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Ch. 37: The Head of Magecraft Science Researcher’s Conundrum

The peaceful, humble looking Gerald transformed dramatically, and the Head of Research felt a sense of terror just looking upon his face.

And Gerald had him by the hair, and pain threaded through his scalp.

He could also hear hair beginning to pull out and tear.

“Wait, iーit’s a misunderstanding…”

Gerald: “I don’t believe so. Why will you not finish the Magecraft Tools? Do you plan to ask for more money in return?” “No, really! You misunderstand! It was just too difficult andーー”

Gerald: “Difficult? It’s a Magecraft Artifact designed by a Teaching Assistant. Wasn’t it you that said you’ll be able to quickly finish it?”

“BーBut it was actually…..very difficult and…..”

Gerald: “So are you telling me that you were not being lazy and looking down on my organization?” The Head of Research furiously tried to nod in agreement several times.

Gerald: “In short, you are so incompetent that you were unable to finish a Teaching Assistant’s design although it was practically close to completion?” “..............”

With his pride on the line, the Head of Research had difficulty admitting that he was incompetent.

Gerald: “Hey.” With the Head of Research falling silent, Gerald called to one of the men in black masks.

“.....................” The man disappeared without a word and came back very quickly.

On his shoulder, he was carrying something.

He threw the cloth bag in front of the Head of Research.


He heard a groan come out of the bag.

It looks like they stuffed the bag with someone alive.

And looking carefully, the Head of Research saw the blood stains all over the bag.

“WーWho is that?” Gerald: “Who do you think?” And Gerald opened the mouth of the bag.


And the Head of Research let out a short scream.

They revealed the head of the person Inside who was covered in blood.

It was not someone the Head of Research recognized.


And Gerald spoke to the bloodied victim.

Gerald: “Hey, I brought you a friend. Why don’t you say hello?”


The bloodied victim barely had any consciousness.

They were not able to speak properly.

Gerald: “What? You really don’t recognize him? He’s your friend.” “MーMy friend? I don’t know this man at all.” Gerald: “How cruel. This is your friend, the Academy President.”

And Gerald let out a laugh as he said so.

The man had several bones on his face broken so his facial features were completely different.

His hair was pulled out by the handful as well, and his scalp was split in several places as blood continued to pour out.

He was in this condition from just the neck up.

The Head of Research could easily assume that he was in a worse state from the neck down.

Gerald: “Since he would not give us the slightest bit of respect, we had a nice ‘talk’.”

“A talk, you say?” The Head of Research’s tone of voice was much more subservient without him even noticing the change.

Gerald: “If you are incompetent, we really have no reason to keep you alive.” “I’m……I’m not incompetent!”

Gerald: “Then were you underestimating us? Do we need to have a ‘talk’ too?” “ThーThat’s not true!”

Gerald: “Not true? How so?”

Sensing his life was in danger, the Head of Research thought furiously for an acceptable answer.

“No, it’s just as you say. I was too overconfident. I am really sorry.”

Gerald: “Oh?” “I mean to give this everything I got to complete the Magecraft Artifact. So please, please, forgive me.”

Gerald: “Hmm…” But Gerald lit up with a smile.

It was the familiar kind but somewhat submissive smile.

Gerald: “That is all I can ask for, Professor.”


Gerald: “I have high hopes for you, Professor.”

“Please leave it to me. However, all my research tools are in the Research Lab and……” The Head of Research wanted to be released if possible and spoke carefully.

Gerald: “Oh, there are no issues there. We have brought all of your tools and notes right here.”


Gerald: “So we made sure that you wouldn’t have to leave to continue your research here.”

“I see…..but…..”

And the Head of Research wanted to find a way to safely leave this place if possible and tried to say anything that would make that possible.

Maybe he could mention about his Research Assistants or other documents that he needs so he can go back to his research facility.

If he can return to the facility, he was sure to run into someone he knew.

It would be difficult for them to use violence in that case, and he may be able to call for help.

That’s when one of the masked men spoke up to Gerald.

“What should we do with him? The man was referring to the Academy President.

Gerald: “Let’s see. If he was hurt this much, I can’t imagine that he would have the idea of running away. You can heal him with a {Heal} Spell.”

“Yes sir.”

Gerald: “He still has many uses for us.”

The man picked up and carried the Academy President and left the room.

Gerald: “The Academy President was quite rebellious and ended up that way.”


Gerald: “He kept complaining about how he could only do the research at the Academy, and he was quite persistent.”


Gerald: “But we are kind-hearted, so we did not kill the Academy President. He is the leading authority of Attack Spells, so there are many things we’d like to learn from him…..”

While you are of some use, they will not kill you. Then there is some hope.

That is what the Head of Research thought.

Gerald: “All we really need is the knowledge, so with a little ‘talk,’ the Academy President was very willing to teach us. Recently, we even tried using some medication toーー”

And Gerald was happy to explain how the goal was to damage the spirit but not the mind.

Even if the Academy President was released, he would not be able to live a normal life.

The Head of Research saw enough to understand that much.

“IーI will not be rebellious. I will do my best with my utmost ability.”

Gerald: “Oh, that’s a relief. To be honest, I didn’t want to have the same ‘talks’ with you, Professor.” And Gerald smiled kindly at him as he spoke.

And strangely, the smile was so genuine, you could not even see a hint of evil behind it.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

Book 1

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