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Alchemy BOX c74

Ch. 74:

Gonzo: [What is going on here…..?]

Boss: [Beh……..]

As part of the Kraken Slaying team, Gonzo and Boss came along as well.

Now, we’re ready for anything.

As I explained the Lightning Imbuing, I demonstrated it by imbuing Lightning to a few weapons.

The following uproar turned into a festival fever, and I also got on board.

It was complete chaotic festivity at the moment.

Because the imbuing will disappear in one hour, I will have to re-imbue the weapons once again before we arrive at our destination.

Luke: “By using the Imbue Spell as a medium, we found out that after the weapons are imbued, other people can use it too.”

Gonzo: [I see….]

Luke: “But I can only imbue with the Spell. I won’t be able to directly attack anything with it.”

I put together {Fire} and {Imbue} onto one stone, and it turned into a {Fire Imbue} Stone.

Nothing happened when I threw it against the ground.

Besides, imbuing is a Spell specifically for <weapons>.

You can’t imbue anything to the ground, and the process of trying to replace the Magic Property with {Fire} did not work.

But that doesn’t matter right now.

All the Adventurers are admiring their weapons as it sparks and lights up with electricity.

Some even proudly showed off the weapon to Gonzo.

Gonzo: [I see. Then the battle should be over quickly. Especially with my presence there.]

Boss: [Behhー]

Boss also spoke up to make his presence known.

But Boss’ {Needle Quake} will not be as useful above the sea.

But his Horn Attack is destructive enough, so I’m sure he would be able to blow away a tentacle or two.

Gonzo: [And I would like to remind you that I am an <Ice Dragon>]

Luke: “Yeah, I know……..ohhhhhーー”

That’s right. Gonzo’s weakness is also Lightning Type Spells.

Gonzo: [And I will use my Breath Attack from high above the sky.]

Luke: “SーSounds good.”

Looks like he’s hesitant on being close to anyone with a Lightning weapon.

And he also made sure to impress his intention upon the Adventurers as well.

[If you attack me with a Lightning Imbued weapon, I won’t hold back] ーー is what he said.

Of course, everyone shrank back at hearing those words.

We depart from the docks, and the island residents and Gonzo see us off.

If Gonzo departed with us, he would get there far before we would, and the battle would just be between two giant Monsters.

This is a problem between the Kraken and us humans. I didn’t want Gonzo to get involved, but he told me [It would be troublesome if anything happened to you], and with that, he insisted on coming along to help.

Luke: “Sia, are you able to freeze the surface of the ocean with your Magic?”

Sia: “Hmmー a littleー”

Luke: “Okay. Even a little bit is amazing. I need you to create a place where we can stand so the Adventurers can fight above the ocean directly.”

Sia: “Enchant?”

Luke: “Oh, that’s a good idea. Then we won’t have to use up so much of your Magic.”

I didn’t bring any stones aboard with me, but there are many empty barrels. I use my Alchemy to turn them into small wooden marbles and enchant them.

Once I merge it with Sia’s {Ice Field}, I assess the wooden marble.

[ Wood enchanted with {Ice Field}. When thrown, the impact will cause the area to freeze in a 3 meter (~10 ft) radius.]

ーーis what I heard.

About 3 meters, huh. I have enough wood, so that should be plenty.

About 3 hours later, as we are gently rocked by the waves, we see Gonzo appear in the sky above us.

Sia: “Uーk, that wayーー”

At Sia’s voice, everyone on the deck looked forwards towards the horizon.

The ocean surged upwards, and a Giant Squid appeared.

Wait, it’s huge.

It’s as big as Gonzo.

And it has incredibly long legs too, so it might be more troublesome.



With Gonzo’s roar, the Kraken immediately withdrew back into the water.

Gonzo: [Hmph…… Breath Attack can’t reach it if it stays under water.]

Luke: “Understood! I’m sure it will try to entangle its legs on the ship anyways! We’ll gradually apply damage to it!”

By the time Sia located the large organism surfacing, we had already begun to prepare for battle.

Everyone stuck they weapons one by one into the BOX, and I applied {Lightning Toll} ・{Imbue} against it!

Luke: “You only have one hour!!”

As soon as I finished saying those words, the squid’s legs came rushing out from behind the ship.


“Get a good taste of my Thunder Arrow!!”


Several people with Lightning Imbued weapons hurdle themselves against the Squid’s legs.

And on the ship’s sidesーー



I wonder why…….I started feeling bad for the Kraken.

I gazed at the water with the wood marbles enchanted with Sia’s {Ice Field} in my hand and estimated its approximate location.

If I look closely, I could see the Squid’s legs stretching from underneath the ship.

Following those legsーー

Luke: “Over there. Sia, Boss, will you come with me?” Sia: “Uh, swim?”

Boss: [Beh, beh-beh-beh-beh-beh-beh]

Luke: “No, we’ll use this to freeze the water and create a path.”

Sia: “Oh, that’s right!”

I toss the wooden marbles enchanted with {Ice Field} and lower a ladder to the surface where the ice appeared.

There were 10 legs that appeared around the ship.

If the Kraken is a Squid, then it should only have 10 legs, right?!

Eri: “I will come along as well.”

Luke: “Then we’ll need to prepare to walk on ice. Could I borrow your shoes for a moment?” It was a simple solution.

I will attach rubber underneath the shoes, but with enough bumps and ridges, I’ll make it similar to a snow tire.

I also made something like socks with rubber soles for Boss and placed it on his feet.

As we slowly go towards the source of where the legs are attached, I continually throw the wooden {Ice Field} marbles this way and that to increase the combat field beneath us.

Gonzo: [I will help as well.]

Luke: “Thanks! It should be about 50 meters ahead of us! Make a large ring around it and keep the middle open!”

Gonzo: [Understood.]

With a single Breath Attack, Gonzo created something akin to an ice skating rink.

Now, all we need to do is draw out the Kraken.

I’m sure that it wouldn’t feel comfortable if it saw us stand right above it.

As I hoped, the center of the ice rink surged up, and from there a squidーーhuh?

[DーDon’t bully mommy!!]

A smallーーor big?

A Squid as long as a human torso (so about 1 meter or 3 ft) came splashing out of the water.

And it’s talking?!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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