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Ch. 38: The New Research Lab

After shopping at the Oigen Merchant Store, we bought some food from food stands and ate while we walked back to the Marquis’ Family’s separate residence.

And until the evening, I found a place for the bed.

Not only that, but I made sure the shower will actually pour out warm water.

I already developed a Magecraft Artifact that warmed up water when I first entered the Academy.

All I had to do was remember that design and rebuild it.

Werner: “.........if I was to adjust this part, it’ll be much better.”

Hati: “Kyuru….”

Recently, Hati has not responded when I spoke to myself.

She only tilted her head towards me as she curiously observed me.

And the adjustment to make hot water come out of the shower was soon done.

Werner: “Okay, that should do it. …….I should give this water-warming Magecraft Artifact to the Oigen Merchant Group when I get a chance.”

I’ll just make about 10 of these, and see how it sells. I can decide to make more or not after that.

If it sells well, I can teach how to make it to the Oigen Merchant Magecraft Artifact Craftsmen.

Of course, I would get less money per unit in contrast to making it myself.

But if I handle all the manufacturing on my own, the costs of manufacturing would also add up, so in the end, this will lead to more income for me.

And I would be able to sell this item at a lower price.

If that happens, many more people would be able to enjoy warm showers.

That would be an honor to see your Magecraft Artifact be so widely used in the local community.

.Werner: “If I’m going to sell this, I need to simplify the material used for building it……..”

I begin to redesign and improve the artifact inside my head.

To make it easier for the Magecraft craftsmen in the Oigen Group, I simplified the most complex components’ designs.

Once I thought through the preliminary improvements, I began drawing the diagram in my Research Notes.

Werner: “This should do it……Hati?” Hati: “My Lord! This is amazing!”

Hati was having a blast inside the shower.

This Research Lab is composed of a single large room.

There are no walls in between my research space and the shower.

So I could see the shower pouring onto Hati very clearly.

Hati was letting the water run down her head and fluttered her wings happily.

She’s washing her head with her hands, but she’s unable to reach her back.

Hati: “My Lord! You should shower with me!”

Werner: “I guess that’s fine.”

This is not a new invention for me, but it is something I redesigned and improved upon my very first Magecraft Artifact.

It’ll be important to test and use it myself.

I got out of my clothes and entered the shower.

Hati: “My Lord! The hot water feels nice!”

Werner: “Yeah, it does. Here, Hati. I can help wash your back.”

Hati: “Is that okay? Hati is very happy!”

I helped wash the top of her head, between her wings, between her fingers, underneath her claw, and scrubbed her horns.

Hati: “Ooooohhhhhh, it feels very good~”

Werner: “I’m glad.” Hati: “Hati will help wash My Lord’s body!”

And with that, Hati circled around behind me and started scrubbing my back.

Werner: “Thank you, Hati.” Hati: “I am only repaying your kindness! ……my Lord, my Lord!”

Werner: “Hm? What’s wrong?” Hati: “What will you invent next? Maybe an artifact to bake bread?”

I can sense the hope in Hati’s words.

Hati really likes bread.

Werner: “Hmmm, yeah. There’s no urgent artifact I have to design so…….”

For the Oigen Group, as part of a thank you and greeting gift, I can offer them the Magecraft Artifact I just redesigned.

That should be enough.

Besides, the water warming Magecraft Artifact is something I made when I was 10.

It’s relatively simple in design, so I can have Lotte, my new disciple, help with the manufacturing of it.

It should be a good starting point for learning.

I can let Lotte handle manufacture the Water Warming Artifact, and I can start designing something new.

Werner: “A brand new Magecraft Artifact……..since I have the opportunity, I can try making a bread-baking Magecraft Artifact.”

Hati: “Yes!”

Werner: “But before we get into the design of the tool, we’ll need to learn the basics of baking bread from step 1.”

Hati: “Hati sees~ This won’t be easy!”

From that night, I began reading books on how to make bread.

Hati sat on my shoulder and also read intently with me.

We woke up early the next morning, and we learned about bread making from the Marquis Mansions’ cooks.

Hati had a very serious expression listening to every word from the cooks and chefs.

Once we learned about how to make bread, next is making the Magecraft Tool.

We’re not in a hurry to complete it, so we took it slow and enjoyed designing every step of it.

During that time, the Imperial Prince, his highness, Sir Thil, dropped by for a visit.

And hearing that I started my research, Lotte came by as well.

Lotte: “Master, thank you again for accepting me as your disciple.”

Werner: “Yes. Lotte, I want you to be responsible for making this.”

Lotte: “Yes!”

I show Lotte the completed water warming Magecraft Artifact.

Werner: “Do you understand what the purpose of this Magecraft Artifact is?” Lotte looked very seriously and studied the artifact andーー

Lotte: “Is it an artifact that warms up water?” Werner: “Very good. How did you know?” Lotte: “I’ve seen a similar artifact……..but this part was made differently…….”

Lotte knew about the Magecraft Artifact I made in back in the day.

And she also realized the components that I revised.

Werner: “Very good. You are correct.” Lotte: “Thank you so much!”

Though Lotte studied on her own, she was very studious and serious about her learning.

If that’s the case, it will be easy to teach her.

I gave her the Research Notes for the water warming artifact and how to build each component.

I first showed her how I made it, allowed her to ask questions when she needed clarification, and then let her make one on her own.

And if she got stuck, I would answer any questions she had.

Werner: “I know that this may be a simple task, but it’s a very important task.” Lotte: “Yes, Master.” Werner: “You may even pick up on something while making more.”

Lotte: “Yes, I’ll do my best!”

As Lotte helped me with the simpler tasks, we built more water warming artifacts.

If I was making it alone, I could probably make 10 units in 2 hours.

But this is for Lotte’s learning, so we carefully and slowly moved through the process together.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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