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Chapter 28: The Princess Disciple

I was trying to figure out a way to refuse the discipleship and went in circles with various thoughts.

Werner: “But I have much to learn before taking on a disciple….”

But the Imperial Prince continued to talk past my disruption.

Kraus: “Sir Werner, I understand that you desire to do research on your own.”

Werner: “......yes.”

Kraus: “And I understand that this is against your wishes. I would like you to take her Royal Highness as your disciple.”

Lotte: “Please, Sir Werner.”

And Lotte also bowed her head as she asked.

And now it’s become extremely rude to refuse a request when the Imperial Family and a Royal Family is bowing their head, so I don’t know what to do.

Werner: “Even so……” Kraus: “.......well, you see, Sir Werner. The Lamet Kingdom is in need of Magical Technology.”

Werner: “ be able to resist the Galatea Empire.”

The Lamet Kingdom has many valuable natural resources.

And our country is currently benefiting greatly from being able to import from them.

In many of my Magecraft Tools, I use resources obtained from the Lamet Kingdom.

Lotte: “Sir Werner, my country’s Magic Technology is severely behind. To put it bluntly, we are on the brink of destruction.”

A small Kingdom with abundant natural resources.

And with their Magical Technology lagging behind, they will be a prime target for invasion.

And the Galatea Empire is incredibly ambitious when it comes to conquering and expanding their territories.

But this isn’t something that can be resolved with a Princess entering into a discipleship.

Werner: “Sir Kraus, your Highness, if you are looking to support Lamet against the Galatea Empire, are there not more effective methods of doing so?” The Imperial State of Rheinfelden and the Lamet Kingdom should probably tie an alliance.

Even a novice like me thinks so. There’s no way the Imperial Prince has not realized this.

Kraus: “Of course, we will be formalizing an official alliance. And our country will be assisting and supporting with their Magical Scientific Advancement.”

Werner: “Then isn’t that more than enough?” With that, even the Galatea Empire would have difficulty proceeding with their invasion.

If they send troops towards Lamet, they would leave their backside open for the Imperial State of Rheinfelden for invasion.

Kraus: “The Princess being accepted as your disciple is a symbol of our good will and faith of this treaty to help support their technological advancement.”

Werner: “But even if you say so……I am but a mere researcher who was fired from his position at the Mages Academy.” Kraus: “And also the dearest disciple of Professor Kay.”

Werner: “Then the Princess should become a disciple of Professor Kay…..”

But Lotte interrupted me as soon as said those words.

Lotte: “Sir Werner, you are already familiar with my situation. That was my original intention as well, but currently, the whereabouts of Professor Kay are unknown…..”

Lotte came to the wilderness seeking out Professor Kay when she was attacked by Hati.

Kraus: “And besides that, Sir Werner. We received a letter from Professor Kay yesterday.”

Werner: “A letter, you say?” Kraus: “Yes, a large Falcon delivered it.”

It must be Falcon No. 1.

It must have gone to the Capital’s palace before coming to my location.

Kraus: “And it was made known that the Great Sage that Professor Kay mentioned to the Princess was about you, Sir Werner.”

Kraus: “....................that can’t be….”

And it’s true that inside Lotte’s letter, she was asked to visit a Great Sage in the wilderness.

My Master always referred to himself as a Sage or Grand Mage so that didn’t even cross my mind.

Werner: “But I have not heard my Master say anything about this…..”

Kraus: “And is that not a common occurrence between you and Professor Kay?” Werner: “Unfortunately, it is exactly as you say.”

My Master will rarely even consult me about important matters.

That is just who my Master is.

Kraus: “Professor Kay himself does not wish for the end of the Lamet Kingdom, and he intends to execute his own plans on the matter.”

Werner: “How will the Professor assist the Lamet Kingdom?”

Kraus: “That, I do not know.”

Werner: “Sir Kraus, your Royal Highness, could I take a look at that letter……”

But even as I speak, the Imperial Prince smiles at me knowingly.

Kraus: “It was written to not show you, Sir Werner, the contents of the letter. I do not know the reason.”

Werner: “...........I see. Then it cannot be helped.”

I’m certain that I would have caught something within the letter if I read it.

It would have pertained to my Master’s location or what my Master was planning on doing.

And My Master does not want me to know.

Kraus: “My apologies, Sir Werner.” Werner: “No, if my Master says so, then that is for the best. My Master is most unreasonable, but he can be thoughtful towards his disciple at times.”

I think again.

My Master probably knew about Lamet Kingdom’s danger.

And in order to be able to work in secret, he disappeared from public.

Kraus: “So Sir Werner, will you please accept this discipleship?”

Lotte: “Sir Werner, please accept me as your disciple.”

And the Imperial Prince and Lotte asked me once again.

This is an important matter for the country.

It’s not about being my disciple exactly.

What’s important is that the Royal blood of the Lamet Kingdom is the disciple of Professor Kay’s disciple. In other words, she would be the grand-disciple of Professor Kay. That is key.

That’s how much the fame of my Master’s name holds.

And not only is the Imperial Prince and Lotte bowing their heads, I can see my Master as well in the backscenes telling me to take Lotte as my disciple.

Now it would be incredibly difficult to refuse.

Well, she can be my assistant I guess, and I will just teach her some things about making Magecraft Artifacts, and that should suffice.

And besides, if a Princess becomes my disciple, it will be difficult for my father and brother to continue being against my Magecraft Tool research and development.

Werner: “.........I understand. I will accept the Princess as my formal disciple.”

Kraus: “Great! That is indeed welcome news. You have lifted a great burden off my shoulder.”

Lotte: “Thank you so much!”

And the Imperial Prince and Lotte were beaming and smiling at my answer.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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