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Chapter 29: The Letter from My Master

I stare into Lotte’s eyes without blinking.

Lotte straightens her back and stares right back at me.

Werner: “But could you at least listen to my instructions to be my disciple before deciding?”

Lotte: “I’ve already made up my mind.”

Werner: “Even so, please listen to my instructions once and then consider your answer then.”

Lotte: “I understand.”

It would be extremely troublesome if expectations misalign, and she were to file a grievance.

I believe it’s crucial to explain things in detail beforehand.

Werner: “Firstly, I would like to explain about Hati.”

Hati: “Kyu-ru?”

Lotte: “Yes.” Hati tilts her head and looks quite adorable.

And Lotte looks at Hati as she replies.

Though she was being controlled, Hati was the one who attacked Lotte.

No doubt, it was quite traumatic for Lotte.

Werner: “Your Highness, Hati is the Dragon that attacked you when you and I met.”

Lotte: “Oh, I see! I didn’t realize because she was so much smaller.”

Hati: “Hati is sorry.”

Hati bowed her head apologetically.

Lotte: “No, I also need to apologize. I’m sorry, Hati.”

Hati: “What? What do you mean? Why would Lotte apologize to Hati?” Lotte: “Because the ones who controlled and manipulated you were probably agents from the Galatea Empire.”

Hati: “Is that so?” Lotte: “Yes. There are very few countries who can create Magecraft Artifacts powerful enough to control Ancient Dragons.”

In general, the countries would be limited to the Great Magic Nations of the Imperial State of Rheinfelden and the Galatea Empire.

Lotte: “During my travels, we were attacked by Monsters several times. I am certain that the Galatea Empire put you under their control for the purpose of attacking me.”

Hati: “........I see now. But even so, it is a fact that Hati is the one who attacked you. Hati is deeply sorry.”

Lotte: “I am sorry as well, Hati.” They both apologize to one another and forgive each other.

I’m glad to see that they will most likely get along.

Now then, I can continue my explanation as far as being my disciple is concerned.

Werner: “Now then, Your Highness, Lady Charlotte. I can only teach you the same way as Professor Key taught me.”

Lotte: “Yes.” Werner: “In general, I will be leaving you alone to learn on your own. If you would like someone to teach you the fundamentals carefully, you will have to attend the Mages Academy.”

Lotte: “I understand. You are asking me to learn by watching you.” Werner: “You misunderstand. The Magecraft Science Theories are not something so simple that you can just watch and learn.”

As Lotte thinks about this deeply, the Imperial Prince speaks up.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, that is a bit…….”

Werner: “Your Highness, Sir Kraus. And Your Highness, Lady Charlotte. That is the nature of becoming a disciple of a Mage.”

Kraus: “I understand as much but even so……”

Werner: “And it would be difficult to deliver a stable and systematic education. That is why Professor Key created the Mages Academy.”

As I speak, the Imperial Prince nods at my words.

The Academy President and the Head of Research are trash, but there are plenty of distinguished and good faculty at the Academy.

The majority of Faculty have a significant amount of knowledge, and they should have decent judgment and character.

In general, at the Academy, we stress the importance of not letting your status and background be known.

The Academy does not even keep a record of your parent’s status or occupation.

Though I carried the name of Strout, most of the people around me did not associate me as the Marquis’ family member.

The Strout Family is a well known family with a long history.

Besides the official Marquis Family, there are many families who carry the name outside of it.

But Lotte is an exchange student by official national policy and also a Princess.

Even within the Mages Academy, she will have guards assigned to her.

There is no way for her to hide her background and status then.

I don’t believe there would be anyone foolish enough to bother Lotte.

I say that because it might be publicized that she is my disciple ー and I, being someone with a poor reputation there.

Werner: “I would like her Highness, Lady Charlotte, to be studying at the Mages Academy, and in the afternoon, come to my Research Lab to study. I believe this would be ideal.”

Kraus: “Hmmm…” Werner: “I, myself, learned many things at the Mages Academy.”

Kraus: “I see. What do you say, your Highness?” Lotte: “As my Master commands.” And Lotte bowed her head low.

Werner: “Now that you have heard my explanation, if you still would like to become my disciple, I humbly accept.”

Lotte: “I am not worthy of the title, but I would like to proceed and become your disciple.”

Now, I have no choice but to take her in.

Werner: “Now that you are my disciple, I will no longer address you as your Highness.”

Lotte: “Of course, that should be expected.”

Werner: “Good. But even then, I currently do not have a Research Lab. I will have to contact you again when one is available.”

Lotte: “Please allow me to help build the new Research Lab!”

Werner: “..............understood. If I need your help, I will reach out to you.”

Lotte: “Yes! Thank you very much! I will do my very best!”

And I bow to the Imperial Prince.

Werner: “Your Highness, please take good care of my disciple in my absence.”

Kraus: “Yes, you can leave that to me.”

Werner: “Thank you very much.”

And we all spoke for a bit, and Lotte left the room.

That is because the Imperial Prince said he had something to discuss with me.

Werner: “Your Highness, what matter did you wish to speak of….?” Kraus: “For now, I would like for you to read this.” And the Imperial Prince handed me a letter that was sealed.

Werner: “And this is…?” Kraus: “This is a letter from Professor Kay. He had instructed me to hand this to you if you accepted her Highness as your disciple.”

Werner: “And the contents?” Kraus: “Of course, I have not seen it. I have no wish to see it. We are not so foolish as to cross the lines with Professor Kay when he has specific instructions saying not to do so.”

I am certain that the Imperial Prince has no intention of angering Professor Kay in any way.

I understand how he feels very well.

My Master may not be the most dependable as an ally, but as an enemy, he can be extremely frightening and unpredictable.

Werner: “I will take a look at the contents.”

With those words, I open the seal to the letter.

[***After reading this letter yourself, make sure to burn it without showing anyone***]

The first thing written down was a warning.

Looks like I am the only one who can read this letter.

I looked at Hati who was resting on my shoulder and nodded to her.

She hopped off my shoulder and moved to a position where she could no longer read the letter.

Werner: “Thank you, Hati.” Hati: “Do not worry. If My Lord’s Master says to not show anyone else, Hati will not look as well.”

I open the letter and read over the contents carefully.

[My Dearest Strout,

Now that you are reading this letter, you have accepted a disciple.

That is a very good thing.

But though I instructed Lotte to visit a Grand Sage in the wilderness, I am severely disappointed that you did not realize that I was speaking of you.

Of course, I am much stronger than you, but Strout, you have enough ability and strength to call yourself a Grand or Great Sage.

And you were the only there in the wilderness, Strout.

And yet you still did not realize this fact about yourself.

You will need to refine your senses of perception much further, Strout.

And never forget that I am stronger than you.

…………I ask that you take good care of Lotte. Isn’t she adorable?

I would like to share a tale from long ago.

Strout, this is a very old tale that occurred many, many years before your birth.

It would be about 1,000 years ago now.

When I was still young, I believe you know the tales of how I struck down the Great Demon King with my comrades?]

Werner: (Um, no. This is the first time I heard of it.)

Since the Imperial Prince is still in the room, I cannot speak my retorts out loud.

So I retort inside my head instead.

[With the Hero, my younger sister who was a Healer, and I, the Mage.

We were a Party of three.

After we defeated the Great Demon King, the Hero established the Lamet Kingdom where the Great Demon King’s castle was located.

And he wed my younger sister and took her as his wife.]

Werner: (If it’s my Master’s younger sister, she would be an Elf as well? Is his younger sister still living today?)

But I have not heard of any information pertaining to the founding Queen of Lamet Kingdom still being alive.

Looks like there’s some secret behind that………..

Maybe I’ll ask my Master the next time I see him.

I should have the right to ask him that much.

I continue to read the letter further.

[In other words, Lotte is the descendent of my younger sister. She would be a distant, distant relative of mine.

Well, to me, she is similar to a niece.]

Werner: (But her bloodline would be nowhere close to being that of a niece!!)

The current Lamet King is the 50th King.

The blood of my Master’s younger sister would have been thinned out to the point where they could claim no relation to one another now.

[That is why I cannot consider the Lamet Kingdom and the Royal Family as unrelated to me.

And because of that, I ask you to take good care of Lotte.

If you get along with Lotte, and if Lotte desires, you can marry her.

In that case, I will preside over the wedding.

Your Great and Amazing Master. The man who defeated a Grand Demon King and two other Demon Kings, The Great Sage Kay.]

Werner: (Two other Demon Kings? There were two others besides the Great Demon King? What’s going on here?)

And during the last millennium, I have never heard of two other Demon King’s appearing.

Is this something my Master is just making up? Underneath his signature, looking way below, I saw that he had more written.


I haven’t told you, but Demon Kings appear every 300 to 400 years. The Great Demon King typically appears every 1,000 years.

The Demon King 400 years ago and 700 years ago, I defeated them on my own. If it’s just a Demon King, it’s a piece of cake for me.

But it’s been 1,000 years since defeating the Great Demon King with the Hero.

In other words, the day when the Great Demon King will resurrect is near.

Even for me, taking on the Great Demon King alone will be a little difficult.

Besides, my lower back still aches.]

Werner: (His excuse for his lower back was still a thing….)

[If the Great Demon King resurrects, I may need your help, Strout.

In that case, let’s work together to defeat it.]

Werner: (I don’t mind but…….)

My Master is stronger than me, but if he needs assistance, then it’s natural for me, his disciple, to be the first to help.

And then, I saw that he wrote something even farther down the page.


Oh, and Lotte is the Hero, so please make sure to train her well.]

Something shocking was written there.


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