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Alchemy BOX c95

Ch. 95

It took 3 days to make 300 Wind Stones and 100 Enchanted Ice.

First, we were going to sell this much to see how the customers would react.

Depending on their response, we could potentially increase the price.

Whether we sell for higher or for cheaper all depends on how well they like this product.

In those 3 days, we earned 56,000L. Basically 56 gold pieces.

Hehehe. We made quite a profit.

But nowadays, I learned that managing a town means money like this will disappear very quickly.

Jopin: “Sir Lou Quain, is it really necessary to furnish all the housings at your own expense?” Jopin read through a list of everything we needed, and brought up his concerns.

Luke: “I mean, it’s a deserted island with barely anything on it. We’re asking them to come to a place like that, right? Then of course, I think providing furniture to the residences is the least we can do.”

There’s been a lot more adventurers lately. We not only have more houses, but also several larger housing for multiple families so the craftsmen can live there.

Since Gredd was going to be our local blacksmith, I was going to hire other kinds of craftsmen, but he demanded that we get more blacksmiths first.

I thought he wouldn’t like the competition at first.

Gredd: “Are you kidding me? How many hundreds of people am I supposed to be servicing alone?”

Luke: “......ohhhhh, I see. The demand will be much higher than what one person can supply.”

Gredd: “Exactly. And we don’t even know how big the new Dungeon is. For now, I think we will need at least 3 others besides myself.”

The bigger the Dungeon, the more Adventurers will come.

The Guild Master visited me yesterday begging me to expand the Guild.

Well, I thought it was about time to do so anyhow.

He offered to speak to the mainland’s Guild to ask for additional clerks and workers.

Now then, I need to get back on the subject with Jopin.

Luke: “Yes, there are trees and lumber we can gather here on the island, but the island could go bald.”

Jopin: “Bald…….” Luke: “I’m not talking about you, so stop hiding your head.”

Jopin: “.....yes, now that you mention it, reducing the forest space would not bode well in the long run. As the Monsters lose territory, they will eventually be pushed to settle down in our residential areas.”

That’s right. Even Gonzo was telling me, “You really should not cut down any more trees” recently.

Luke: “We are planting more trees just in case. But even so, it will take years before they grow back to same size as the ones we are cutting down.”

Jopin: “I understand. *sigh* We are still limited in our resources and income, sir.”

But even as he sighed deeply, Jopin straightened his back, and his eyes sparkled with delight.

He’s seeing this challenge as an opportunity to prove his worth. If that’s the case, then that’s fine.

I can let Jopin handle the rest.

Luke: “So Jopin. I’ll be leaving town starting the day after tomorrow for a few days, but will you be okay?”

Jopin: “...........what?” <<<<>>>>

I thought long and hard on how to make traveling between the surface and the base level of the Dungeon much smoother and one idea came to mind.

Sia: “So……Uーk, is this okay?” Luke: “Yeah, you can speak into this sphere.”

Sia: “Okayー So…..Uーk, is Royce really there?” I decided it would be best to have Royce setup a Magic Transportation device.

Royce: [I am…..could you hurry up and say what you need, little miss?”

Using the Magic Communicator uses up Magic power.

We have been diligently eating the Status Fruit, but the chances of Magic Power going up is low as always.

Mine finally reached 35, and with only that much, my Magic reserves would empty out very quickly using the Magic Communicator.

That’s why I asked Sia who had twice the amount of Magic I had…..but she was not used to trying to speak to someone that wasn’t right in front of her.

Sia: “So, what Uーk said was….Royce?”

Royce: [Yes, yes. What did Sir Luke say?]

Sia: “You’re thereー so Uーk was saying, can we build an inn inside the Dungeon?”

Royce: [Uh huh……and what does that have to do with me?] Luke: “I want you to set up a Magic Teleportation device inside the former Boss’ room.”

Royce: [Impossible. The Magic Density there is too thick and would disrupt the Magic Transportation process.]

Huh? It’s not possible?

Royce: [But well…..there is something similar I can set up]

Luke: “Huh? Something similar?” Royce: [Let me head to your location. I’m going to get permission from the Prince. Please hold.]

The Magic Communication ended, and after 30 minutes, Royce appeared over the Spell Inscription of the Teleportation device.

Royce: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Now then, let’s go.”

Luke: “Go? To where?” Royce: “To the Dungeon of course. What floor is the Former Boss’ room?” Sia: “The seventh~”

Royce: “The 7th, eh? Then it will take several days to reach it.”

When I went the last time, it took 5 days, but this time, there will be Monsters. I’m sure it will take longer if we have to fight our way down.

I didn’t expect us to leave immediately, and no preparations have been made.

When I told Jopin about this plan, he was very worried, and only agreed because I told him one of the Mages from the Royal Palace was joining me.

We asked Rosetta to make us lunch boxes, and we packed camping gear such as cookware, food, and blankets into my Item Bag. Once that was done, we departed.

Luke: “I wanted to have one of the devices placed here.”

Near the Dungeon entrance, right next to the shed, I wanted to set the Spell Inscription that would send you to the lower Dungeon level.

Royce: “I understand. Then let’s get going, shall we?”

Luke: “Oh, you don’t have to start the Spell ]incantation?” Royce: “What? You want me to start now AND THEN head to the 7th floor? You want me to die? We can start the incantation once we reach our destination and come back to the surface with the Magic Inscription already there, no?” Oh, he’s right…… it’s not like we absolutely have to start the incantation now and not later.

Royce: “So that’s how it is. Let’s get going and get this over with.”

Luke: “YーYeah.”

Sia: “Yeahー! And Aires will go tooー”

“ “ Princess Aires?! ” ”

Both Royce and I yelped and looked around quickly. As we did so, a hooded figure approached us.

From their height, it was easy to guess that it was a childーーor rather, Princess Aires.

She put down her hood and glared towards me.

Eri: “You were trying to leave me behind again! I told you! I’m NEVER leaving you side!”

Sia: “Ahー No, you can’t take Uーk. Bad Airesー”

Eri: “I’m not being bad! Sir Luke doesn’t belong to you, Sia, either!”

Sia: “Noー”

Royce: “You’re quite the popular man, Sir Luke.” Both girls grabbed my left and right arm as they pulled me this way and that.

One day, I’m certain that I’ll be ripped in half.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 5: Merchandise Development

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