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Ch. 35: The Worries of the Knights of Lumen

It was right after Werner was finished taking care of the facility in the wilderness.

In other words, it was right after the assassination team was completely wiped off the face of the earth.

At one of the Knights of Lumen’s base of operations at the edge of the Capital, the highest ranking officers held another meeting.

“.........maybe our info is being leaked by someone on the inside?” “That’s true. It would be difficult to be able to completely wipe out the assassins sent to the [Concealed One] without someone giving out intel from the inside.”

And a heavy tension now looms over the group.

The assassin team that was meant to attack the base in the wilderness was blasted away too precisely.

If would be impossible without prior knowledge about the attack.

“........or is it a warning against our organization?”

“A warning?” “It may be the [Concealed One] touting that it has full knowledge of our every movement and taunting us.”

“How much does this [Concealed One] know of our intentions?” “I do not know.”

And one of the officers mumbled the words.

“Can we trust the Gerald Merchant Group?” “............what do you mean?”

The Gerald Merchant Group is the culprit that bribed the Academy President and Head of Research in order to remove Werner from his position.

And behind the Gerald Group was the Knights of Lumen pulling the strings.

“The Gerald Group has yet to send us one of the Magecraft Tools that were being developed under Kay.”

“............certainly. What has the Gerald Group said of this?” “They’ve reported that the Head of Research has been struggling with the development, and that’s it.”

And every one of the officers present twisted their expressions in anguish.

“That is probably a lie.”

“The Head of Research can be easily manipulated with money, but he’s very knowledgeable. He is one of the leading scientists in the Magecraft Artifact field.”

“Yes. Although it’s one of Kay’s Research Labs, there’s no way that he would not be able to complete Magecraft Artifacts that were designed by Graduate Students or Teaching Assistants.”

“Besides that, they were able to obtain all the designs and research notes.”

“.................they betrayed us.”

As one of the officers mumbled, the others nodded in agreement.

Anyone who can be persuaded by money can also betray you because of money.

That is something the highest ranking officers of the Knights of Lumen knew all too well.

In truth, this was all because Werner’s Magecraft Tools were too complex, and the Head of Research was unable to decipher the designs and notes.

“..........but exactly who betrayed us?” “Yes, it could be the Gerald Group, the Head of Research, or both.”

“We will need to make that clear.”

“, that’s not necessary.” Everyone turned towards the person who spoke the words and glared.

“What are you saying? You want us to leave the betrayer alone?”

“That’s not what I meant. I am saying that there are better uses for those who betray us as a betrayer should be treated.”


“The Academy President is an expert in Attack Spells. The Head of Research is well-learned in the use of Magecraft Artifacts. We can use this to our advantage.”

“ other words, we will use the Academy President and Head of Research as our assassins?”

“Assassin? No, they are not even worthy of being called that. They are just useless pawns that we can discard at any time.”

If they will be swayed by money, then they just need to be swayed once more.

All of the leaders of the Knights of Lumen had the same exact thought.

“But we have not been able to determine the identify of the [Concealed One] which is most crucial.”

“Well, we’re using the Academy President and his accomplice as pawns. Let’s see……….yes, let’s use them to target Kay’s disciple. That should be best.”

“Hmmm, it’s true that there’s no denying that Kay’s disciple is somehow acting as a liaison with the [Concealed One].”

Kay, who disappeared off the public scene, and the [Concealed One] are coordinating with one another.

There’s even the possibility that Kay himself is the [Concealed One], and this crossed every leader of the Knight’s of Lumen’s mind.

And between Kay and the [Concealed One], Kay’s disciple, in short Werner, has a high probability of playing a part.

If Kay himself is the [Concealed One], then Werner is acting as a liaison between Kay and the Central Imperial Government.

That was their conclusion.

“Killing the disciple would be a satisfactory declaration of war against Kay and the [Concealed One].”

“I agree. We needed some sort of progress in our plans by now.”

“Killing Kay’s disciple should satisfy the Galatea Empire.”

The Knights of Lumen were in alliance with the Galatea Empire.

They were not subordinates of the Empire.

The Galatea Empire was supporting them financially and with technology so the Knights of Lumen could cause internal turmoil in the Rheinfelden Kingdom.

That was their relationship.

The more damage and chaos the Knights of Lumen can cause, the Rheinfelden Kingdom will wither under the strain.

And as a result, it will lead to mutual benefits for the Galatea Empire too.

They are both using each other’s organization for their own purposes.

“If we cannot deliver a result that would satisfy the Galatea Empire……”

There is a good chance that the Galatea Empire would cease funding their efforts.

This was one of the worst results the Knights of Lumen wanted to avoid at all costs.

With every one of their plans foiled thus far, the Knights of Lumen were beginning to inch towards a state of panic.

And from their anxiety and worries, they placed their hopes on one of the most hopeless and desperate of plans.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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