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Chapter 32: Let’s Build a Research Facility in the Marquis Mansion!

It was the next morning after speaking with the Imperial Prince.

Hati spoke up as we ate breakfast together.

Hati: “My Lord, where do you plan to build the new Research Laboratory?” Werner: “Well, before we can even get started, we need to locate a property.”

Hati: “That sounds hard~”

My new disciple, Lotte, is also a student of the Mage’s Academy.

It would be best to find a location that is close to the Academy.

And because the Mage’s Academy is located near the Royal Palace, many upper-class Nobles’ mansions surround the area.

And of course, that means that property prices are extremely high.

Werner: “I have the money to afford it……but I’m not even certain if we will find anyone willing to sell their land.”

For now, I think I’ll go to the Oigen Merchant Association.

With the Oigen Group, they will be able to introduce me to some suitable locations.

I speak with Hati about what kind of property would be well-suited and their prices whenーー

“Sir Werner, I see that you are on the search for some land property.”

One of the Marquis’ butlers came and found me.

This butler has been serving the Marquis family for quite some time. He is an elderly gentleman in his 60’s with a look of authority.

He is responsible for the mansion in the Capital as a whole, and he’s also the personal secretary to the Rome Viscount, my sister.

Werner: “That’s right……is there a property available?”

“Yes indeed. I can guide you to it after breakfast.”

Hati: “My Lord! We found a property! I’m so glad~”

Werner: “Yeah.” But we’re not certain what kind of property the butler had in mind.

Just in case, I keep my hopes and expectations low.

Hati: “You have done well to find property for my Lord. You are very cute indeed!”

Hati flew off to pat the head of the butler.

Apparently, Hati meant it when she said humans are as cute as cats to her.

It’s probably the same as how I think kittens and elderly cats are both cute or adorable.

“YーYour compliments are wasted on me. And it was not I who located the property…….it was her excellency, the Viscount…..”

The butler looked bewildered to be called cute. It was probably not something he ever heard these last few decades.

I understand how he feels.

Werner: “And how is my sister doing?” “Yes, her excellency, the Viscount is currently at the Royal Palace since this morning.”

Werner: “I see. Then it can’t be helped.” My elder sister, Bridget, is the official heir to the Marquis family and currently serving as the Rome Viscount.

As the representative of my father, the Marquis, she is quite busy every day.

It is not unusual for her to be visiting the Royal Palace regularly.

Once Hati and I were done eating breakfast, the butler spoke up.

“Allow me to guide you to the property. Please follow me this way.”

And the butler took us to a separate house located on the mansion’s grounds.

I did not know about this particular house.

Looks like they recently built it.

“Her Excellency, the Viscount has asked Sir Werner to please use this property as your new Research Facility…….”

Werner: “ that really okay?” “Of course, Sir Werner. You have taken in Her Highness, the Princess of the Lamet Kingdom. As such, the Lord Marquis will not have any issues on the matter.”

Up until now, if I took over the Mansion’s separate quarters as my research facility, then I would have no say if they wanted to kick me off the property.

But if this is a Research Lab where her highness, Lotte, from a different country is utilizing, then my father would not be able to complain.

Werner: “I guess if he does say something, I can go crying to his highness, the Imperial Prince.”

It was the Imperial Prince who asked me to take Lotte as a disciple.

I’m sure he’ll support me if there is any trouble.

All the Imperial Prince will have to tell my father is, “Please take good care of Her Highness.” That is all it would take.

Because my father would not have any other answer other than, “Yes, as you command.”

Werner: “Then I will gladly use this location.” “I am glad to hear you say so.”

I took one lap around the separate residence to take a look at it and its surroundings.

Werner: “Wait…..did my sister…..?” “It is as you suspect, Sir Werner. Her excellency ordered for this residence to be built soon after she heard that you left the Mage’s Academy.”

Even though she didn’t know if I would use the facility or not, she still began building it immediately.

I am deeply grateful for her kind consideration.

Hati and I enter the residence and take a look around.

It was a single story building with a single large room inside.

And inside, we found all the basic Magecraft Artifact designing tools.

There is running water, and all the tools I need to start experimenting and researching were all here.

There was even a table and chair suited for laboratory experiments.

I even found a shower for emergency rinsing when you get dangerous chemicals onto you.

But the shower will not pour hot water, and there is nothing to block the view of anyone from outside.

It’s a shower designed for those kinds of chemical emergencies.

And of course, there is no bed.

If I needed to bathe or sleep, I could see that my sister was strongly suggesting that I use the main mansion.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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