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Ch. 41: The President of the Academy and the Head of Magecraft Science Research

Watching the two transform, Lotte gave out a short and quiet shriek.

I spoke to the two who were now creatures rather than humans.

Werner: “I don’t know what happened, but you quit being human then.”

If they are not human, there’s no need to speak with respect as I would to elders.

“Yes, we did. How about you? It’s a most wonderful feeling to do so.”

“If you quit being human, we promise to spare you and the girl’s life.”

The Academy President and Head of Research both smiled.

It was a kind smile that I have never seen them do while they were living.

Werner: “I refuse.” “Don’t be so obstinate. Can you not see that you have no chance of winning?”

Werner: “You think you can beat me just because you’re monsters now?” But they both smirked at my comment.

“It’s not just a new body we obtained.”

The one that was the Head of Research spoke, and the object I defeated started moving once again.

“How is it? I completed the weapon you were developing.”

Werner: “I wasn’t designing a weapon.”

What I was making was an auto-dog-walking Magecraft Artifact.

Werner: “So what do you have to do to get it so wrong?” “I’ve made several improvements. You should be thankful.”

The Magecraft Artifact raised dark blades covered in poison and attacked Lotte.

It also shot flames out of its hands at the same time.

By attacking Lotte, they were trying to distract my focus away from them.

I borrowed the sword from Lotte, and blocked the poisoned short sword.

Werner: “Weapons are really useful in these situations.”

As I deflect the Magecraft Artifact’s attacks, I begin analyzing it.

Werner: “I see. So you’re using the mechanism that was meant to collect the dog’s feces to allow it to swing a short sword.”

Depending on the location and where the dog relieved itself, it would need delicate dexterity to make sure that it is cleaned up properly.

They used that function to allow it to freely swing a short sword.

It is spewing fire by using the feature that sprays out water to clean and wash away urine.

Instead of water, it is spraying out oil.

Werner: “If you use it outside of its original purpose, I can’t guarantee its performance.”

“Silence, Strout. How can you still talk back underーー”

And the Academy President and Head of Research combined their Attack Spell with their Magecraft Artifact.

The power of the Attack Spell was high. It was probably due to abandoning their humanity.

And they fired that powerful Spell towards both Lotte and I.

I blocked the attack with a Magic Barrier, and destroyed the Magecraft Artifact completely.

It should not be able to recover from that damage. In fact, it stopped moving altogether.

Werner: “It’s a Magecraft Artifact I designed. It’s all too simple to completely stop it.”

The Magecraft Artifact had its exterior changed drastically.

Its original features were used in ways that it was not designed for.

That’s why I didn’t realize that it was my own Magecraft Artifact design at first.

But if the fundamental design was based off one of my tools, it was easy enough to figure out how to stop it.

Werner: “Wait, was that your trump card?”

I point to the broken down Magecraft Artifact as I question them.

“Ha! Of course not. Don’t underestimate us.”

“Strout. …….do you know what this is?” The Academy President took out a jewel the size of his fist from inside his coat pocket.

Werner: “Yes, I recognize it. It’s also something I developed.”

The Artifact had a feature to collect and condense Magic Power.

In the air, Mana ー Magic Power or Spiritual Power ーcan be found.

It will absorb such things and help pour it into the body.

Originally, it was designed for treating illnesses.

All living creatures contain Magic Power to one degree or another. And if they lose Magic Power completely, they die.

If you lose Magic Power from an accident or illness, in order to save someone who is on the brink of death, up until this device, an adept Magecraft Spellcaster would have had to spend long hours pouring Magic Power into the patient.

But there are only a handful of first-rate, exceptional Magecraft Spellcasters in the entire country.

That’s why anyone who fell to a disease that drained their Magic Power, almost everyone died from it.

It was an Artifact to help save those patient’s lives.

It is also the same device that saved the life of the Oigen.

“Strout. There are other ways of using this Artifact. Do you know how?” The Academy President began pouring Magic Power into the Magecraft Artifact that was held in his right hand.

As he did so, Mana whirled around him, and began swirling around the Academy President’s right hand.

Werner: “I told you just a second ago, but I can’t guarantee that the tool will work if you use it outside its intended design.”

“Strout. Even if you are adept at Magic, this Spell will be difficult to block even for you.”

Werner: “You are just underestimating me now.”

If it’s just that, I have plenty of ways to block it.

“I see. Then how about this?” The Head of Research also took out the same device.

Werner: “I see. So you’re both going to cooperate nicely. Well, why don’t you try it? You should do it if you really believe it’s going to work.” “You’re wrong, Strout.” Werner: “Wrong?” “Yes, one of us will attack you. But the other will not aim for you.” Werner: “You’ll aim for Lotte?” I could block that too.

I just need to stand next to Lotte and generate a Barrier that would protect us both.

“No. He will attack the Capital.” Both the Academy President and Head of Research fiendishly smiled.

That……..would be problematic.

I’m certain that both Spells would be quite powerful.

If I tried to protect myself, it would be difficult to protect the Capital.

If I tried to protect the Capital, it would be difficult protecting myself at the same time.

“So? What will you do, Strout?” “Will you really overlook a Magecraft Artifact you designed to save people’s lives, and allow us to use it to kill the Capital’s citizens?” “Or will you sacrifice yourself to save the lives of the citizens?” The Magic Power that is swirling around their right hand was getting denser and began to shine brightly.

It’s true. If either of their Spells hit the Capital, it would be devastating.

Werner: “By the way, Academy President. Oh wait, the Head of Research would be better to ask. I have a question for you.” “........what is it?” Werner: “Were you able to understand the fundamental philosophies and theories underlying this Magecraft Artifact?” “.................”

The Head of Research fell silent.

Werner: “I see. So you were not able to.” “.........................”

The Head of Research’s expression contorted with rage.

On the other hand, the Academy President spoke out condescendingly.

“What are you saying, Strout. You only need to know how to use a Magecraft Artifact.”

Werner: “That’s true. As the Academy President said, you only need to understand how to use Magecraft Artifacts. That’s fine. That’s how I designed it.”


Werner: “But the Developer of the Artifact cannot just do that. They must understand the basic theories and mechanisms that makes it work.”

“.............what are you trying to get at?” But I ignore this question.

Werner: “You and I both use Magic. We are Magecraft Spellcasters.”


Werner: “I am able to freely use these principles and theories. Between you and I, which one of us would be the better Magecraft Spellcaster?”

“What are you spouting on and on about? Spells do not require theory. You just need to cast it faster and stronger at your opponent. That’s all.” Werner: “That’s true too.”

“So what are you trying to say?” The Academy President glares at me as he speaks.

Werner: “You’ve underestimated me greatly. If I am able to use a vast amount of principles, theories, and techniques, why would you ever underestimate a Magecraft Spellcaster of that level?” “...........what are you…..”

Werner: “I wouldn’t expect the Academy President to understand, but the Head of Magecraft Science Research should not be underestimating me. You are a Magecraft Artifact Specialist after all.”


The Head of Research falls silent.

But the Academy President roared as he snapped.

“Such nonsense! Strout! How could a mere tool maker defeat a Magecraft Spellcaster!!”

Werner: “You only say that because you do not understand Magecraft Tool Artisans.”

“I tire of your words. If you are indeed that strong, then prove it by stopping our Spells.” And the Academy President used the huge amount of Magic Power to create a giant fireball.

And he threw the fireball right at me.

Werner: “Of course, I’ll be happy to show you.” I immediately gather all the Mana in the air around me and with a Ice Spell, I erase the fireball.

Werner: “What’s wrong? Is that it? You’re not going to tag team anymore?” “How did you…… Ice Spell of that magnitude……..Strout………were you hiding a Magecraft Artifactーー”

Werner: “I don’t need Artifacts to just do this.” “You’re still spewing nonsense……..”

I ignore the Academy President and turn towards Lotte. Werner: “Lotte. When you’re making a Magecraft Artifact, make sure to understand all the underlying principles and theories. If you truly understand them, you would have no need for Magecraft Artifacts.”

Lotte: “YーYes.” Werner: “The only thing I can do is to make a Magecraft Artifact that the masses can use. But it will always be difficult to fully replicate the full effect with an Artifact alone.”

Lotte: “.................”

Werner: “In other words, I will always be stronger than the Magecraft Artifacts I make.” Lotte was at a loss for words and continued to stare directly at me.

“Don’t @#$% with me!!”

The enraged Academy President collected more Magic Power to create a fireball and cast it towards me once again.

And the Head of Research also made a fireball and cast it.

But the Head of Research’s fireball was aimed at the Capital.

But the fireball flew a little farther and then hit a Magic Barrier before it disappeared.

“What just happened?” Werner: “It’s a new Artifact.”

I had activated the Barrier Generator.

Right now, I have two Barrier Generators running.

One is covering the Research Lab where Hati is sleeping.

Another one was now covering the area where Lotte, myself, the Academy President, and Head of Research stood.

Werner: “Go ahead and go wild. I’ve already checked the durability of the Barrier.”

“Don’t get so cocky!”

The Academy President and Head of Research both fire Spells at me.

Because they were abusing one of my Artifacts, it was quite powerful.

And with Magic Barriers and opposite type Spells, I continue to block them.

Werner: “Lotte.” Lotte: “YーYes!” Werner: “Magecraft Artifacts can be used like this too.”

Lotte: “..........?” Werner: “Although I may be able to do one thing, it is difficult for me to do many things all at once.”

For instance, there are four things I must accomplish right now.

I need to protect Lotte and myself.

I need to make sure the citizens of the Capital are safe.

I need to make sure the Research Facility where Hati is sleeping is safe.

And I must capture the Academy President and Head of Research.

Performing all four of these tasks at once is even difficult for me.

Werner: “If it is difficult doing it all at the same time, it is simpler to rely on Magecraft Artifacts to help you.” Lotte: “IーI understand.”

And I glare at the Academy President and the Head of Research. Werner: “Now then, are you satisfied?” “YOUUUUUUUU!!”

“We’ll never forgive you, Strout!”

Werner: “That’s my line. It’s me who will not forgive you.” I blow away the Academy President’s spell and close in on them. As I reach them, I destroy the Artifacts in their hand.

Next, I blasted two large holes in their bodies.


Werner: “You quit being human. You both can’t possibly die just from that.” And in reality, the holes I made were closing up very quickly.

Werner: “You’re regeneration ability is incredible.”


Werner: “But in order to hand you over to the Capital Authorities, I need to completely neutralize you both.” I’m not enjoying this either.

But they are incredibly violent and dangerous. If I hand them over like this to the Capital Authorities, they would inflict many casualties.

Werner: “Oh, but if I’m going to hand you over, I should probably ask for a Royal Guard Magecraft Spellcaster.” The Royal Guard Magecraft Spellcasters directly report to the Imperial Family and are a group of elites.

Every one of them is a first-class Magecraft Spellcaster, and when a violent Monster is rampaging the area, they are the special force that is sent to deal with it.

“Stop! IーIt hurrrrrrrrtsーー!!”


The Academy President and Head of Research continued to scream in agony, but I continued my attacks.

After a while, they finally stopped responding.

Werner: “I think we’re at the end then?” I stopped my attacks and restrained them with Magic.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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