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Alchemy BOX c77

Ch. 77

It took a few days to prepare. Mainly, it took time to prepare all the building supplies the town needed.

During that time, I had a job for the Sheepoos to do.

Hannah: [Unbeh~]

Luke: “Oh, Hannah. You brought some more.” Boris: [Unpeh~]

Gina: [Peh~]

Luke: “Boris and Gina too. Thank you guys.”

What I asked the Sheepoo to do was collect rubber from tree sap.

If I gave them a bowl, they would go out into the forest, find a gum tree, and then carve the trunk with their horns to make the sap come out.

Once the bowls are full, they bring it to town like this, so I didn’t need people to help me collect supplies to make rubber.

I need the rubber to make buoys. I will use it to have it float and let me know the area where we will be farming the fish. We also need it to make sure the nets will not sink either.

Luke: “Now we just need material for the nets. The Mothra Kaiko’s thread would be best but….”

I used all of it making swimsuits, so maybe we need to go get more?

Hannah: [Beh~]

Luke: “Hm? What’s wrong, Hannah?”

Hannah tried to communicate something to me but then began looking for something.

Looks like she was looking for Sia.

She ran over to her to talk with her, and the two of them came back.

Luke: “What did Hannah want to tell me?” Sia: “Yea, so….Hannah says, ‘If you can find Dodorian, it might give you thread.’”

Luke: “Dodorian…..oh, that really smelly thing~”

Of course, they’re talking about durian.

Sia: “Sia knows Dodorian too! It’s really smelly, but it’s also really good!”

Luke: “You’ve eaten it before?” Sia’s smile widened as she nodded.

I have never tried durian. I haven’t, but I knew that it was being grown in the glass green house.

It’s a fruit with pointy spikes on the outside of its skin.

Hannah: [Beh~]

Sia: “Huh? There’s some on this island?!”

Luke: “What?!”

As Sia translated, we found out that there might be durian in the south western part of the forest.

And rather than trying to cut through the forest, it would be faster to travel by walking along the shoreline.

And so as we walked to the beachーー

Kurasuke: [Luーkeー what are you doingー?]

Luke: “Hey, Kurasuke. We had some business to finish over there.”

Kurasuke: [Over there? Is it far?]

Luke: “It might be far. Hannah, how far is it?”

Hannah: [Unbeh~eh]

Sia: “About 4 hours with Uーk’s walkingー”

It’s far!!

Luke: “ThーThen……I guess we’ll go another day. Maybe we’ll borrow horses from the Knights Order.”

Kurasuke: [Then why not ask my momma?]

Luke: “Ask?” Kurasuke: [Yes, Moーーmmaーー! Could you carry Luke and his friends over thereーー?]

Kumi popped out of the ocean to see what the commotion was about.

Kumi: [Yes, I can take you there. Just let me know where you want to be dropped off.]

Luke: “IーIs that really okay?”

A tentacle slid out of the ocean and stretched towards us. She asked us to sit where it flattened out at the tip.

As we sat, the sucker on the end kept hold of our butts.

Oh……it’s……rather comfortable….…

Gina: [Peh~]

Boris: [Unpeh-pehー]

Hannah: [Behーeh]

Hannah and the rest jumped onto a separate arm, andーーwe began moving.

Whoaーー I can’t even feel the waves. We’re just moving smoothly through the water.

And it’s fast too.

Within a few minutes, Hannah yelled, [Beh~], and Kumi let us down onto the shore.

Kumi: [When you are ready to go back, I can take you back to that shore where I picked you up.]

Luke: “Thank you, Kumi. And thanks, Kurasuke.”

I pat Kurasuke on the head….or her body? Anyways, I pat the top of her head, and her circular black eyes thin as she seems to enjoy it.

It’s a slick feeling, and the Kraken’s skin felt nice and cool.

It felt good for me to pat her head too.

Hannah: [Beh~]

Luke: “I know, I know, Hannah. I’m coming. Okay, we’ll see you later.”

Kurasuke: [Have fun~]

Kumi: [Have a good trip, Mr. Luke.]


We walked about 15 minutes when a distinct odor began wafting towards us.

Luke: “I was thinking about putting it in the box, but I hope the smell isn’t going to transfer inside.”

Sia: “Box get smelly?”

Luke: “That would be awful if that happened….”

Sia: “We can washー”

Is it something that we can just wash and rinse off?

We soon found the tree we were looking for. In fact, there were many Dodorian Trees growing here.

Luke: “But Hannah, the Mothra Kaiko doesn’t come flying over here?”

Hannah: [Beh, Beh~, Beh-beh~]

Sia: “Oh, she says over here, there’s a really terrifying Monster.”

Luke: “Ohhhh, so that’s why they won’tーーWHAT?!”

IーIsn’t that bad?!

And what does she mean by terrifying?! ーーwithout even thinking, I began scanning the area.

And that’s when we met eyes.

It was something that resembled a very popular Sci-Fi Horror creature.

The only difference is that this one has eyes.

Oh, gross. There’s something coming out of its mouth. It’s really no different than the movies.

Luke: “GROSS! Don’t come near me! Go awayーーー!!”

I grab a {Lightning Toll} stone from the Item Box (inside the still-unfashionable bag) and throw it!


And my ears rung from the explosion as the Alien-like creature fell to the ground.

Royce………thank you.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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