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Chapter 17: Servant

So I had to ask Hati.

Werner: “Wait, is there a reason why you must serve me?” Hati: “It’s true that Hati wants to serve my Lord. But if you refuse, Hati will lose reputation with the Ancient Dragon society.”

Werner: “That would be terrible.” Hati: “Yes, very. Even if Hati serves my Lord for a lifetime, it is but a few hundred years. Regaining Hati’s reputation with the Ancient Dragon Society could take thousands, no, tens of thousands of years.”

Werner: “......because your lifespans are so different from ours.”

Considering the difference in lifespan, I would feel terrible for refusing now.

Looking at Hati, I could see that she was troubled, and her tail drooped and sagged by her side.

I think for a bit.

I don’t like living with other people. That would be troublesome.

But just as it is comforting to live with a cat or a dog, living with a small Dragon must be comforting too.

Werner: “I understand. Hati, do as you please.”

Hati: “Thank you, my Lord!”

Werner: “But even so, I understand that you want to serve me, but I have very little for you to do.”

Hati: “Hati can help clean up!”

Werner: “I understand that things look cluttered and messy, but there’s a reason for that. And besides, there are materials here that will be dangerous for a novice to handle.” Hati: “Ohー Hati understandsー”

Werner: “So just as I said before, Hati, you can do as you please. If I have something I need from you, I will ask you directly.”

Hati: “Understood!”

And I carefully teach Hati all the precautions of this room.

I mainly focus on the dangerous chemicals and materials.

Werner: “If I’m honest, rather than having you serve me, I would be grateful if you could get me some Ancient Dragon’s claws or scales.”

Hati: “Oh, you want those kinds of things? Hati will bring some to you!”

Werner: “You don’t have to forcefully remove your claws or scales….or your fangs either.”

Hati: “...........why would Hati do that? What a dreadful thought! Hati will naturally shed claws, fangs, and scales in due time.”

Werner: “Then that will be great.”

Hati: “Hati will ask the other Ancient Dragons to share theirs once they are done shedding!”

Werner: “I would be very grateful.” We’re talking about Ancient Dragons here. I’m sure that their shedding cycle must be extremely far apart.

And there are not that many Ancient Dragons in the first place.

I would be surprised if any Ancient Dragon sheds before I die.

So I will not keep my hopes up, and let it be.

And I returned to my Magecraft Tool research as I normally did.

Werner: “Just in case an explosive incident occurs, it’ll be a Magecraft Tool that creates a barrier that will protect the surroundings……”

I began to work and my habit of speaking to myself began as well. Thenーー

Hati: “Grrr? Hati understands. So this will contain the blast of wind~”

Hati came over to see what I was doing.

Hati probably heard me talking and felt that it was disrespectful if she did not respond.

Werner: “Hati, I have a habit of speaking to myself while I do my research. You don’t have to feel obligated to respond to me.”

Hati: “Oh, is that rightー”

And with that, Hati went somewhere.

I began to refocus my attention on my research again.

Werner: “The flow of the barrier…….should be good like this…….”

Since about the day before, the research has been progressing for about a week.

In this last week, I think I was able to progress past the most difficult portions.

The general theoretical foundation has been completed.

Now, it’s time to refine and fine-tune the details.

As I’m focused on my task at hand, Hati came to sit on my lap.


She’s like a cat and is really cute.

But unlike a cat, she knows how not to interrupt my work.

I pet Hati as I continue my work.

Because of Hati, I was able to progress well in my research, and by evening, I had my first alpha prototype ready.

Werner: “Okay, I was able to finally complete the first round.”

Hati: “Grr? You finally completed it?” Werner: “I’m still in the testing phase though. I’ll have to put it through some tests and wash out all the problem areas.”

Hati: “Hmー?”

Hati didn’t seem to understand.

Werner: “We’ll postpone the test until tomorrow. Let’s have some dinner.”

Hati: “Dinner?! The dried bread! Hati would like some too!”

Werner: “......Hati, you really like the dried bread.”

Hati: “I’ve never had anything more delicious than dried bread.”

Werner: “.......that much?” Hati: “Yes!”

I’m pretty certain there is no one in humanity who would vouch this strongly for dried bread.

I prepare the dinner table and food, and eat the dried bread and drink water with Hati.

Hati: “So good….so good….”

Werner: “’re enjoying it so much, even I feel like it tastes better.”

That’s when a thought crossed my mind.

Maybe Hati doesn’t know what good food tastes like, so maybe that’s why she thinks dried bread is so delicious.

Or is it because her taste buds are far different from humans and maybe she genuinely does enjoy eating the dried bread more than our regular bread.

Werner: “........I guess, I’ll go to the Capital and buy some regular bread next time.”

Hati: “More dried bread?” Werner: “Dried bread and regular bread.” Hati: “Regular bread? Is that good too?” Werner: “To me, regular bread tastes better than dried bread.”

Hati: “Hati can’t believe there’s anything that tastes better than dried bread.”

Hati continued to consume her bread as she spoke.

That day, we took a bath and went straight to sleep.

It would be inefficient to stay up all night. I’ve learned that lesson already.

Today, Hati jumped into my bed with me.

Since she is warm, it is nice having her around during these cold winter nights.


When I woke up the next morning, something was laying on my chest. I suspected that it was Hati at first.

But it was obvious that the size and weight were very different.

I was worried that maybe she grew in size while she was asleep and opened my eyes.

Hati: “Nyuuuuuu”

I was being hugged by a human-form, naked Hati.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

Original Source Link:

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