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Alchemy BOX c79

Ch. 79 Zumomo~

Luke: “Okay, that should be enough.” [Zumomomomo~]

The Mothra Kaiko were all delighted.

Gonzo: [We could have relocated all the trees, no?]

Luke: “No, I’m sure that they would have needed some over there as well. Thank you, Gonzo.”


As long as we have seeds, we can make as many trees as we want.

Luke: “Mothra Kaiko, could you retain all the seeds from the Dodorian fruits? I’d like to make them grow and raise them into new Dodorian trees.” [Zumo]

Gonzo: [It said, “Understood.”]

With Gonzo here, I don’t need another interpreter, so the communication is much smoother.

[Zumo, Zumomomo]

Gonzo: [It’s asking if you need more thread. Do you?]

Luke: “I already have the thread from yesterday, so we don’t need any more today. Once I start making the nets, I’ll see if that’s enough or not.”


The Mothra Kaiko flew lightly away, and headed towards the Dodorian Trees.

There is also a river close by. The Mothra Kaiko use large leaves to carry water from the river to the trees to water them.

Well, that looks like it would take a lot of work.

Luke: “Wait a sec. I’ll make a watering can for you guys. Gonzo, sorry, but can you cut that tree over there small enough so it can fit inside my BOX?”

In order to make room for the Dodorian trees, we had pulled out and removed a number of trees. We were planning on using it for building material later.

Among the fallen trees, I had Gonzo cut one small enough to fit inside the BOX, and I use my Alchemy.

I made a slightly large 50 cm (~20 in.) wooden watering can.

Luke: “So you put water inside here and……oh, here, let me demonstrate.”

I went to the river and filled the watering can with water and walked back.

Luke: “And if you tip the watering can like thisーーsee, water comes out.” [Zumomo!]

Luke: “Since you’re not dumping it out all at once, the younger saplings will have a easier time growing.” [Zumo]

The Mothra Kaiko nodded and took the watering can from me.

I made a total of 20 watering cans, and also a large box to store and hold all the cans.

Luke: “Okay, that should do it. Now let’s go back and start making the nets, shall we?” Gonzo: [Then I will go play with the Adventurers for a while.]

Luke: “Ha ha…….go easy on them~”

That’s right. I need to ask the Adventurers to not attack the Mothra Kaiko.

Maybe I need to make a list of Monsters they can attack? If it’s a Monster that we can communicate with, maybe there’s no need to slay them.

I wonder since when did Monsters become creatures that we needed to defeat……? <<<<>>>>

It took 5 more trips before we were able to create the nets to use as the boundaries for the fish farm.

Eri: “Okayー then. Each side should be 100 meters long and 10 meters deep.”

“Yeah, it’s long and wide enoughーー”

With the help of the Adventurers, we all check the nets’ measurements.

Since I wouldn’t be able to make this large of a net in one try, we had to make it in pieces and then put it together.

(sigh…….) It was finally done.

Eri: “Thank you for all the hard work, Sir Luke.” Sia: “Thank you, Uーk.”

Luke: “Thank you. Okay then, Sia. Will youーーhelp me set the net up?”

Sia: “Whーwhat?!”

While we were checking the length and width of the nets, I made a helmet made of glass.

On the top, there is a protruding part with a hole so I can attach a rubber tube. I’ll be able to pump air from there.

Luke: “You can put this over your head.”

Sia: “Eek!……”

Luke: “You can use this to go under water.”

Sia: “.........eeeeeek……..” Luke: “Don’t worry. I’ll come with you too.” I pat her on the shoulder and rub her head, but although she usually doesn’t mind, it’s not working to help her relax today.

Her ears and tail are down, and her tail is trembling.

I looked at Princess Aires as I wondered about Sia, and she smiled and took one step back from me.

Luke: “Okay~Help me carry the nets~”

“Of course, Governor. By the way, will there be any special rewardsー”

Luke: “Not this timeー”

And all the Adventurers suddenly lose motivation. These guys really only work if there’s money involved!

As we arrived at the ocean, Boris, Gonta, and Kurasuke were playing on the beach.

They saw us approach and came running towards us. Among them, Kurasuke was the last to arrive.

……..wait, Kurasuke can just walk around on land normally?!

Gonta: [Luke, what are you doing?]

Boris: [Unpehー]

Kurasuke: [Do you want to play with us?]

Luke: “No, we’re going to make a place where we can raise fish right now.”

[ [ OHHHHー! ] ] [Pehー]

About 200 meters (~220 yards) south of the docks, I made another dock made of blocks of stone there.

Since it’s not for ships to dock and unload their cargo, it’s only about 1 meter (~3 feet) wide.

As I set the net against the docks, now we just need to make sure that we set the area to a nice square shape.

Luke: “So that’s why we need to go down into the water to make sure the net is set correctly.”

Sia: “.....uhhhhh…..uhhhhhhhhh…..” Eri: “Sir Luke, could not Ms. Kumi or Kurasuke help us in this case?” Luke: “I don’t think Kumi will be able to grab the net like this very well, and as for Kurasuke, I’m worried that he would get caught in the net himself.”

That’s why it has to be done by human hands.

Luke: “(sigh) it’s okay, Sia. I’ll go by myself, so don’t worry. I just need you to let out the net a little at a time from this dock.”

Sia: “U, Uーk…….”

Luke: “I know you’ve now able to go into the water, but it’s very different from using a floaty and swimming down underneath, right?”

I rubbed her head vigorously, and I got into the boat where I loaded up the net.

The sailor was about to row whenー

Sia: “Sia will go too!”

Luke: “Huh?” Sia held the glass helmet by her side and jumped into the boat from the dock.

I caught her hurriedly and heard something shatterーー

Sia: “Sia will help! Sia promised Uーk. Sia will do her best!”

Luke: “I see. Thank you, Sia. But…..”

Around our feet, there were broken shards of glass everywhere.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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