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Alchemy BOX c96

Ch. 96


Since entering the Dungeon, I haven’t fought with the Monsters once.

It’s about time the sun set, and we need to determine a place to camp for the night.

Eri: “Hey, Royce! Cut it out! You’re not letting Sir Luke fight at all!”

Royce: “Huh? Did you want to fight, Sir Luke?”

It was hard to decipher if Royce was speaking to me as his superior or his equal, but he looked blankly and surprised at Princess Aires’ words.

Eri: “I want to see him brilliantly fight!”

Royce: “I see. Then I have to kindly refuse that request. HA HA HA HA HA!!”

He seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit.

Thanks to Royce, we were able to proceed down the Dungeon without stopping, and by the fifth day, we arrived at the former Boss’ room.

It feels strange to arrive at the same destination in the same period of time when there weren’t Monsters last time.

Royce: “Now then, I need to study this Spell Inscription so please do whatever you like to kill time.”

Luke: “Study?” Royce: “Well, I wouldn’t be able to place any Magic devices here inside the Dungeon. The Magic in this area is too dense, and it will affect the teleportation spell, and there’s no telling where you will end up.”

Luke: “Ah, okay. I understand now why you said it wasn’t possible.”

That’s why he needed to study this Spell Inscription that did work, and if he is successful with creating a similar one, then we can make a path.

Royce: “Of course,” he adds, “Not just ANY MAGE is capable of doing this. It takes an EXCEPTIONAL Mage to accomplish such feats.”

And he emphasizes “exceptional” with a huge smile.

Royce: “Well, analyzing a Spell Inscription like this would be nothing more than child’s play. I’ll take care of this in just a second!”

Then I guess I’ll prepare the materials for building an inn in the meantime.

After the Teleportation Device is ready, we planned on calling in the carpenters here. Meanwhile, I’ll go ahead and get the wood and lumber supply ready so they can immediately start working.

Luke: “Princess Aires, Sia, can you guys mark the sections of the inn’s room with two dots?”

Sia: “Sureー!”

Eri: “Leave it to us, Sir Luke.” Luke: “Okay, you can follow this diagram to start marking the ground.”

This was the architecture of the inn I came up with!

And passing along my blueprint, I left the rest to them.

From the Item Bag, I took out logs that were about 1 meter (~1.09 yards) long, and placed it inside the BOX.

I spoke to Gredd already about this, so I took notes on what kind of lumber I needed and shaped the wood accordingly.

Within the Dungeon, there is no rain and no strong winds we have to deal with. We don’t need this structure to be sturdy, so we’ll focus more on shaping the rooms as we like.

I think it’s more about privacy?

Anyways, the goal is to make rooms that are comfortable and quiet so they can sleep and rest.

As I work through half the lumber supplies I brought, I hear Royce shout out “YES!!” nearby.

Luke: “Are you done? Good workー......what?” Before I could congratulate him, Royce stepped onto the Inscription and disappeared.


Eri: “That Royce….did he just go back by himself?” Sia: “What about Sia? What is Sia supposed to do?” Hmmm, yeah, I mean. We could all just step onto the inscription to go back. That’s not the issue.

The issue is there’s still more work for me left to do here; and there’s no guarantee that we can come back here immediately.

But before I could finish that thought, the Inscription flashed and Royce came back.

Royce: “It’s all done. On the surface, I placed the connecting Inscription down the deadend hallway that’s connected to the main entrance.”

Luke: “Oh, you just went up to set up the Teleportation Inscription.”

Royce: “Huh? You thought I just up and abandoned you, the Princess, and Miss Sia?”

Luke: “Oh, what I meant was…..well…..”

I felt a flush of embarrassment for doubting Royce.

Yeah, now that I think about it. Royce isn’t the kind of guy to just leave us without a good reason.

Royce: “Well, my job is done, so I’ll go back now. Oh, please make sure to take the Princess back safelyー”

Luke: “Huh…?” We all looked up blankly as Royce teleported back to the surface.

Um, I may need to revise my opinion of that guy…


2 days passed.

Two carpenters came down to the Dungeon, and my part in the process was done.

I worked hard. I did a lot of Alchemy.

Eri: “Sir Luke, how much should we charge per room?” Luke: “Hmmmm, I think just exchanging Magic Stones to rest here would suffice. We’ll be accumulating materials for the Wind Stone in that case.”

Eri: “Ohhh, yes. That is true. I think that is fine as well.” Sia: “*drool* I hope they build a food place.”

This girl only thinks about food.

But she’s right. It would be nice to have a diner or restaurant here.

And with the Inscription connecting to the surface, I wonder if that hearth to light a fire will still be necessary.

We could also have food stands near the Dungeon entrance and have the Adventurers purchase food and goods there if necessary.

That way, the Adventurers just entering the Dungeon could use it too.

The inn was box-shaped with 20 rooms inside. Every room required a key to enter.

So we’ll need a staff of workers managing the keys too.

Luke: “We’ll need to hire more people to work on the island…”

Eri: “Do not worry, Sir Luke. We will be advertising lots of job openings.”

Sia: “There’s going to be LOーTS of people moving here.”

Yeah, and I’m sure that means we’ll be even busier.

We set up a sign on the Spell Inscription set up near the Dungeon Entrance, and as we walked back to town, I turned back to gaze back.

There, we were able to set up a Teleportation Inscription that led to the 7th floor of the Dungeon.

Luke: “Well……is it bad if we did a little adventure before things get super busy?”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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