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Chapter 18: Barrier Generator Test

The human-form Hati had hair that was scarlet red like her scales, and there were two horns growing atop her head.

He tail was long, thick, and respectable looking.

And though she was an Infant Dragon, she carried all the female curves.

Her large breasts were pressing against me, and she slept soundly and comfortably.

Werner: “...........I thought I told her to use her Dragon form when climbing into my bed.”

Hati: “Mmmmmm”

Hati was nibbling at the clothes near my chest.

She took her hands and pawed at my chest just as a cat would do when trying to get comfortable.

I heard once that cats do that because when they are breast feeding from their mother, that is what kittens do, and the habit remains into adulthood.

Werner: “......weren’t Dragons born from eggs though?” If they are born from eggs, a mother Dragon wouldn’t be breast feeding her young.

There would be no reason to learn this kind of pawing.

Werner: “Well, whatever. It’s not like I’m an expert on Ancient Dragon development.”

Maybe I’m just ignorant, and the Mother Dragon does breast feed her young.

Besides that, there are many mysteries to the Dragon’s biology, and there are many unanswered questions that experts are struggling with even today.

Since there are even fewer Ancient Dragons, which are must more stronger, then there would be that much less information about them.

Werner: “I wonder if she’s hungry.”

Because of that, the clothes around my chest are drenched and sticky.

Werner: “Hati, it’s morning. Time to get up.”

I shook Hati’s shoulders gently.

Hati: “...........mmm?”

Hati tiredly opened her eyes.

Werner: “C’mon. Wake up. It’s time for breakfast.”

Hati: “......PURRRR!”

Hati opened her mouth wide, yawned and then stretched.

She raised her hind quarters like a cat, and stretched her arms in front of her.

I don’t mind her stretching as she wakes up, but it’s problematic that she’s doing it right above me without any clothes on.

In the end, Hati’s chest was pressed up against my face.

Werner: “Hati, I have something important to discuss with you.”

Hati: “(YAWN~). My Lord, what is the matter?” Werner: “When you are in human-form, you’ll have to refrain yourself more.”

Hati: “?” Hati, still naked, sat down and looked at me in confusion.

Werner: “First of all, didn’t I ask you that if you are coming into my bed, to be in your Dragon-form?” Hati: “Oh! Yes you did!”

Werner: “I don’t mind you coming into my bed, but please be in your Dragon-form.”

Hati: “I understand!”

I’m glad that Hati understood.

Between humans and Dragons, our races are different and our common sense are different too.

If we are going to live together, we’ll need to understand each other’s perspectives and values.

Werner: “And if you want to be in human-form, you cannot be naked.”

Hati: “Why is that?” Werner: “It may be common for the Dragon Race to not wear clothes, but humans normally do. If you are going to be in human-form, you’ll need to wear clothes.”

Hati: “I seeー”

As she spoke, she quickly changed into her Dragon-form.

Werner: “Let’s eat breakfast.”

Hati: “I want dried bread!”

Werner: “.......Hati, you really do like dried bread.”


Once we ate the dried bread and drank our water, we were done with breakfast, and we were now going to test the new Barrier Generator.

We relocated outside of the best, created the barrier, and inside of it, I detonated the explosives used for mining.

Werner: “In these cases, being in the wilderness is really handy.”

Hati: “An explosion, huhー. Was it the same one that Lotte was using? I want to seeー”

When Hati was attacking Lotte, Lotte apparently threw an explosive Magecraft Artifact at her and struck her directly.

Hati swung her tail as she watched with excitement, and I finished setting up the barrier.

Werner: “........okay, here we go.”

Hati: “Can’t waitーー”


Hati: “ーーto see”

An incredible sound of explosion echoes into the air.

Hati was caught off guard and began trembling.

I check the status of the Barrier Generator.

There’s no damage to it at all. At this rate, I can try detonating several explosives continuously.

Werner: “Looks like a success but……..the amount of sound flooding out of the barrier is still too much.”

Hati: “Thーthat was an intense explosion!”

Werner: “Yeah, that’s normal.”

Hati: “The Human Race is so terrifyingーー”

After that, I detonate 5 explosives in a row as a test.

Werner: “Hati, can I have your help?” Hati: “Leave it to me!”

Werner: “Can you go inside the barrier?” Hati: “...........dーdo you plan to blow up Hati too?! Even Hati would receive damage if Hati is near that explosion!”

Hati looks terrified as she looks toward me.

Werner: “I would never do that to you. Right now, we’re not testing the effect of the explosive, but rather, the durability of the barrier.”

Hati: “Hm?”

Werner: “Hati, I need you to step inside the barrier, and can you do your strongest attack from the inside? If it can withstand your attack, it should be able to withstand most attacks, right?” Hati: “I see! Then leave it to me!”

Hati happily stepped inside of the barrier.

Once I confirm that she’s inside, I generate the barrier.

Werner: “We’re ready. Give it your all.”

Hati: “Understood! GOAAAAAAAAA!”

Hati returns to her gigantic size and blows out an intense Breath Attack and slams her tail into the barrier as hard as she could.

Hati: “Amazing! It didn’t break!”

Hati seems to be having fun while rampaging inside the barrier.

But even then, the barrier held. I can hear the sounds coming out, but I can’t feel the Dragon Breath’s heat or feel the impact.

Werner: “Hati, next I’ll go inside, so can you please attack the barrier from the outside?” Hati: “Understood!”

Hati stepped outside of the barrier and attacked it with all her might.

Even so, the barrier did not even budge an inch. But, the sound that resonated inside was pretty bad.

Werner: “.....looks like the strength is fine.”

But the sound-proofing has a long way to go.

Because I’ll be using this in the Capital’s research lab and not the wilderness, sound-proofing the barrier is a must.

I observe Hati as she continues to attack the barrier and begin to map out the revisions to the barrier’s design in my head.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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