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Alchemy BOX c80

Ch. 80

After we picked up all the broken pieces, I put it back together in the Alchemy BOX, and we went to work for about an hour.

Luke: “(gasp~~)...we’re finally done…..”

Sia: “Reallyー? We’re already done~?” Though she was scared at first, she enjoyed being able to walk on the sea floor.

Sia: “Fishes will live here?” Luke: “That’s right. And we should probably select a bigger species. It would be better to eat a bigger fish than a small one.”

And while we only have one farm, I would like to expand it to two or three later.

We would get bored quickly if it was always the same fish.

We had the ship pull us out of the water as we headed back to the docks, and we checked the positioning of the buoys.

Luke: “I think that looks good.” Sia: “Looks good~”

Eri: “Yes, I think that works very well.”

As I was complimenting my own work, the ocean nearby swelled upwards.

It was Kumi. Maybe she came to see the new fish farm? Kumi: [Mr. Luke, there is a ship approaching.]

Luke: “Huh? A ship?” Kumi: [Yes. They seemed to be carrying people. I sense no animosity from them.]

Kumi then pointed in a certain direction northwards.

Luke: “Oh, yeah, there is a ship.” Eri: “Oh, they finally arrived?”

Luke: “Finally? Princess Aires, were you aware of this?” Eri: “Hehehe. Sir Luke, were you not concerned about the food supplies on the island? You expressed a desire to have someone with more agricultural expertise come help?”

Luke: “Oh, so that shipーー”

I look at the ship once more. It was still far away, and I couldn’t see the people on board.

Eri: “I sent a letter to my father about the matter. I asked him to put word out that we are looking for agricultural workers who are interested in moving to the island.”

Luke: “Oh!”

Eri: “But we could not recruit too many people at once, correct? So we asked to select the most experienced personnel, and young farm hands and brought over around 10 families total.”

Luke: “That is amazing, Princess Aires!”

With that, we can finally start clearing the land for farming!

Kumi: [Kurasuke, we will scare the people on the ship, so we will be watching from underneath the water.]

Kurasuke: [Yes, momma]

Luke: “Sorry to make you have to do that, Kumi, Kurasuke.”

Kumi carried her child and swam deep into the ocean.

Luke: “Yes, Sir Beldale. Could you hurry back to town and have them clean the tenement house? Tell them that I will pay for the service to be done. And also ask Gredd to send two wagons this way.”

Beldale: “As you command. Then, Princess Aires, I will be taking my leave.” Eri: “Yes, Beldale, be careful.”

There is a fence that is meant to tie up the horses that are in front of the Apartment complex for the sailors. Beldale took one of the horses and sprinted towards the town.

I guess we’ll now get ready to welcome the newcomers.

Eri: “It was good that we rebuilt these docks.”

Luke: “Yes, now we can at least have two ships dock at the same time.”

Sia: “Ohhhーー I can see them. There’s a grandpa waving~”

Luke: “Oh, really? Oh, man. My eyes can’t see anything yet.”

As the sailors and adventurers chatted and laughed, the ship came closer.

But it was still far off in the distance.

But with this……..finally…….finally, we can really begin to cultivate this island.

I’d like to grow just more than the vegetables we have already.

And fruits too.

Luke: “Fruits………huh….”

Sia: “You want fruits?”

Luke: “No, sorry. That’s not it. ………..I’m talking about the orchard on the island. Right now, I’m the only one looking after it, but I wish there was someone assigned to take care of it instead.”

There is……someone I had in mind that I would love to hand that job over to.

But……….he’s finally living with his daughter’s family. I don’t want to bother him.

Eri: “Oh, then we have someone suited for the job.” Luke: “Suited for the job?” Princess Aires smiled warmly at me.

She then looked proudly towards the ship and continued to speak.

Eri: “When he was young, he worked at some Noble’s mansion inside a small orchard as a personal gardener. He saw your name, Sir Luke, and asked to relocate here.”

Sia: “Someone Uーk knows?” Eri: “Well, I’m not sureーー”

And Sia and Princess Aires continued talking, but their voices faded into the background.

Finally, the ship was close enough where I could even see a somewhat familiar looking face.

There was an elderly man at the bow of the ship waving his hand towards us.

It was……..all too familiar…..

Someone who I wanted to see the most.

Luke: “Pri……..ncess…..” Eri: “Yes, what is it Sir LーーSIR LUKE?!”

Sia: “What’s wrong, Uーk? Tummy hurt? You hurt somewhere inside?” Oh…….I didn’t know that I was crying. The two of them looked very concerned at me.

I scrub my face with my sleeves.

Oh, shoot. I forgot that my clothes were wet. And it had begun to dry, and the crystalized salt felt rough and coarse against my skin.

Luke: “Haha, Princess Aires, thank you so very much!”

Eri: “Huh? Um…….” I took hold of her hand with both arms and shook it firmly.

Luke: “Thank you very much. Really, thank you very much.” Eri: “NーNo……if it pleased you, Sir Luke, then…..IーI’m glad?” The Princess blushed pink as I returned my gaze to the ship, and releasing her hand, I waved my hand at it.

It’s been too long…..since I called his name last….

Luke: “ROKUーーー!!”

Roku: “Little Masterーーー! I’ve comeーー!”

5 years? …….no, it’s been almost 6 now. I was finally reunited with Roku.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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