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Alchemy BOX c71

Ch. 71

The rainy season continued on for 2 more weeks, and before we knew it, the seventh month began.

Rainy Season Over = Summer is here!!

Luke: “And summer means going to the beachーー!”

I was wearing the swimming pants I made from the Mothra Kaiko’s thread.

I dyed it black!

I didn’t have the courage to wear white swim pants.

Eri: “IーIt’s….a little embarrassing…..but I guess if I think of it as a style of dress then maybe….”

Sia: “Unyuuuuuu ocean scary!”

Luke: “It’s going to be fine, Sia. See? I can swim just fine.”

The swimsuit Princess Aires and Sia was wearing was thoroughly reviewed by the island’s women, and under their guidance, after many vetoes, I finally got something that satisfied their tastes.

Well, to be frank, the two female Knights who guarded Princess Aires drew me a picture of what they saw as suitable, and I made it accordingly.

But I still think it came out really good.

Princess Aires’ swimsuit was a bikini top and around her waist isーーwhat was that called? For women’s swimwear, I only know bikinis and the school swimsuit.

Anyways, it’s the kind that looks like you’re wrapping a towel around your waist. It was to reduce the amount of skin showing is what the female Knight said.

And not to draw attention to the smaller breasts, the chest piece has a little bit more fabric allocated to make it thicker.

This was also the female Knight’s idea.

And of course, we did not say anything to the Princess.

The checkered white and pink design was my idea. I’m glad that I was able to describe the design.

Sia had a blue, light blue, and white bikini.

But the bottom is more like a mini-skirt.

It was more like shorts at the beginning, but Sia rejected it with a “I don’t like it.”

The top is a orthodox bikini top, but it was pretty difficult to make.

Well, I’m talking mostly about the size.

I had to make and remake it several times as she tried it out each time, and she always came back with too small or too big feedback.

I think it took about 10 tries?

But with all that hard work, now we have a completed swimsuit ready for use at the break of the rainy season.

“Ohhh, so you can put this around your body, and you’ll float?” “Are we really going to be okay?” Oh, and since I could, I made swimsuits for the townspeople too.

I also found a tree that excretes rubber, so I collected the sap and made a float.

The Dwarves were all very curious and interested at the spectacle, but none of them even stepped close to the ocean.

We all took the day off, and more than half of the island’s population gathered east of the town and came to the beach.

A few hundred meters south of the docks, there is a large, sandy beach.

“HA HA HA! Then we’ll be the first ones to try it out!”

“Oh, as expected of Adventurers. You’re willing to throw away your lives for anything.”

Luke: “Hey now. I told you that I made this with my Alchemy, so why are you guys so suspicious!”

“See? The Governor himself is saying it’s going to be fine. C’mon guysー!”

Grown men put on floaties and jumped into the ocean.

Having memories of the beach from my previous life, it would have made me spew out my coffee at the sight.

“WHOA?! We’re floating!!”

One of the Adventurers happily floated on top of the water.

Seeing that, the Knights and other Adventurers looked at one another and began putting on the floaties and walked towards the water.

All the Adventurers and Knights had well trained, well defined muscles.

To see men like that put on floaties was…..something else.

It was quite surreal.

But among the Adventurers, there are women too.

They also had swimsuits that I had to make and remake as they tried it on, and they were presently wearing it.


It’s hard to put this into words.

I feel like this is the first time I’m seeing women squeal and laugh as they played in the water.

This…… quite nice.

Eri: “Sir Luke~~”

Sia: “Uーk, hurry~”

Luke: “Huh? Ohーー”

Though she was complaining about it before, Sia was also playing inside the water now. She did have a floaty on though.

And before I knew it, everyone had a floaty on and floated across the water.


Luke: “This is the butterfly stroke.”

I began swimming in the water.

I’m actually a pretty good swimmer.

“ “ OHHHHHHHhhhhh ” ”

I heard some cheers go up in the crowd even though they said nothing when I showed them the forward stroke.

Well, it’s because people in this world swim freestyle in general.

And among the Adventurers and Knights, there were some who were good at it even if the form wasn’t perfect.

They laughed at my breast stroke and were impressed with the butterfly.

But in a world where swimming isn’t really a thing, the butterfly stroke must be something they never would have expected.

Luke: “Oh, Sia. Would you like to practice swimming?” Sia: “No!”

Luke: “Wow, that was fast……”

Beyond where Sia was floating, I saw a ship……..but something was off.

Luke: “That ship…….”

Eri: “What is the matter, Sir Luke?” Luke: “No, over there, I see a ship, but……..doesn’t it look strange?” Sia: “Hmm?? …..ohhh! That ship……it bwoke!!”

As soon as Sia mentioned how the ship was broken, the missing pieces fell in place.

The mast was gone. And the front of the ship seemed to have been smashed somehow.

“Is it the work of pirates?!”

“Will we go out to rescue it?!”

One of the Knights spoke up.

In case of an emergency, there is a mid-sized ship available. Of course, we have sailors on standby too.

Since it would take an hour and half to walk from the town to the docks, there is a single apartment built at the entrance where the path to town begins at the entrance of the forest.

The sailors didn’t want to jump into the ocean on their day offーーso they were probably resting at the apartment.

Luke: “Yes, of course. Please call for help immediately.”

“Understood, Governor.” As expected of a Knight. They were quick to respond and make snap decisions.

“Adventurers, grab your weapons and head to the ship! They may be in the middle of a battle with pirates! Keep your armor to a minimum!”

“Governor, could we get a special reward for this Quest?” Luke: “Hmmmーー then how about free breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one week!”

“YEAHHHーー! Good enough for us! C’mon lads! We’re on a Quest!!”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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