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Alchemy BOX c73

Ch. 73: Lightning Battle Axe

We returned to Tristan Island, and we carried the tired out sailors we rescued on horse carriages back to town.

We let them sleep in open inn rooms and had them drink the Potion I made from Alchemy.

This potion is effective against healing wounds, but does not do much for fatigue and recovering stamina.

I questioned the Captain of the ship, Natale, and began preparing for the Monster Slaying Quest.

Luke: “It’s a miracle that no one died.”


Luke: “What’s wrong? Is something bothering you?” The man who grumbled was the Island’s Guild Master, Olein.

He was a former Adventurer, and he was a man with a well-muscled, bulky physical body.

Here, I was speaking with Olein, and the Vice Master of the Guild as well.

It was so I can pass along information to all Adventurers.

“This year, a creature with a similar description to the Kraken has not only attacked pirate vessels, but numerous other merchant vessels as well.”

Olein: “That’s right, lass. But the majority of those merchant vessels…….reported almost no deaths.”

Luke: “What? No deaths? …….even though they were attacked by a Kraken?” Is that even possible? Because I’m pretty sure that the slave ship I was on had many of their crew killed or died at sea.

Olein: “It means there are ships that reported deaths too.”

The Captain also nodded to the Guild Master’s words.

But there was a particular characteristic to the ships where deaths were reported.

There was one particular wreckage a merchant ship found by accident, and it was torn to smithereens.

Olein: “Well, it was a ship disguised as a merchant vessel, and well, the ship was actually owned by pirates.”

Luke: “A disguised ship, huh…….”

Olein: “Apparently, they found the remains of the pirates floating around the ship.”

Among them, there were bodies half-eaten by fish. Gross.

Luke: “Is it just pirate ships then? I thought merchant ships also carried weapons.”

Natale: “Yeah, my ship has weapons too.”

Apparently, the ship carried a weapon specifically for large underwater sea monsters.

What? That. Is. So. Cool.

Natale: “It’s a giant anchor with lightning enchanted on it…….but it was no use.”

Luke: “Was lightning ineffective?” For most creatures that live under the sea, [Lightning] Type magic is usually their weakness.

That is a well-known theory.

Natale: “No, it was effective………but that thing was so big. It was like stabbing it with a needle, really.”

Luke: “Ohhhーー.......and how big was this anchor?”

Natale: “It was about twice as tall as me.”

This Captain was about 190 cm (~6’ 2”) tall.

How ridiculously big is this Kraken?

But it’s not that [Lightning] enchanted weapons didn’t workーーthat was good information to know.

I still have stones with [Lightning] Magic enchanted on it. In fact, as long as I have one, I can continuously make more.

That’s because the enchanted stones are treated as [Magic Items].

So as long as I have my BOX, I can keep making Magic Items!

Olein: “Ughーー if only my Battle Axe was enchanted with a Lightning Spell……”

Luke: “Guild Master, you’re retired though, right?”

Olein: “What are you talking about, Gov? It’s a Kraken! The mythical monster of the sea! If Dragons are the strongest creatures on land, then the strongest creature in the ocean is a Kraken! Don’t you want to fight one!”

“Sir Baron, it is no use. All this person thinks about is fighting.”

And the Vice Master, Renine, commented briefly.

Though she’s a beautiful woman, her personality is a little pointy.

But she looks after the Adventurers in the Guild, and more importantly, the Guild Master trusts her…….and they get along really well.

Luke: “Enchantment, huh…….even if I could, I bet only I would be able to use it.”

Olein: “Sir Gov, what do you mean?” Luke: “Oh, well. With my Alchemy BOX, I canーー”

Everyone on this island knows that I use my BOX for Alchemy. They’ve seen me use it every day.

I haven’t, however, told them about the enchantment. There hasn’t been an opportunity to really use it, and I’ve only used it to create more enchanted Status Fruits in secret on this island.

So I told the Guild Master and everyone here about this whenーー

Olein: “Please, please enchant my Battle Axe!”

And started begging me desperately.


Luke: “Look, I will try this out, but I’m pretty certain that the enchantment won’t work if you try to use it.”

Renine: “Why is that?” We relocated to a place outside, and I took out the stone enchanted with {Lightning Toll} and drew it out of the Item Box.

I always keep the enchanted stones in my bag so that I have it on hand.

The Island Residents keep telling me, “Not like the bag the Baron carries. Could you please make me something better looking than that raggedy looking thing?”

C’mon guys!

I place a stone and Olein’s favorite axe into the Alchemy BOX.

The Battle Axe was actually quite longer than I expected. The blade was also huge. With my current strength, I was barely able to lift it.

Olein: “Oh, Governor, you’re stronger than you look.” Luke: “Well, I have a little strength…….no for the enchantment.” As I open the lid of the box, the long handle of the axe pops out.

As I draw it out, I see that there is a bluish, white light that is sparking from the Axe’s blade.


Luke: “Guild Master, please take hold of the axe.”

Olein: “ALRIGHーーーーHUH?!”

As soon as he took hold of the axe, the sparks coming from the axe ceased.

Hmmmm, I thought this would happen.

Olein: “NOOOOOoooooooo……..” The Guild Master sags his shoulder in extreme disappointment.

Watching him, the Vice Master, Renine repositions the glasses on her nose as she speaksーー

Renine: “If the BOX’s [Enchant] can only be used by the Baron, what would happen if we try to [Imbue]?”

Luke: “Imbue…….you mean, enchanting a weapon with a Magic Property?” I see. Imbuing is the process of enchanting for a temporary amount of time. It is a skill that applies Magic Type traits to a weapon.

So instead of enchanting a Spell to an object, I take the weapon once again to now [Enchant] a Magic trait.

I don’t know if I can or not, but it’s worth testing out the theory.

Renine: “Then I will bring an Adventurer who has the ability to use the [Imbue] Spell.” Luke: “Wait, then why not have a Mage do the Imbuing instead of me? Wouldn’t that be more efficient?” Otherwise, Adventurers are going to continually bother me to enchant their weapons.

Renine placed a finger to tilt her glasses back to her face.

Renine: “Unfortunately, there is no Adventurer who can use the [Lightning] Magic Type.” And gave me her merciless assessment.

Luke: “What?” Renine: “[Lightning] is among all the Spells, among the most sophisticated type of Magic.” Luke: “That can’t be true. Royce was using it all the time.” Renine: “Please do not compare ordinary Mages to Sir Royce. The Mages would be hard pressed to measure up to his standards.” So Royce’s power is leagues above others, huh.

Renine: “Oh, excuse me. I believe there is one person who can.” Luke: “Ohhhh!”

Renine: “But they can only use the elementary Spell [Thunder} only. I do not believe that they have learned the {Imbue} Spell. Besides that fact, if we can {Imbue} Sir Royces extraordinary [Lightning] Spell, that would be the better option regardless.”

With that, Renine headed to the Guild and came back after a while.

Yup, I’m going to be bossed around by the Adventurers in the Guild now. There’s no doubt about that.

She brought a [Fire] Type Mage who can perform {Imbue} with [Fire] Type magic.

{Imbue} is a Spell that targets the weapon or armor.

So in order to proceed, we had them imbue the Guild Master’s axe with the [Fire] trait.

We place that axe inside the BOX.

With the axe, I separate the [Fire] Type from the {Imbue} Spell.

Next, I place two rocks inside. On one, I enchant it with [Fire] and on the other, I enchant it with {Imbue}.

Luke: “So if I break down the Spell, I get a [Fire] stone, huh.”

“When I {Imbue}, I do imagine fire inside my head……..but I never thought that it was actually {Fire} that was being used.” ーーis what the Mage Adventurer told me.

Olein: “Alright!! This time, my axe will have a Lightning Trait, right?!”

Luke: “Yes, yes. But I need to make more {Imbue} rocks first.”

I take one of the {Imbue} stones, and one of Royce’s {Lightning Toll} stones inside the BOX, and place the axe with it.

I merge the {Lightning Toll}, {Imbue} and the axe together with [Enchant]ーーand thenーー”

Olein: “WHOOOOOAAAA!!!!”

Luke: “Oh no, it really worked…..”

The Guild Master was wielding the axe and sparks still flew out of the axe.

But the shortcoming with {Imbue} is that…… only lasts for a short while.

Luke: “Oh, the effect will wear off in one hour.”

And after an hourーー

Olein: “NOOOOOOooooo!! My Lightning Battle Axe Fury Windーーー!!”

ーーturned back to normal.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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