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Ch. 36: The Head of Research’s Lab

It was the night after Werner decided to settle in at the Marquis’ separate residence for his new Research Lab.

At the Mage’s Academy, the Head of Magecraft Science Research was holding his head in frustration inside his Research Lab.


The Head of Research threw the ink bottle as hard as he could against the wall.

Of course, the bottle broke and ink spilled everywhere.

The Head of Research is a first rate Magecraft Scientist.

Even so, he was unable to finish deciphering Werner, who was only an Assistant Teacher’s research notes.

He even suspected if Werner had his actual notes elsewhere and filled this one up with garbage.

But he was able to make some progress.

He almost figured out what the purpose of this Magecraft Tool was.

In other words, these research notes were the real deal.

And even though they were real, he couldn’t understand it at all.

He still had 90% left to decipher.

And he also had no clue what to do with the many parts that Werner left behind.

The reality of the situation deeply scarred the Head of Research’s pride.

“Those bastards……” The Head of Research thought about the Assistant Teachers who went home at the end of the business day.

“How dare they go home earlier than me……..after this is all done, I’m firing all of them.”

Recently, the Head of Research was always in a foul mood.

Because of that, his attitude towards the Assistant Teachers and Junior Professors were becoming more and more unreasonable.

And out of anger, his violence towards them didn’t end with just one or two incidents a day.

That’s why the entire Research team’s morale hit rock bottom.


At that time, the Head of Magecraft Science’s Research Team were all gathered at the tavern.

As they ended each business day, it was not their tradition to drink and spill their gripes and complaints towards the Head of Research.

“Isn’t it awful that he would snap at you even though he has no idea either?” “Yeah. I wish he would admit that as an Academic, Mr. Werner was several times his caliber.”

“I mean, what are they doing running Mr. Werner off like that? Now, we’re completely unable to proceed with any developments. Are they all idiots?”

“I’m thinking about taking leave starting tomorrow.” “Oh, I’ll do that too. I don’t want to be punched for no reason anymore.”

And all the subordinates under the Head of Research decided to go on a strike.

But this was something the Head of Research would never know about.


The Head of Research was cornered.

The Academy President lambasted him, and the Gerald Merchant Group was now threatening them.

The Head of Research no longer returned home and continued deciphering all the things Werner left behind.

That work continued late into the night.

The Graduation Thesis period was long past.

It was now Spring Break for the Academy, and the other Research Labs were currently devoid of people.

The Faculty all had gone home long ago.

ーー<thump> (*sfx)

But he heard a sound at the entrance regardless.

“Hm? Who is it?!”

Maybe one of the Assistant Teachers had a change of heart and came back to help him.

“You there, get back to your work!! HMPH!!”

Without even thanking them, he did not bother to look towards where he heard the sound as he spat out the words.

“I told you, get back to…..”

“It’s you who needs to get back to work.” “WHAT?!”

Hearing an unfamiliar voice, the Head of Research turned around frantically.

But he was immediately blinded.

“What? WHAT?! HEYーー”

”Be quiet.” He felt cold metal touch his throat.

“If you make a fuss, I’ll kill you. Nod if you understand.”


The Head of Research nodded several times.

He no longer understood what was happening.

But he instinctively knew that disobeying whoever this was would end in his death.

As he quieted down, his hands and feet were tied.

He smelled something unfamiliar and soon lost consciousness.


“..........hey, wake up!”

Hearing someone yell, the Head of Research was splashed with water as he awoke.

“........whーwhere am I?” “I didn’t give you permission to speak. Keep your mouth shut.”

The Head of Research noted the dimly lit room.

He sat on a chair that was bolted to the ground.

His legs were tied to the chair itself, and he couldn’t move it.

His arms were also tied behind his back, and he couldn’t move that either.

Before him were men completely dressed in black and had their faces hidden by masks.

And one of the men held an oddly shaped blade-like metal that was hard to know what its purpose was.

“Rー.....” “What?!”

He tried to speak but was met with glaring eyes.

The Head of Research held his tongue.

The Head of Research determined that these must be robbers.

He had no money on him. He wanted to let them know that they would gain nothing from trying to rob him.

But since they asked him to stay quiet, he could not do so.

A few minutes later, a heavy set man entered the room.

He knew him.

It was the merchant who has continually helped fund and support the Academy President and himself over the course of several meetings.

In short, it was the President of the Merchant Association, Gerald himself.

It was the same person who pushed them to fire Werner.

“Mr. Gerald! Please help me! These menーー”

As he let out a cry for help, Gerald just stared back at him with cold eyes.

Gerald: “You have severely let me down, Professor.”

And unlike their previous meetings, Gerald’s attitude had no semblance to the weak, groveling attitudes from the meetings before.

“WhーWhat do youーー”

“Professor, I asked you to complete the Magecraft Artifacts, did I not?” “The Development of Magecraft Artifacts are not that simーー”

As soon as he tried to retort, one of the masked men punched him.

The Head of Research did understand what just happened.

He had punched many people in the past but had never been punched himself.

Gerald: “Professor, I believe you are severely under-estimating me right now.”

The Head of Research saw the coldest eyes staring back at him from Gerald. It was the eyes of someone looking at utter garbage.

And Gerald grabbed the Head of Research by the hair.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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kirito drake
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