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Chapter 16: Hati’s Circumstance

Recalling the past brought terror to Hati.

Werner: “A trap?” Hati: “Yes. As a show of gratitude, they gave me a juice to drink but…….as soon as I drank it, my head began to spin, and I could not think straight.”

Werner: “Were you sure that maybe it was alcohol and not juice?” Hati: “.......alーcohol? What is that?” Do Dragons not drink alcohol at all? No, it’s maybe because Hati is still an Infant Dragon.

Werner: “There are drinks like that among humans. Once you drink it, you become dizzy and sometimes fall asleep.”

Hati: “Ah, a certain type of poison then. I have heard of such things. How terrifying.”

It’s not exactly poison, but I guess it is similar.

Werner: “After you drank the alcohol, what happened to you, Hati?” Hati: “Yes, they put something on my head.” Werner: “That Magecraft Tool I destroyed.”

Hati: “Yes, that. After they put that on me, I could no longer move my body freely.” Werner: “Even though you’re an Infant Dragon, the fact that it was able to control an Ancient Dragon is an astonishing Magecraft item.” Hati: “Yes, yes indeed. It was terrifying. Humans are terrifying.” Judging by the way her tail was trembling, Hati was truly afraid.

Werner: “So the man who put on that Magecraft Tool told you to attack Lotte?”

Hati: “I do not recall actually. After I lost the control of my body, my head began to get cloudy andーー yes, it was like I was in the middle of a dream.”

Werner: “Hm?” Even though they got her drunk on alcohol and even if she was an Infant Dragon, to be able to manipulate and control an Ancient Dragon would require significant technology.

This is definitely not the work of an ordinary thief or robber.

I wonder if my Master Kay had something to do with this incident.

If they knew that Master Kay’s base was located around here, there might be those who’ll attack it.

Werner: “Do you think that instead of Lotte, you were supposed to come after me?” Hati: “......I would not know. There was a voice echoing in my head that kept prodding me to kill people, and if I saw any humans I would try to eat them. No matter how much I fought the urge, my body just wouldn’t listen.”

Werner: “Now that I think about it, when you were attacking Lotte, your movements were pretty slow.”

If it was a powerful Dragon, it wouldn’t be too difficult to devour a girl like Lotte.

Actually, Hati probably could have devoured Lotte in a single instant.

But Hati moved very slowly as if she was slowly cornering Lotte.

In truth, Hati wasn’t slowly cornering Lotte but was actually resisting and holding back the urges to kill.

Werner: “If you didn’t resist, I would not have made it in time to save her.”

Hati: “Yes, you saved both of us. If my Lord wasn’t there, Hati would have devoured that human.”

But a simple doubt crossed my mind at the comment.

Werner: “Aren’t there Dragons who eat people? Why do you not want to eat people?” I’m sure Dragons have differing tastes too but…

But for Hati, her terrified expression on her face is telling me that devouring a human would be the end of her.

Even if she doesn’t like the taste of humans, it shouldn’t affect her that much.

Hati: “........I do not dislike humans.”

Werner: “Oh yeah? Why?” Hati: “Humans are cute. They are as cute as cats.” Werner: “Hmmmm…..? I think cats are cute too but…”

Hati: “Right? Humans are as cute as cats.”

I don’t understand a Dragon’s way of thinking.

But if I was manipulated, controlled, and commanded to tear a cat open, I would probably resist as much as I can too.

Hati: “Of course, there are those who use alcohol, poison, or Magecraft Artifacts and are terrifying……but still, humans are cute.”

Werner: “I think cats are cuter. A dog is about as cute as a cat.” Hati: “Yes, a dog is cute too but……humans are just as cute to me.”

Werner: “Hmmm, I don’t quite understand.” Hati: “You don’t understand because my Lord, you are a human too!”

Hmmm, I guess she does have a point.

A dog or cat are still cute after they age.

But an adult man is not that cute.

But I may feel that way because I’m a human too.

Werner: “To me, a Dragon is as cute as a cat, so maybe it’s similar to that.”

Hati: “What?! My Lord, you like Dragons too?!”

Werner: “I definitely can feel fear when they are bigger, but cats are the same in that case.” A cat is cute, but a lion or tiger is scary.

To be precise, a lion and tiger look cute on the outside, but they are too strong and are thus scary.

That is normal.

Hati: “I see! I understand now! My Lord likes smaller Dragons then.” Hati began to nod her head in cheerful agreement.

But we got off topic.

Werner: “So, I’m turning the conversation back to my original question, but did you come all the way over here to say thanks for destroying that Magecraft Artifact?”

Hati: “That’s correct! If I still had that on, Hati would have killed many humans and would have been eventually slain.”

Werner: “That might be true but……”

Before Hati would have fallen, many more cities would have fallen first.

Hati: “And being robbed control of my own body, as an Ancient Dragon, I was in danger of losing my dignity. In other words, my Lord, you not only protected my life, but I am also in your debt for saving my honor.”

Werner: “You’re blowing this way out of proportion…” But Hati fervently shook her head to disagree with my comment.

As she swung her head, her tail also swung side to side with equal momentum.

Hati: “It’s not an exaggeration! In the name of Ancient Dragons, I will serve you, my Lord, as my Lord for as long as you live!”

Werner: “You really don’t have to.” Hati: “No! You have to let me serve you!”

Werner: “No, really. I would feel bad if you did.” Hati: “You don’t have to feel any guilt! If you pity Hati one single big, then please let Hati serve you!”

Hati had a very serious expression on its face.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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