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Alchemy BOX c72

Ch. 72

“Looks like they’ve been hit pretty hard over thereー”

We departed from port for about 10 minutes, and we were nearing the damaged vessel.

The mast was broken in half, and we could see that there used to be 3.

Where did the top of the masts go?

At the front of the ship, usually they would decorate it elaborately, butーーthat is gone too. And you could see that it was smashed to pieces.

There were holes in the side of the ships too…..were they shot at with a cannon?

Water flooded in from those holes, and the ship was tilting to one side.

“Heーy! Jump aboard this ship quicklyー!!”

One of the sailors raised his voice towards the sinking ship.

Upon the broken vessel and around it as well, we could see people everywhere.

Luke: “Throw the lifesavers.”

“Understood, Governor.”

We threw in floaties that were tied to ropes into the water.

Those who swam towards us grabbed onto it, and we pulled them towards the plank, and they were able to pull themselves out of the water.

During that time, the sailors took down the small boat and went to rescue the others.

The two strongest Adventurers rode with them.

We questioned the ones who were saved first.

We need to know if whoever attacked them was still close by.

Luke: “Are you okay? Here, have some water.”

“ThーThank you so much.”

I passed a wooden bottle with water inside to let him drink and then heard his story.

Luke: “Was it pirates?”

But he shook his head. It wasn’t pirates?

“IーIt was a monster…. A sea monster…….”

Luke: “A sea monster…….”

And then I recalled.

When I was on the slave ship, I remembered about the monster that attacked the ship.

Honestly, it was too dark to see anything. But……I do recall maybe seeing something like large tentacles.

Luke: “What did the monster look like?”

“......that wasー must of been a Kraken…”

Luke: “Kraken? The giant squid?”

In the fantasy world, there are stories about giant squids or sometimes, a Kraken would be an upper tier water spirit.

In this world, it’s the former.

Yeah, that thing could have been a Kraken.

But if it’s big enough to throw around a ship, it’s a huge one. This isn’t a simple matter that I can overlook.

It took a while to rescue all the people there. According to the sailor we saved, we were able to rescue everyone.

It was a miracle that no one was reported lost or dead.

But all the cargo they were carrying was lost.

“The waves were able to push us even with our mast, and that’s how we got here. But with the hole in the ship, we had to make the ship lighter……”

Luke: “And so you discarded the cargo? I think you did the right thing.”

“Thank you for saying that. We feel so bad about the whole ordeal. All of that cargo was a gift for the Governor of that island over there.”

Luke: “I see. Well, that’s okay. Who was sending gifts to me by the way?”

The sailor looked at me blankly at my words.

“This is the Tristan Island’s Sir Governor. He was also the one who discovered your ship. You should be very grateful for that.”

Luke: “Wait, wait. I know everyone was having fun swimming, but anyone could have noticed it at this distance.”

“SーSir Governor?! IーI never would have thought that he would be so young in age! PーPardon me for my lack of manners.”

Luke: “No, no. You don’t have to be so formal. I’m mostly just a Governor the Carpenters like to boss around.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that. You’re probably the hardest worker on this island, Governor.”

Oh my. The hardest worker? The compliment makes me happy.

In my previous life, they would make me work until the last train, and in this life, the White Pig Orc would boss me around mercilessly, so doing Alchemy with my Alchemy BOX is nothing compared to that.

And everyone always says, “Thank you,” for the work I do, so that makes it all the more fulfilling.

It’s a great job with a surplus of rewards!

“Sir Governor. We are truly sorry. The cargo was from Sir Rotonoa.”

Luke: “Rotonoa?”

“Yes, the Andestan Merchant, Sir Rotonoa, was able to recover his wealth because of the Governor, Sir Lou Quain of Tristan Island.”

The merchant Rotonoa…….oh.

Luke: “The owner of the furniture that White Pig Orc had?! Oh, crap. I said that out loud.”

“(*chuckle)....yes, it is as you say. So that is why our master, Sir Rotonoa wanted to repay you……and potentially start a business relationship if you please.”

Trading with the top merchant of Andestan, huh. Isn’t that….a really good deal?

“Within the cargo, there was furniture and furnishings for your new mansion, and we also had cloth that ordinary people could use at their leisure.”

Luke: “Ohhh, that’s really too bad. Oh, wait, was there….on the furniture….?”

“Yes. All of them had the family mark.”

I heard that the merchant had a habit of putting his family mark on items he really liked.

Luke: “Well, please convey my gratitude, and I’ll ask him to not hold the crew responsible for what happened.”

“That is very kind of you…..”

Luke: “If this is Rotonoa’s ship, you came from Andestan, right? Where did you run into the Kraken?”

If I leave this matter alone, other merchant ships may be prevented from coming to the island.

This time, no one died, but we’re not going to be so lucky every time.

One of our sailors brought a map of the sea, and with that, he pointed out the general area where they were attacked by the Kraken.

Luke: “That seems pretty close, no?”

“That thing was originally from the open sea. But since about a year ago, it’s gotten closer and closer to the continent.

The sailors on our side also began telling me that there have been trickling reports of ships getting attacked since around the same time.

But those were stories heard from around the area far west of Andestan.

And now it’s coming closer to this island?

“It’s most likely migrated because of the lack of food….”

Luke: “Ohhh, so it could have eaten all the fish in one area, so it’s moving to find more food?”

“The Andestan fisherman are terrified of the Kraken and can’t even go out into the sea anymore.”

Luke: “It’s threatening their whole livelihood then. Well, there are no fishermen on this island, and it wouldn’t be a problem for us…….but….”

I can’t have more people and cargo being carried over here from the mainland get attacked again.

Luke: “Then it’s a ocean battle…….I see. Okay! Let’s get back to town and start preparing.”

“ “ YEAHHHHー!”

I hear the Adventurer’s cheer in excitement.

Since we came here expecting a fight with pirates, they’re excited to be able to fight something.

“By the way, Governor. There will be a special reward for fighting alongside you, correct?”

Luke: “.......I’ll add a month of 3 meals a day to what you already have. How’s thatー!”

“ “ We accept that request! ” ”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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