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Chapter 25: The Assassination Squad of the Knights of Lumen

The upper echelon of the Knights of Lumen gathered for another meeting.

“Have the Magecraft Artifacts not been delivered from the Mages Academy yet?”

“Looks like they are struggling to complete putting together the tools.”

“We are talking about the Head of Research at the Mages Academy. They have the design layout and the parts to build it. There’s no way they would be hindered from completing the products.”

“Yes, the Head of Research had quite the confidence but…..”

It was the Knights of Lumen who instigated the move to have Werner removed from the Mages Academy by incentivizing the Academy President and Head of Research with various gifts.

It was all to rob and pillage all the products that were being developed under Professor Kay’s research lab.

The Head of Research was responsible for completing the remaining Magecraft Artifacts that were still being developed.

And even then, no products have been completed thus far.

“Are they simply being lazy? Are they procrastinating and pushing this task aside?”

“There is that possibility. They are probably underestimating us.”

The Academy President and the Head of Research were not aware that they were dealing with the Knights of Lumen.

So even if they wanted to, there was no way for them to underestimate them.

“Shall we abduct the Head of Research?” “Abduct and then force him to complete the products? That is a good idea.”

That’s when they received the news.

“Looks like Kay’s disciple had moved to a secret research facility in the wilderness.”

“Oh? If that disciple relocated there, then maybe there is a Magecraft Artifact Development facility there?” “Most likely. And in fact……..the [Concealed One] may be there too.”

The Knights of Lumen have continued to investigate the identify of the [Concealed One].

But they were unable to find out anything.

Of course they haven’t.

The [Concealed One] they were searching for is Werner himself.

The Explosive that the [Concealed One] designed was 8 years ago.

It was when Werner was 12 years old.

And they could not imagine that a 12 year old child would develop a bomb that offset the balance of power in the world.

That’s why the Knights of Lumen could never imagine that the [Concealed One] was Werner.

“It must be quite an important Magecraft Artifact if they decided to develop it in the wilderness away from the Capital.”

There was a very high likelihood that another important, confidential Magecraft Artifact that could offset the world’s balance of power was held there.

Just like the bomb 8 years ago.

The executives of the Knights of Lumen all came to the same conclusion.

“If we can obtain that artifact…….”

“Yes, then we’ll be able to stand with unparalleled advantages.”

“And if we kill the [Concealed One] in the process, then we do not have to worry about any more extraordinary Magecraft Artifacts appearing.”

And the plan to attack the base in the wilderness was devised by the Knights of Lumen.

This was 2 days before Falcon No. 1 visited the base.


While Werner was soundly sleeping in between Hati and Falcon No. 1ーー

It was at a place about a 30 minute walk from the underground base.

There, a group of people were stirring up trouble.

It was the Assassination Squad of the Knights of Lumen.

It was a powerful squad with several men from the Demon Race and many dangerous and cruel Monsters alongside them.

The human leader himself was an assassin who had killed many innocent lives of citizens and nobles just for the sake of money.

The leader of the squad spoke up to the group.

“Failure is not an option.”


“We will strike and kill the [Concealed One]. And we must obtain the fruits of their work.”

“Which takes priority?” One of the humanoid Monsters, a Demon Race member asked the question.

Their personality could be described as extremely evil and abhorrent. They had no sliver of conscience.

They were unable to acclimate into human society, and they were much stronger than humans in general.

They were that kind of a Monster.

And even against the Demon Race member, the leader answered unhesitatingly.

“Of course, both are priority.”

“ you even know what priority means?” “What? You there. Who do you think you’re talking to.”

The leader himself is a powerful assassin.

He had the confidence to take down even a powerful Demon Race opponent one on one.

But as tension built between the leader and the Demon Race man, one of the men doing surveillance yelled.

“The disciple came out of the base. He’s with a bird.”

“A bird?” The leader picked up his binoculars and surveyed the base.

“Looks like the disciple is returning to the capital. I don’t know what kind of bird that is, but we can assume that they probably completed a step in their research.”

“What should we do? The disciple might be carrying the research product.”

“Yes, but we’ll first secure the base. We’ll take the disciple after that.”

There is a high probability that the [Concealed One] is at the base.

If they can kill the [Concealed One], they could call this mission a success.

“Wouldn’t the disciple get away?” “The disciple is traveling on foot. It is at least a 5 hour walk to the Capital.”

They will take over the base, kill the [Concealed One], and they would still have plenty of time to track down and kill the disciple.

And it was natural for the Assassins to proceed with that plan.

The Assassination Squad began executing their secret plan.

During that time, Werner and his group began walking away from the base. He was not in a hurry and walked slowly.

The Assassination Squad began secretly moving towards the base.

They finally arrived at the entrance of the base, and all they saw was white envelope their field of vision.

And they all lost consciousness. No, they did not just lose consciousness, but they also lost their lives as well.

Werner detonated the explosives set in the base at that moment.

The Assassination Squad did not know what happened to them.

They all disappeared in an instant as they were swallowed by unimaginable, extreme heat.

Werner confirmed that the base was destroyed with no traces, and parting with Falcon No. 1, headed back to the Capital.

From even farther away, there was someone surveying the whole time from about 1 hours worth of walking distance.

It was one of the executives from the Knights of Lumen.

“…… could this be……”

Their secret, well thought out plan to attack and exterminate the [Concealed One].

They were supposed to gain the fruits of the research and eliminate the [Concealed One] if the plan went accordingly.

In the worst case scenario, they were certain that they could either take the research or kill the [Concealed One] at the very least.

“Was…..our plans known?” They can now see that the base itself was a trap.

And they could assume that the [Concealed One] was never at the base in the first place.

Even the misleading information obtained by the Knights of Lumen may have been baited from the beginning.

“And that bird. It was a Magical Beast with incredible strength. Did the [Concealed One] use that bird to communicate with the disciple?”

As the executive came to this conclusion, a giant Dragon suddenly appeared.

It was Hati who enlarged her size, but the executive, who did not see Hati until now, remained in pure shock and horror.

“FーFrom where did it……? How did it…..? What? What’s happening here…..?” And Werner rode the giant Dragon and flew away.

“IーI don’t understand…… it might be possible that…..the [Concealed One] isn’t even human……”

As the executive finished his surveillance, he hurriedly started back to the Knights of Lumen’s headquarters to make the report to the other executives.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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Viking Cultivator
Viking Cultivator
Jan 11, 2022

Has A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide's author (Hagiu Aki) died or something?

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