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Chapter 10: Lotte’s Circumstance

I wonder how I should answer her.

There’s really no reason for me to lie about my Master either.

But before I explain, I should at least get some context from her.

Werner: “.......what business do you have with Professor Kay?” Lotte: “.........ummmm….”

Lotte also hesitates.

She might be under a circumstance that she cannot freely speak about.

Werner: “Well, if it’s something you can’t say, that’s fine. I can’t talk either in that case.”

Lotte: “No! It’s not something I need to hide, but rather, I wanted to become Professor Kay’s disciple.”

My Master is an extremely famous Magecraft Wizard. There are many who want to become his disciple.

But it’s rare for someone to know about one of his secret hideouts.

Werner: “I see. You want to become his disciple. How did you learn of this place?”

Lotte: “I wrote a letter expressing my desire to become his disciple to the Mages Academy, but in the reply, he asked me to head here instead.”

Werner: “.......was that really a letter from Professor Kay?” Lotte: “Here is the letter I received.”

Lotte brought out a letter from inside her cloak.

I took the letter and read through the contents.

It’s true. The letters looked like they belonged to my Master.

It told her to head to the wilderness and look for a Grand Magecraft Wizard.

It’s just like my Master to call himself a Grand Magecraft Wizard.

Werner: “........but I really can’t understand what he was trying to accomplish with this.”

First of all, my Master never responds to anyone who asks if they can become his disciple.

Besides, he’s currently living in an isolated cottage that has its own hot spring.

He has zero intention of taking on another disciple.

I really don’t understand what my Master is thinking here.

Werner: “I understand your situation now. This is indeed one of Professor Kay’s base of operations.”

Lotte: “I knew it!”

Lotte looks at me with eyes sparkling with excitement.

Werner: “Don’t get too excited. Professor Kay is not here.”

Lotte: “Huh? Where is he now?” Werner: “I don’t know that either. He said his back hurt and went to a hot spring far out in the middle of nowhere.”

Lotte: “......bーbut that’s….”

Lotte seemed really shocked by the news, and in disappointment fell on her knees.

Watching her, I felt some pity towards her circumstance.

My Master can be very cruel.

I don’t mind if he has no intention of taking on a new disciple.

But then he should have just ignored that letter.

If he was going to reply, he should have refused the offer upfront.

Werner: “Sheesh. ……...well, there is still a teacher who took after Professor Kay’s position after he retired still working at the Mages Academy so don’t worry.”

The President and Head of Magecraft Science Research are trash, but there are other noteworthy professors still working there.

The Professor who took over my Master’s position did not have any political power, but he had very good with both teaching and research.

Lotte: “.........yes. Thank you very much. I’ll head to the Mages Academy then.”

And with that, Lotte began walking unsteadily.

She was obviously dragging her right foot.

She must have injured it while fleeing from the Elder Dragon.

Werner: “Well, wait. Are you planning on heading to the Capital now?” Lotte: “.......yes.”

Werner: “It’s dangerous. With her right foot injured, you may not even make it to the Capital. Besides, with the sun down, all the gates of the Capital are closed.”

Lotte: “......I’ll camp outside near the Capital.”

With an un-energetic tone, she answered.

But maybe not the Capital, but around here is dangerous.

There are also thieves and robbers that target the people who camp outside the Capital walls.

Werner: “Then it can’t be helped. Tonight, feel free to rest in Professor’s Kay’s base.”

Lotte: “Huh? Is that okay? But in regards to Professor Kay, Mr. Werner, what is your relation to him?” Werner: “When Professor Kay was still a professor at the Mages Academy, I was a student then. I helped him with his research and because of that, he said I can use his research facilities freely.”

It’ll be troublesome explaining to her that I’m his disciple, so I try to avoid stating that fact.

A disciple is very different from a student.

In alignment with the ancient Magecraft Disciplinary Arts, a disciple learns from his Master in the same way.

He becomes his pupil publicly and privately, and as the disciple takes care of some menial tasks, he learns the Magecraft Arts from his Master from the ground up.

Although it’s much more difficult than being a student, you get to learn the secret arts of Magecraft directly and in depth in exchange.

The Mages Academy’s education system is a form of those same principles, but it has been made more generalized, had a defined curriculum, and made sure that any professor can teach the course.

Even so, if a student shows promise, there are many professors who take disciples.

In order to teach the depths of the Magecraft Arts, it’s more efficient doing so with a disciple.

If a student becomes a Professor’s disciple, they would be both a student and a disciple at the same time.

I was also a student with disciple privileges back in my Mages Academy days, so I’m not technically lying to Lotte.

Lotte: “I see. So you were a graduate from the Mages Academy.”

Werner: “If you were to enroll in the Mages Academy, you would be my underclassman.”

As we chatted, I showed Lotte around the underground base.

Werner: “It’s dirty, but it’s better than sleeping outside. When you need to sleep or sit, use the bed. Although it does look disorganized, they are set there for a reason. Try not to touch anything. There are some dangerous materials too.”

Lotte: “Oh, yes. Thank you very much.”

She must have been tired. Lotte sits down on the bed.

Werner: “Lotte, are you hungry? Here, you can eat this.”

I gave Lotte the dried bread and water.

Lotte: “Thank you very much for taking such good care of me……”

Werner: “We met by coincidence, but we’ve been formally introduced now. I can’t just treat you as I would a stranger.”

Lotte eats the dried bread slowly.

It probably tasted horrible to her, and she had trouble swallowing it.

I sat down on the couch.

Lotte: “At first, I thought Mr. Werner was Professor Kay.” Werner: “........don’t be ridiculous.”

I don’t look anything like Professor Kay.

Professor Kay is an Elf, and more importantly, he looks more important and strong.

Lotte: “There’s no ordinary person who can easily defeat an Elder Dragon.”

Werner: “I guess Professor Kay disliked showing himself to people publicly, so it’s no wonder that people don’t even know what he looks like. I guess it can’t be helped if I’m mistaken for him.”

I like living a private life, and my Master is the same.

Lotte: “Yes, there’s a lot not known about Professor Kay.” Since he was a Professor at the Academy, Professor Kay preferred to stay out of people’s sight.

During class, he would just give out the textbooks, and when giving out assignments, he would not show up directly but relay that through Magic.

In fact, there are probably more professors than students who have never met Professor Kay.

Werner: “Here, Lotte. Show me your right foot.”

Lotte: “.........yes.”

Lotte hesitated with some anxiety and fear in her posture, but she then put her right foot out to show me.

Werner: “It’s probably a sprain.”

I place some heat pads and wrap it in a bandage.

Werner: “Try not to move it too much.”

Lotte: “Thank you very much.”

After a while, Lotte fell asleep on the bed.

I was also tired so I slept on the couch.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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