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Alchemy BOX c70

Ch. 70: Having Good Taste

After we gave Nina and Carol more than enough of the herbal grass, it was raining again the next day.

But there is work we can do!

Eri: “What will you be making with the Mothra Kaiko threads?”

Luke: “This thread has very high water resistance properties. It’s also has a slight reflective property too, so between the merchants, it’s a very valuable trading resource.”

Eri: “Is that so? I did not know that.” Luke: “It’s a beautiful material.”

I want to make a raincoat and umbrella with this.

The raincoat will be easy enough, but an umbrella would be tricky unless I wanted to have something that was always open.

Maybe I can talk with Gredd to see if he could make the umbrella handle and open and close mechanism.

Eri: “Are we able to dye this material?”

Luke: “I believe so.” I don’t mind wearing a bright white raincoat, but it may be a strange sight to see everyone in a white raincoat.

I can actually create dyes from rocks, so I want to test that with the Alchemy BOX.

I have a few potential rocks selected, so first, we’ll create the general shape of the raincoat.

Taking the coat that was just made, I check the size.

Eri: “This is a coat?” Luke: “It’s called a raincoat, and you wear it during rainy days to keep yourself from getting wet. See, if you put this hood on, you can keep your head from getting wet.

Eri: “Wow! How clever!”

Sia: “Sia wants one too~ Sia hates getting wet.”

Luke: “Okay, okay. What color do you want?” Sia peered at the different colored rocks and picked out a light blue rock and handed it to me.

Luke: “Let me shrink the size slightlyーーmaybe that will work? Here, try it on.” Sia: “Yea”

Eri: “IーI would like this color please.” Luke: “A light, peach color. A well-suited color for a princessーーokay, try this coat on for size.”

The two put on the coat as we confirm how it fits.

We want it to be past the thighs, and I had the sleeves open up a little bit wider.

Eri: “Oh, I believe this one is too big.”

Luke: “Well, you are still 14, so I’m certain that your height will continue to grow. That’s why I made it slightly bigger.” Eri: “I see. Well, if I fold the sleeves, then there are no issues. This is fine for me.”

But since I had the opportunity, I tried to add a little flair to it.

At the lower back end around the waist, I made a ribbon decoration there.

Eri: “My! How cute!”

Sia: “Heyー Sia tooー Sia wants one too!”

Luke: “Ohーokay, okay. I understand. Then let’s go ahead and dye the coats too.”

Just so the ribbon stands out slightly, I dyed it a little darker there. I did the same for the Princess.

My sense of fashion isn’t too bad.

Eri: “Hehe, now we can walk around in the rain all we want.”

Luke: “But if you run around too much, you’ll get dirty from the puddles so…..ummー would you have any desire to wear long pants?”

Eri: “I prefer not to.” Luke: “I thought as muchー”

Then I hope they don’t go running around in the rain too much.

Now then, I already made mine. I made some pants too, and since I don’t have any rubber bands, I will tie it up with some rope.

I made about 20 more for the Knights, and some for human workers and some for dwarves.

Luke: “Well, even with this, it doesn’t change the fact that it will be dangerous working in high places while it rains.” Eri: “What will you do with the remaining thread?” Sia: “I want more clothes!”

Clothes, huh. Wellーー since my sense of fashion has been tested to its limits, I really want to hand this job to a professional.

But I do want to use this water resistant properties to its fullest potential.

For instance…..

For instance………

Hmmmmmm, for instance, what? Eri: “But it has gotten quite hot lately.” Luke: “After the rainy season is over, we will go straight into summer, so it’s as if the weather is preparing us for that.”

Sia: “Sia doesn’t like hotー Sia lived in cold mountain topー”

Luke: “Oh yeah?” I guess a Silver Wolf would probably live on a snow mountain. The Ice Magic makes sense in that case too.

Once the rainy season is over, summer will come. Andestan wasn’t as humid as Japan during the summer, but I wonder how it will be around here?

Ugh, the ocean is right next door, so I wish we could go swimming.

In this world, they don’t have pools or the concept of swimming out on the beach.

No one would make fun of you for not being able to swim here. But here, there are probably more people who cannot swim than swim.

If you fell into a river, if you fell off a ship, you’ll just be considered lucky if you can swim.

Well, I’m sure all sailors can swim though.

Luke: “Swimming, huh……..wait a second!”

Sia: “What’s wrong, Uーk?” Luke: “Sia, I’ll teach you how to swim.” Sia: “Wha……”

She suddenly laid her ears low, drooped her tail, and hid behind Princess Aires.

Looking at Sia in my periphery, I place the Mothra Kaiko thread inside the Alchemy BOX and make it go!

A swimwear that any fashionable girl would………..wear?

Luke: “ThーThis is….?!”

Sia: “Uhhhh? Uーk, what’s this?” I wanted a fashionable swimwear that would be popular for girls, but inside my head was…..the school swimsuit.

Since it was not dyed, it was a pure white, school swimsuit.

Eri: “Sir Luke… this…..underwear?!”

Luke: “What?! NーNo! ThーThis is called a swimsuit and…’s something you wear while swimming and…..” Someoneーーー

Someone, please teach me what a proper swimsuit should look likeーー!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 4: Sea Monster

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