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Alchemy BOX c76

Ch. 76: The New Island Resident

The island residents greeted us sitting helplessly on the ground as terror robbed them of their strength.

Gredd: “WHーー WH-WH, WHAー?!”

Luke: “Are you asking how things ended up like this?” Gredd opened and closed his mouth like a fish tossed up onto the shore.

Luke: “This is perfect. Since everybody’s here, I’ll introduce you. Heーy! Kraーkeーn”

[Kyurururuー, what is it Luーke]

It was the baby Kraken who came first. The mother is too big to come up to shore without a lot of pain and effort.

Luke: “This is the Baby Squid.”

[No, I’m not! IーI’m a Kraken thank you”

Luke: “Oh, that’s right. It’s a baby Kraken. The Mother Kraken over there brought here here to raise her child. Out in the deep ocean, other Krakens and giant sea creatures would try to eat her children otherwise.”

Gredd: “AーAnd that’s why you brought them here?!”

Luke: “Well, yeah. Here, there’s no fishermen, so there’s no problem if the Kraken eats all the fish, right?” They will leave the ships that come and go from the mainland to the ship alone. We’ll also have the ships also approach the east port from a northern route, so they can be safe in the southern part of the ocean.

That was the promise we made for the two to come here.

Though the Mother Kraken said that she didn’t want to burden us to the very end, the Baby Kraken took a liking to us, and that tipped her decision to come along with us.

Gredd: “(sigh).........what in the world is going on with our Governor’s head….”

Luke: “Huh? It’s like this.” I bent down to show the Dwarf the top of my head.

Gredd: “I’m not talking about that! Sheesh, if you’re going to keep a Kraken as a pet, then at least give them a name!”

Luke: “A name, huh. Let’s see.” [Oh, you’re giving us a name? Momma, we get to have names.]

[Ohhh, is that really okay, Mr. Luke?]

I don’t mind giving out names. It’s easy enough.

[Isn’t that lovely.]


Sia: “Uーk also gave Sia her nameー”

[Really?! Mish Sia too?! Then Miss Sia is a rank ahead of me, yes?]

Gonzo: [Hey, hey. Then that would put me below Sia as well. I can’t settle for that.]

Boss: [Beh-heh-heh-heh-heh]

Gonzo: [Agh?! BーBoss, you too?! GRRRRRR]

The Magic Beasts are arguing about something.

Let’s see. A name……a name…..

Since they are Kraken, maybe the Baby can be Kurata? ……no, it’s too close to Gonta.

Luke: “Okay, the baby Kraken is [Kurasuke].”

Kurasuke: [KーKurasuke?! That sounds so cool!]

Luke: “And the mother Kraken……well, she is a lady, and the fluorescent blue pattern on her skin is beautiful, so using the character [beautiful] (“mi”) (美), I’ll name herーーKumi!”

Kumi: [TーTo call me beautiful is…….quite embarrassing.]

Kumi sank into the water as large bubbles continued to float to the surface.

Her smooth, silky head seemed to have turned slightly red. I wonder if she likes the name?

Luke: “Kurasuke, do you think your momma likes her new name?”

Kurasuke: [Yes, I do. Momma seems really happy]

Luke: “I see. Well, it’ll be a pleasure working with you, Kurasuke.”

Kurasuke: [Likewise!]

And that’s how the island I governーーwell, sort of governーーthe Tristan Island now had two large Magical Beasts residing here.


I didn’t know how much fish the Kraken mother and daughter consumed.

So the next day, on the shore, I asked them the question.

Kumi: [The amount Kurasuke will need is about half the body weight in one feeding.”

Luke: “Oh, that’s a lot less than I expected.”

Sia: “Not much at all”

I had Kumi consume a lot of Potions, so her body is back to normal.

The Isekai has this kind of thing, so it’s really convenient. Back on Earth, you couldn’t imagine things going like this.

Kumi caught the fish and threw it onto the shore. Sia would catch the fish and feed it to Kurasuke.

Luke: “Then Kumi would be consuming more fish till Kurasuke is bigger.”

Kumi: [Oh, um….I actually don’t…’s just slightly a bit more than Kurasuke….but…….]

Luke: “But?”

And Gonzo and Gonta came flying down at this moment.

Even though they are swooping down beating their wings, not a lot of sand blew up in to the air.

Apparently, they have a Magic Barrier that prevents the wind from going everywhere.

Gonzo: [An infant Kraken will have to eat more often per day, Lou Quain.]

Luke: “More often? Even a human being eats 3 times a day.]

Gonzo: [5 meals for a Kraken.]

Luke: “........KーKumi too?”

Kumi: [I only need to eat once every few days. Once you are fully matured, it is not necessary to consume so much food.]

I guess Gonzo doesn’t eat that much either even though he’s huge.

Kumi: [It will take decades before Kurasuke is fully matured. But the amount of food needed is only the greatest in the first 3 years………I’m terribly sorry. That is too much trouble, is it not?]

Luke: “What?! No! ThーThat’s fine. Yeah.”

Gonta: [I wish you can grow fish like you can grow crops on land.]

Kurasuke: [Grow fishー? Fish do not grow on trees, so that’s not possible]

Gonta and Kurasuke were both children of a Magical Beast so they got along just fineーーhmmm?

Luke: “Gonta……just now……..what did you say just now?”

Gonta: [Huh? About growing fish?]

Kurasuke: [You can’t grow them from the ground.]

No, you can’t grow from plants.

Butーーyou can raise them in farms!!

Sia: “Uーk, you have an idea?”

Luke: “Yeah, I definitely have one.”

Sia: “Sia will help you.”

Great, I could really use Sia’s help.

Hehehehehe….. If she’s willing to help, I’ll need her to submerge into the water.

First, I’ll need to make glass and make a helmet for scuba diving.


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Japanese Names:

Unlike American names, traditional Japanese names can have certain trends and traits in how the Kanji (漢字) (Chinese Character) is used. For instance, in the novel, the ending “ta” (太) or “suke” (助) is a very common ending for boys. This is PURE speculation, but “ta” (太) can mean “fat” or “thick” but it was probably to wish the child to grow up as healthy as possible (especially during civil war eras). “Suke” (助) means “help” or “assist” and is sometimes given to characters who fit into an assisting or support role, but not always. Another common name is more of a number system ending with “rou” (郎). “Ichi” (the number 1) would be given to the first son as “Ichirou” (一郎). The next son would be given the character of “next” (as in number 2) as “Jirou” (次郎), followed by Saburou (三郎) (3), Shirou (四郎) (4), Gorou (五郎) (5), etc. Granted, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there can be infinite variations depending upon the parents or author, but in Light Novels, names tend to follow these conventions.

The “zo” in Gonzo (ゴン蔵) is probably the least common in modern Japanese names and is more characteristically found in old Samurai novels and films.

For girls, the most common ending is “ko” (子) which means child or “mi” (美) (beauty) but recently, Japanese names have deviated from traditional norms. Even so, in most Japanese novels, it is common to see this naming trend reappear.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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May 15, 2022

Fish farms... Perfect for raising your pet kraken.

I wonder how long it will be before we find out what is significant about giving monsters names. At the current pace, I don't expect it to be anytime soon.


May 15, 2022

Krasuke, for a female kraken? Can't it be Krako at least?

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