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Chapter 13: The Late Night Visitor

After I was done taking Lotte to the Capital, I began walking slowly back to my base.

I will typically not step outside if I don’t have to.

But I neither like nor dislike going outside in general.

The winter weather was pleasant that afternoon, and I strolled through it casually.

I realized that walks where I don’t run into anyone can be quite nice.

I sucked in the chilly air until my lungs were full and enjoyed a nice walk back as I arrived at my Research Lab.

It took about 5 hours to return to my base, and by that time, evening came.

I was a little concerned that the guard called me smelly so I took a bath.

And I nibbled at the dried out ration bread.

It wasn’t good at all.

Now that I think about it, since meeting with Lotte yesterday night until this evening, I haven’t really thought about my research.

Because of that, my brain felt refreshed.

Taking a bath was very relaxing and enjoyable.

A couple of good ideas came up while I was taking a bath too.

Werner: “I might be more efficient and effective with my research if I took breaks. I’ll start considering incorporating it into my schedule.”

After I was done eating, I made some progress with making a strong barrier and then fell asleep.

I realized the importance of sleeping, so I did not try to stay up all night like I usually do.


During the middle of the night, I heard a knocking noise and woke up.

Someone is apparently tapping on my door.

The sound was faint, and I almost wanted to believe that the wind probably blew something against the door.

Werner: “ it a guest?” I slowly moved towards the doorway.

As I approach closer, I clearly hear the knocking sounds now against it.

Werner: “.......what do you want at this hour?” As I spoke, the knocking subsided.

It became quiet.

The only people who know that I’m here are my sister and Lotte.

And both wouldn’t come visit me at this late in the night.

Werner: “If you have no business here, I’m going back to sleep.”

“ the door……….open the door…..”

I can hear someone whispering on the other side.

Because it’s through the door, it’s hard to hear, but I believe it’s a woman’s voice.

Werner: “Is it you, Lotte?” “...............”

There’s no answer from the person outside the doorway.

Although the guards seemed to have been careful in how they spoke to her, maybe something happened after I left.

If she had to run away due to some incident, then I would need to take her in.

I wonder if her identification was fake, and now she was on the run after they found out.

When I think about it, Lotte was wearing very raggedy clothes.

Normally, there’s no such thing as a High Noble who would be wearing such tattered clothing ー except me.

Werner: “Well, okay. I’ll open it right now.”

Of course, I ready myself before I do.

If it is a group of robbers, it’ll be troublesome.

I ready myself to be able to respond to bombs or Attack Magic and opened the door.

Werner: “......who are you? Wait, well, what do you want?” Across the door's threshold, a dragon with crimson scales was there.

I accidentally asked “who” it was, but that’s pretty obvious.

It was the Elder Dragon that was attacking Lotte yesterday.

“.........I am the Dragon you saved yesterday.”

Werner: “..................”

“I am the Dragon you saved yesterday.”

Werner: “No, it’s not that I didn’t hear you the first time. I can tell just by looking at you.”

Why did the Dragon from yesterday suddenly come here?

That’s the real issue.

Werner: “So what does an Elder Dragon who was attacking Lotte want with me?” “..........although it is the Lord's words, I cannot overlook this matter. I am not an Elder Dragon.”

The Dragon stated that it was not an Elder Dragon.

An Elder Dragon is not the name of a specific species of Dragons.

It is a category indicating the growth and maturity of one.

A Dragon that was born and only lived a few hundred years is called an Infant Dragon.

Once they develop and grow and become self-sufficient, they are then called Mature Dragons.

Once a Mature Dragon lives a thousand years or more and becomes immense both in size and strength, they are called Elder Dragons.

The Elder Dragons are especially strong. They are even called living natural disasters.

And the Dragon before me was clearly as strong as an Elder Dragon.

No, even among the Elder Dragons, it would be categorized in the upper tier.

Werner: “I am not a Lord. And if you are not an Elder Dragon, what are you then?” “I am an Ancient Dragon. Compared to me, the other ordinary Dragon race would just be lizards with wings.”

And the Dragon proudly puffed its chest out with pride.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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