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Alchemy BOX c98

Ch. 98

As we round towards the sounds of the screams, an Adventurer came running towards us from that direction.


“Run! There’s a stampede!”

Luke: “A Stamー”

Black shadows poured out from behind the Adventurers.

A Stampedeー a phenomena where a large number of Monsters move as a giant group.

This is a common phenomena that occurs in Dungeons and on the surface, but it is very rare.

And it was happening right before my eyes?!

I thrust my hand into the Item Bag, and threw whatever rocks I could grab.

Though the hallway was fairly wide, the Monsters pushed and shoved each other as they raced forward.

The rocks I threw completely missed and hit the wall.

Luke: “Agh?! ーwait! It worked! Run!! We have to run now!!”

One of the rocks I randomly grabbed was Boss’ {Needle Quake}.

It didn’t matter if it hit the wall. A sharp, giant stone pillar erupted from the wall, and as it pierced the Monsters, it also blocked their way.

Luke: “That will disappear in 10 seconds! We need to run as far as we can before it does! We need to reach the 7th floor!”

I wondered if the Monsters would still try to reach the former Boss floor.

I only caught a glimpse, but among the Monsters in the stampede, I thought I saw some creatures that didn’t spawn on the 8th floor.

If they came from the lower floors, then they probably wouldn’t hesitate to keep climbing up….

Luke: “Anyone with confidence in their speed, head to the 7th floor. Gather the Adventurers who are resting and also have them call the Adventurers on the surface.”

“We’re going to stop them at the stairs?”

Luke: “That’s right. Just in case they try to breach the Former Boss’ floor, they would not stop till they reach the surface. We can’t let that happen!”

The stairs are tighter than the hallway. And if we positioned ourselves at the top of the stairs, we would have the advantage.

We need to strike them hard…..and fast!”

As soon as I was done explainingー


I heard a shout of surprise, and Princess Aires, who was running diagonally in front of me suddenly disappeared.

No, she fell?!

Because we were all sprinting, she was left behind us as we halted to a stop.

By the time I turned around to scream, “Princess!”, a Monster had already pushed past a crevice between the {Needle Quake} and rushed upon her.

I can take him!

Eri: “No! Run, Sir Luke! Just leave me behind!”

Luke: “Behind?! Like I could ever do thatー!!”

I heard the crackle of electricity and fire ignite.

I swung the Mithril Sword.

It was a small Monster that instantly vanished as soon as the sword reached it.

Sia: “Aires, stand upー”

Eri: “Sia, you too?!”

“Sir Baron Luke!!”

Luke: “Go! Prepare to counter attack on the 7th floor stairs! We’ll use the enchanted stones to get back!”

I grabbed another handful of enchanted stones and stuffed them into my pocket.

Luke: “Sia, take the Princess and run!”

Sia: “Uーk, no!”

Luke: “Listen to what I’mー UGH!!”

Was the stampede occurring all over the Dungeon?!

From behind Sia, Monsters began appearing at the intersection of two hallways.

Some chased after the Adventurers, and another group head towards Sia.

Luke: “Sia! Can you handle them?!”

Sia: “YEAー!”

Luke: “Princess, take this potion. Actually, take some extra. If you two get hurt, drink them immediately.”

Eri: “YーYes!”

Luke: “You two take care of the Monsters behind us! I’ll take the front!”

Now, there were larger Monsters pushing through.

I glanced quickly at the stones, and grabbing the one I wanted, I threw a {Needle Quake} towards them.

The Monsters stopped in their tracks, and I quickly turned around to throw another down a hallway.

Now, that should lessen the number of Monsters we have to handle at once.

I turned back to find a Monster trying to squeeze past the {Needle Quake} and cut him down.

[FIRE] Stone, [ICE] Stone, [HORN・DESTRUCTION] Stone.

I continued to throw the stones without hesitation.

There were some stones that didn’t do anything. They were probably the {Lightning・Toll} Stones.

There were so many Monsters, I used the Mithril Sword on the ones that managed to dodge the stones.

I swung the sword with my right hand and threw the stones with my left. Because of that, my aim was terrible.

Luke: “You two, are you okay?!”

Sia: “Sia, good!”

Eri: “I’m fine!”

But just in case, I threw another {Needle Quake} to buy some time, and threw stones at the Monsters Sia and the Princess were fighting.

There might have been fewer enemies behind us as we were able to move farther and farther down the hallway towards the 7th floor.

Just a little farther……a little farther….

During that time, I continued to cut down the Monsters and threw more stones to take them out, and other times, I had to push them back.

How many did I kill? A few dozen….no a few hundred?

I was surprised that I was not out of breath.

Was it just my imagination? Maybe I only killed just a few?

Or was the enemy really weak? As we made our way slowly to the 7th floor, we continued to carve down the number of Monsters in the front and back.

I swung, I threw, I swung, and I threw.

The stairway was right there!

We finally saw the stairs, and a few Adventurers took out some Monsters.


“Baron! I’m glad you’re safe!”

Luke: “Yeah, there’s more coming! Take them out!”

“ “ What? ” ”

As I ran up the stairs, the Adventurers looked blankly at me.

Luke: “There’s a stampede coming!”

There was one man with a sword who stood beside me. He took one look at the stairway below and swung his sword once.

“The stampede just ended, sir.” Luke: “What?”

Below us, one lone Monster was trying to climb the stairs.

I cautiously crept back down the stairs to look down the hallways……..but there were no Monsters in sight.

There were only the remains of Monsters turning into dusts of light all over.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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4 Kommentare

Anime Janai
Anime Janai
23. Dez. 2023

They need to have the Princess level up by at least throwing a rock to hit a few monsters. Doesn't the MC ever look at his experience points?

Gefällt mir

06. Juli 2023

Our M is quite silly isn't he.

Gefällt mir

Kiln Simpson
Kiln Simpson
18. Feb. 2023

Dude really needs to make his spellstone pouch a magic bag. It's not just about capacity, earlier it said you could take out whatever you visualized from inside. This randomly grabbing stones business is nonsense.

For situations like these where he needs more firepower than normal, he should also experiment with combination spellstones. Although he might not be able to attach two spells to one stone, he can at least experiment with making them into clusters. The stones seem like they can be pretty small.

Gefällt mir

18. Feb. 2023

The three of them just single-handedly annihilated the whole stampede without realizing...

Gefällt mir
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