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Alchemy BOX c9

Chapter 9

If there’s nothing over there, we’ll turn back and head down the west shores.

That was my plan, but after 30 minutes of walking, we found something. A little ways down from the shores, I saw something that resembled a small bridge. Beyond that was a mountain, and from our vantage point, it looked like a bottomless gorge.

Ain: “There might be a town with people nearby! Let’s go, Sia!”

Sia: “GRRRrrr”

I tried to sprint, but the sand keeps catching my feet, and it’s hard to walk. In order to conserve energy, I decided to walk.

It took about an hour to arrive there, but there indeed was a bridge.

But it looked unused, and the wooden bridge had gaps and holes throughout the walk.

Ain: “Looks like it hasn’t been used in a while. But…...that means it was used before that. There might be others who live on this island.”

Sia: “Ah…...AUUuu, AUuh…”

Ain: “Hm? Did you find something?” Sia, who has better eyesight than me, seems to have discovered something. She sprinted and headed towards the forest.

No, she’s sprinting towards a path that was cut through the forest.

In one part of the forest, there was a path where there were no trees growing. The reason why there were no trees was because the ground was reconstructed, and there were stones placed down.

And from in between the stones, there were lots of grass growing.

It looks like the bridge and this road hasn’t been used in a while.

It’s possible that on this island, there were people living here before but……..maybe it’s one of those islands now.

Ain: “Let’s go down this road. Maybe we’ll run into something on the way if we’re lucky.” Sia: “GAUu”

Ain: “Wait, I know I said run into something, but I didn’t mean run into THAT.”

Sia: “GAUUuuuh”


THAT is a Giant Boar.

As we were walking down the road, it popped out from out of the woods right before our eyes.

I ready the sword, but its height alone already exceeds mine. I don’t know if I can beat it with just this sword alone.

Butーーat the same time, I feel drool start dribbling down the side of my mouth.

My body is screaming for it.

It’s screaming for that Boar ー for its meat!

Ain: “Sia, stand back.”

Sia: “GARUaAah”

Ain: “Wait wait, you don’t have a weapon though.”

Sia: “Gah”

Ain: “HーHey, what are you doing with that axe.”

She grabbed the axe that was hanging by my side, and ran forward.

She’s planning on killing it.

Ain: “So you want to eat meat too?!”

Sia: “GAAUUー!”

I like her reply.

I also brace my sword before me and run forward.

But with that, the Giant Boar also gets excited as it stomps on the ground with his hooves.

As the Boar rushes towards me with thundering <DODO!> (sfx) footsteps, I step to the side to dodge it while I swing my blade.

That’s right. I was born inside a Noble’s home, so I did learn some sword skills.

It was actually a tutor for Endin, but since that fatty didn’t care to learn, I asked the tutor to teach me instead in secret.

Now, those efforts finally paid off!

The sword cuts into its leg, but it’s a massive beast. It won’t go down with just that.

Sia also swings her axe, but the axe digs into the Boar’s body, and as the Boar went berserk, she retreated.

Looks like she knows how to use weapons as well. But this round, our opponent was just too big.

It was now enraged from the pain, and with the axe still stuck into its body, it charged at us.

I’ll take it down this time!

I struck the sword right between its eyes, and I jumped into the air ー if I had a cheat ability like that but I don’t……

I was able to jab the sword between its eyes though.

And without being able to jump aside, I flew back from the impact.

Thankfully, I landed in the bushes without much damage.

Ain: “Is it dead?!”



And we don’t have any more weapons!

The sword and axe I created is still stuck in that creatures body.


Ain: “Oh yeah”


The Boar charged at me once more.

I rolled out of the bushes, and immediately brought up the [Alchemy BOX].

I dodge the Boar’s charging again and again and continue looking.


Ain: “Come at me!”


I open the lid to the box, and I fit a large rock inside of it.

I flip it quickly over and close the lid, and make a stake.

I didn’t open the lid of the box yet.

Right behind me was a tree, and I opened the lid there.

I took out the contents, and stuck it into a hole in the tree.

As the Boar charged, I used the stake this time and jumped into the air.


A long squealing scream echoed into the forest air.

I didn’t just use the stake as a foothold to jump.

I used the Boar’s charging momentum and used it as a weapon to pierce it.

This actually worked, and I saw the Boar with the stake protruding from its head and out through its throat.

I was hanging from a branch, and I jumped down on top of the Boar.

I jump down onto the ground immediately and move away from it just in case, but it certainly should be dead now.

Ain: “WーWe did it.”

Sia: “GAUu. GAU, GAUUuuー”

Ain: “We did it! We did it, Sia! Meat! WE GOT MEATーー!!”

Since being born in this world, out of the 15 years I lived, it was one of my happiest events of my life!

Ain: “OーOh yeah, we need to butcher and prepare the meat.”

Sia: “GAUu”

Ain: “But I’ve done fish before, but not animals……..”

Sia: “AGU”

Ain: “Hm? You’re going to do it?” As I take out the sword that was stuck inside the Boar’s forehead, Sia reaches out her hand as if to ask to hand it over.

From seeing how she handled the axe, I think she knows how to use weapons.

Should I let her try?

I handed her the sword, and Sia began to dismantle the Boar’s body in a professional manner.

She took the hide off, and then started cutting up the meat.

During that time, I take out the coal that I had inside the [Alchemy BOX] and collect branches and grass. I use these for my Alchemy and create a basket I can carry on my back to carry the meat.

I take the large pieces of meat, and place it inside the [Alchemy BOX] and separate out the blood.

Once I’m done and open the box, I see a piece of meat and a large pool of blood next to it. I throw away the blood. It’s to avoid attracting Monsters with the scent of blood.

Ain: “Sia, we won’t be able to carry it all.”

Sia: “UNGAH?!”

Ain: “Hey, don’t look so disappointed. If we need to, we’ll hunt again to gather more meat.”

I placed 3 large pieces of meat the size of my head into my pack, and carrying the hide, I began walking down the stone road.

Sia looked back several times at the remaining Boar meat, but finally gave up after looking at the meat I was carrying.

With the heavy meat and hide, we walked for about an hour.

Finally, the road opened, and we finally found a building!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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