning institution available, and there are also elderly students, so it can’t be helped.

Werner: “Around Lotte are all guards.”

Hati: “Guards?” Werner: “With the most recent incident happening, they must be Royal Magecraft Knights.”

According to the Imperial Prince, there is a suspicious secret organization with ties to the Galatea Empire working behind the scenes.

Their target will be the Princess of the Lamette Kingdom, Lotte.

The other day, I’m sure that the former President and Head of Research were after Lotte too.

Hati: “They are Royal Magecraft Knights. I thought they were students.”

Though there are many elderly students, there are five men surrounding Lotte.

And they are burly, middle-aged men between the age of 30 to 50.

And all of them had a hard, intimidating expression.

Since the Royal Magecraft Knights fight incredibly strong Monsters all the time, I’m sure their expressions naturally turned that way.

Werner: “There are very, very few students with that kind of well-trained physique here.”

Hati: “Is that so……. My Lord, is Lotte being pushed away from other students or getting bullied?”

Werner: “I don’t believe so. Lotte is a Princess after all. I’m sure that other students have a difficult time approaching her.”

And on top of that, she’s constantly surrounded by scary looking men.

It would not be easy for any student to go near her.

Hati: “Hati feels bad for Lotte.”

Werner: “The Mages Academy is an establishment for learning, and not a social gathering.”

Hati: “That is true but……”

But it would be more fun with friends around.

But even without friends, there are no problems.

I continue to discuss back and forth with Hati quietly whenーー

Lotte: “Oh, Master and Miss Hati.”

Lotte recognized us in the cafeteria.

Lotte approached us very happily.

The Royal Magecraft Knights greeted me silently, so I returned the greeting.

Lotte: “Master, could I sit with you over here?”

Werner: “Of course you can.” Lotte smiled and sat diagonally from in front of me.

She is sitting next to Hati who was sitting directly across from me.

Werner: “Lotte, are you here for a snack?” Lotte: “No, this is my lunch.”

Lotte sits down as one of the guards goes to order food.

Due to having the guards around her at all times, if Lotte goes herself, all the guards will follow.

That would just be troublesome for everyone else.

That’s why the guard went to go get the food.

Royalty has to be mindful of the people around them even while eating.

Werner: “It’s quite a late lunch you’re having.”

I had a meeting with the Imperial Prince after we finished eating lunch.

After that, we greeted the new President of the Academy and took a tour to the new Research Lab. After dispersing from there, we came here.

Right now, it is right in between lunch and dinner.

Lotte: “It’s a little too crowded during lunch…..”

Werner: “Oh, yes. There are more people during lunch.”

When I was a student, the cafeteria was packed with students.

It must have been concerning for her to bring guards along into such crowds.

Werner: “You don’t have to be so concerned about others, you know?”

Lotte: “No, I like to use the lunch time to study and review.”

Werner: “I see.”

While we were speaking, one of the guards brought Lotte her food.

Lotte: “Thank you very much for the meal.”

Lotte began eating her lunch.

Around her, the guards surrounded her tightly.

Werner: “Have the guards already had lunch?”

“Thank you for your concern, Sir Werner. But we alternate between the mornings, afternoons, and night between 3 teams.”

The guards in the afternoon finish their lunch before starting their shift.

Then I have nothing to worry about.

As she ate her lunch, Lotte spoke.

Lotte: “Master, why are you here at the Academy today?” Werner: “Have you heard nothing from his Imperial highness?”

Lotte: “No, nothing.”

Werner: “The Imperial Prince helped me regain my position at the Mages Academy.”

Lotte: “That is wonderful news! Congratulations!”

Lotte seemed ecstatic as she heard the words.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 2

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