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Ch. 42: Aftermath

Lotte was observing the way I tied up and restrained the Academy President and Head of Research.

Lotte: “So this is how you would restrain someone like this.”

Werner: “.....yeah, but… seem quite unfazed by all this.”

I did not unnecessarily hurt them more than needed.

But I’m sure at a glance, it looked like I gave them an excessive beating.

Since they would regenerate over and over, I had to continue to inflict damage with Spells numerous times.

And as a result, they ended up in an unsightly scene.

But Lotte didn’t seem to mind.

Lotte: “Really? I can still feel my body tremble slightly.”

Werner: “I see. But leaving that aside, it’s difficult to restrain an advanced Magecraft Spellcaster. There’s no point tying up their arms and legs and gagging them.”

Lotte: “Yes, I understand.” If you tie up their hands and feet, they cannot make Spell signs with their body and cannot write Magic Inscriptions.

If you gag their mouths, they cannot recite incantations.

But even then, an advanced Magecraft Spellcaster can use Spells.

Werner: “That’s why this is not enough. It’s safest to kill them, but it can’t be helped. Just don’t let your guard down.”

Lotte: “I understand.”

But by destroying their bodies over and over, it forces them to continuously re-heal and regenerate.

And so with their Magic Power completely exhausted, they would not be able to do anything.

We took off the Magecraft Artifacts the President and Head of Research had on one by one.

The Magecraft Artifact I developed to accumulate Magic Power was already broken down during my attacks.

But I collected all the broken fragments just in case.

Werner: “Lotte, I’m going to take the Barrier down, so please go call for help.”

Lotte: “Understood.” And I deactivated the Barrier.

Lotte began running, but the main front doors of the mansions opened wide at the same time.

“Your Highness! Are you safe?!”

My sister came running over.

And behind her, I saw a squad of Royal Magecraft Knights from the Palace who came to help.

Werner: “Ohhh, I see. They must have started preparing as soon as they heard Lotte’s cry.”

And they were standing by in the Mansion to not distract us or get in the way.

Lotte: “I am fine, Rome Viscountess. My apologies for having worried you.”

Bridget: “Your safety is what matters most. Please go see the Healer we have on standby just in case.”

And my sister took Lotte back into the Mansion.

And now I have to deal with the Royal Magecraft Knights.

The Squad Leader bows respectfully towards me.

“Sir Werner. We thank you for your cooperation in capturing the bandits. We offer our utmost gratitude for your assistance.”

Werner: “Not at all. I was merely defending myself. They looked to have a grudge against me.”

And the Squad Leader looked at the President and Head of Research and regarded them with a painful expression.

“ this what became of the President of the Mages Academy?” Werner: “Yes, that is the case. And that is what became of the Head of Magecraft Science Research.”

“They have turned completely into a Demon Race.”

While we spoke, the other Royal Magecraft Knights placed a collar that would seal the President and Head of Research’s Magic.

This was a special Magecraft Artifact used to seal away Magic when capturing a Magecraft Spellcaster.

But rather than an Magecraft Artifact, it’s closer by design to a Cursed Artifact.

It is only used against Magecraft Spellcasters who have committed a heinous crime.

“Sir Werner, what would this be?” The Squad Leader asked about the Magecraft Artifact that I designed to collect Magic Power.

Werner: “It is a Medical Magecraft Artifact I designed several years ago, but they forcefully modified it.”

“Is that so…”

Werner: “And this is something I designed as well. It was a Magecraft Artifact that was supposed to automate dog walking, but they modified it as well.”

I pointed at the Magecraft Doll laying nearby.

“...........I see….” Werner: “I didn’t create these to be used like this though…….”

It saddens me greatly.

And maybe trying to encourage, the Squad Leader spoke up.

“A kitchen knife is used for making delicious meals, but it can also be used to stab and kill someone.”

Is what he told me.

Although the example was simple and crude, it still resonated deeply inside of me.

And the Squad Leader pointed at a Magecraft Artifact that dug into the President and Head of Research’s foreheads.

“Is this something you designed as well, Sir Werner?” Werner: “This isn’t one of my Magecraft Artifact designs.”

“Would you be able to decipher what kind of function or feature this Artifact was used for?” Werner: “Without further investigation, I cannot say this for certain, but I have seen a similar Artifact in the past.”

“Where was that?”

I bend forward to whisper quietly to the Squad Leader to avoid any eavesdropping.

Werner: “Are you aware of the incident where an Ancient Dragon attacked the Royal Princess the other day?”

“Yes, I’m aware.” If he’s heard, then explaining this would be simple.

Werner: “It looks identical to the Artifact the Ancient Dragon had on its head.”

“..........then……..” With that much, I’m sure he could put together the rest.

Hati had a Magecraft Artifact attached to her head, and it controlled her movements.

There is a high probability that the Academy President and Head of Research was also being manipulated.

Werner: “But even so, the Ancient Dragon was resisting the control, so its movements were slower.”

“But you saw no sign of that in the Academy President and Head of Research?” Werner: “Yes. In fact, I think they were moving more eagerly.”

“I see. We will investigate the connection behind these two incidents.”

Werner: “Yes. And….I cannot say this for certain, but I do not believe that it was only used to control people and creatures.”

“..............are you saying that it’s possibly related to the Academy President and Head of Research’s transformation into the Demon Race?”

Werner: “Yes, exactly. I suspect that this piece here…….”

“IーI apologize for interrupting you, Sir Werner.” Werner: “Yes?” “I do not believe that I will be able to fully understand any technical explanations to deliver to my superiors later.”

Werner: “I’m sorry. That was thoughtless of me.” The Royal Magecraft Knights are all extremely capable Magecraft Spellcasters.

But only a handful would really have a deep knowledge about Magecraft Artifacts.

“I will call for a Royal Magecraft Knight that is knowledgeable about Artifacts, and please relay the information when they arrive.”

Werner: “I understand.” And later, in order to cooperate with their investigation, I went to the Central Headquarters of the Royal Magecraft Knights.

I rode on the Royal Knight’s horse carriage to transport there.

Their Central Headquarters of the Royal Magecraft Knights are located within the Royal Palace, so Lotte, who was returning to the Palace, rode with us.

Since the incident just occurred, they are prioritizing her security and returning her to the Palace.

Werner: “Lotte, I’d like to give you this.” Lotte: “This is?” Werner: “It is a Barrier Generator. In an emergency, feel free to use it.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much. The Barrier it generated was amazing.”

Werner: “It was able to accomplish what it was designed to do, but now that I’ve gotten a chance to use it in combat, I’ve found some shortcomings.”

Lotte: “What shortcomings?”

Werner: “We were not able to communicate with the outside.”

Let’s say that Lotte was attacked, and she used the Barrier Generator to escape from danger.

Afterwards, if she is not able to call for help, she cannot leave the Barrier.

In the end, they might do something similar to a siege until she starves to death.

Werner: “Until I am able to make those improvements, please bear with this prototype for now.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much. I will treasure it.”

The Marquis’ mansion is not that far from the Royal Palace.

We arrived shortly, and the servants whisked away Lotte quickly.

And I had an interview with the Royal Magecraft Knights about the incident.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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