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Alchemy BOX c97

Ch. 97: The Expanded Dungeon

We immediately descended down into the 8th floor to begin exploring.

“Oh, Sir Governor.”

“I thought you were returning to town?”

Luke: “Oh, hey Hawk. Well, we thought it was a good opportunity to have a little adventure.”

As we descended, we ran into Hawk and his Party.

They looked like they were returning from a lower floor. I wonder if they found the 13th floor?

Hawk: “But you are without the Knights or Adventurers to protect you.”

Eri: “Sir Luke is very strong. And I have some skill with the bow and Magic as well.”

Princess Aires spoke with a wide grin on her face.

I wasn’t trying to do anything too crazy since the Princess of the Royal Family was here with us.

Actually, they might scold me for bringing her this far already…… maybe we should go back….

Eri: “Now then, Sir Luke! Onward!”

Luke: “Whaー hey, Princess!!”

And Princess Aires fearlessly pressed forward by herself as I hurried after her.

From behind us, we heard Hawk’s group give us some advice.

“The monsters here are weak to [FIRE] Typeー”

It was Latz who gave us the tip.

Fire, huh. Then the Princess should have no problem, and it’s the Magic Type used on my Mithril Sword. Well, it also has [LIGHTNING] too.

Luke: “Oh, Princess. Would it be okay if I could borrow your {Fire} Spell?”

Eri: “Oh, to use for enchanting? Of course.”

Actually, there was something I did regret.

Before, I received Royce’s {Mini・Fire} just once, but even though it was the lowest tier of the [Fire] Type, he went very easy on me.

He was concerned that if I were to take his Spell within my BOX, he would accidentally blow me up instead.

That time, I really wish he would have gone all out on the {Mini・}...actually, he could have just used any other normal [FIRE] Type Spell.

And I didn’t leave a reserve {MiniFire} so I don’t have Royce’s Spell any more.

Ugh…. I should have asked him to let me borrow all the [FIRE] Type Spells he knew….

I can’t use {Lightning・Toll} inside a Dungeon after all.

Eri: “Sir Luke, were you thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I had Royce’s Magic right now’ just now?”

Luke: “HUH?! Uh, of course not! HーHey, what about that [FIRE] Spell?! I’m ready whenever you are!”

I prepare the BOX and ready it in her direction.

She had her cheeks puffed with discontent, but she sent a {Fireball} my way.

Sia: “Uーk, need rock?” Luke: “I have some in my Item Bag, but if you found some, I’ll gladly take more. You can never be over prepared about these things.

Sia: “Okay, here.”

Her language was still developing. I wonder when she would be able to say Luke?

I took the rocks from Sia, and began the Alchemy process.

20 rocks the size of marbles became [Fire Stones].

I took one of them as a sample to preserve. Now, we can just start collecting rocks, and I can start enchanting them as I need.

I do have the sword with me too. I need to remember to use it too.

*SLASH!!* *sizzle* (*sfx)

The Mithril Sword’s edge was razor sharp.

Latz told us about the monsters’ weakness to fire, and now, the sword cut even better through these creatures.

With just a single swing, I cut through them in half.

Eri: “Sir Luke, you are amazing as always.”

Luke: “No, no. This doesn’t take any skills or anything. I’m just swinging this sword, and the sword is doing the rest.”

Sia: “Uーk is stroーng. Stroーng and coolー”

Luke: “Hahaha, thanks, Sia.”

I pat her head in return.

She looked up at me with content in her eyes as her tail wagged.

Princess Aires immediately came over after that.

Eri: “Sir Luke, you really are strong!”

And her eyes sparkled with high expectations.

I wondered if the Princess was lonely. She’s been away from the Palace and Prince Eriol, her brother and has been on the island ever since.

Since the Prince and I were close in age, she might be seeing me as her brother too.

Luke: “Thank you, Princess.”

Eri: “Mmhmmm…”

As I patted her on the head, she also looked very satisfied.

She had no tail to happily swing, but I could tell that she was quite happy nonetheless.


Sia: “Aires, go awayー”

Eri: “Sia, you’re in the way too!”

Annnnd they began arguing again.

Luke: “Hey, c’mon guys. Yelling like that will only attract more monsters. Geesh.”

I gripped the Mithril Sword and closed the distance with the monsters.

With a horizontal swing, the monsters in its reach were cut in half.

Good, this sword really cuts well.

I kicked the one who got away into the ceiling, and as they came down, another slash ended their life.

Though they were mid-sized monsters, they felt light.

Andーーthis Mithril Sword was quite amazing.

I wondered if getting used to it somehow made it lighter. Compared to when I brought it back from the Tronstad Kingdom, it felt light as a feather.

Though the monsters were a little lacking in strength…….I can’t put the Princess at any further risk.

It’s about time we head baーー


Down the corridor, we suddenly heard a scream cut through the air.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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