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Alchemy BOX c6

Chapter 6: Stranded Out at Sea

We were desperately swimming away from the ship ー no, more accurately, from what was ATTACKING the ship.

I pull the Beast Girl who is doing her best to paddle above water, and it’s difficult making progress this way.

But soon, the girl ran out of strength.

Ain: “HーHey, are you ー did you pass out?” Her eyes were closed, and she seemed to be unconscious. It was easier to swim this way though.

We need to get away from this place.

As I was trying to think, the waves suddenly rose higher and higher as it pushed us away.

Ain: “Did the ship sink…....? OH!”

From between the waves, I briefly saw the ship laying on its side.

And along with us, another object was getting pushed away towards us by the waves.

Ain: “Hey, wake up. Ugh, it’s no use. Can’t be helped.” I pushed the girl onto the thing that came towards us.

It was one of the lifeboats that was attached to the ship. As the ship was flipped over, the ropes that secured the vessels probably snapped. The oars were still entangled against the small raft.

I’m glad that I got the Beast Girl on the small boat, but we have to get out of here immediately.

There were 3 lifeboats in total. I’m sure the other two will be used by whoever survives.

If we are found, there’s no telling what would happen to us.

It’s nightfall over the ocean, and if there is ever an opportunity to get away, this is it.

Hurry…….we need to get away from that Monster…...we need toーー

Ain: “If we run away from the Monster, we’ll probably be going in the same direction as those guys……...right?”

The Monster appeared from the east. If they are trying to get away, they would paddle westward.

Between a rowing novice like myself and a veteran sailor, I’m sure they’ll be much faster.

How far can we get away while it’s still night? I can’t afford to have them catch up and spot us.

Ain: “ThーThen…...we go east! If we go in the same direction as where that Monster came from, we shouldn’t run into those sailors!”

I need to row the boat and make a wide circle around that Monster as we head east.

I try to get the oars, but I can’t untie them from the entangled ropes.

Geesh! Not now!

Ain: “Oh, I can make an oar with all the wooden pieces floating around.”

I first take out the wooden key, the coal, and wooden pieces and throw it into the boat. I pick up the remains of the ship and place them inside the box.

Since I’ve been captured on this ship, I know that I can change the shape of the items I place inside.

I picture an oar in my head, and I place it on the small boat and start rowing furiously.

I look at the position of the crescent moon and stars and make my way east.

I rowーー

ーーand row and row desperately.

As I continued to row, the horizon finally began to lighten up.

Was it…...morning?

What about the sailors?!

I look around at the ocean surrounding us, but I don’t see any other signs of other boats.

I’m glad.

Were they…..all dead? Or did they escape to the west to get away from that Monster?

The Monster was too preoccupied with the large ship and didn’t even notice us.

The sun has yet to rise, but as the sky lightened up, I can see around us, and I feel a sense of relief.

(Sigh).........I was so desperate to row the boat that I’m thirsty.

We don’t even have waterーー

Ain: “Wait, we have plenty of water, right?” The ocean water. Of course, we can’t drink it like it is.

I was able to separate a branch that grew out of a stone. I can probably separate out the ocean water, right?

Salt andーー


Ain: “[Alchemy BOX]”

I take out my BOX and fill it up with ocean water, and I concentrate on imagining the water getting separate from the salt when the BOX lights up.

Once the light fades and I open the box, I see liquid and some white sand at the bottom.

Ain: “Salt…..right? Ughーーso salty!”

I took out the white sand and licked it, and it was indeed salt.

Then this liquid isーー

Ain: “(glug glug glug).........(exhale)’s water! It’s normal water!”

When I close the lid, I get the information about the liquid.

I heard the voice say 100% pure water.

I pour the water onto my head, and get another batch ready.

Ain: “Hey, wake up. Hey!”

I need to get the Beast Girl who’s unconscious to also drink.

Ain: “Hey.” As I shake her pretty strongly, she finally opens her eyes.

“Ah………” She looks dazed at her surroundings. But remembering everything that happened, she turned pale and began to panic.


“HーHey. We’re okay. There’s no more scary people. They’re not here so calm down.”


Ain: “Hey! We’re on a boat! If you make a fuss, we’ll fall over!!”

But she wouldn’t listen.

Then I’ll just have to make her come to her sensesー!

I splash her with the water from my [Alchemy BOX], and immediately prepare a second batch and splash her again.


Ain: “Do you want another splash?” I ask, but it looks like she needs it. She’s trying to lick and suck the water from her hair and clothes.

Instead of splashing her with a 3rd bucket, I take the BOX and put it against her lips.

As soon as she realized that it was water inside, she placed her hands on mine as she greedily drank as much as she could.

And drinking all the liquid inside, she finally calmed down.

She calmed down andーー


Ain: “Why are you growling at me now……….”


I can see that the fur on her ears and tail are all standing up. She must really dislike humans.

She bares her teeth, and I can see the bloodlust in her eyes as she continues to glare at me.

And then I heard the sound at the same time.

<GROOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLLLL> It was the sound of her stomach.

Ain: “Hungry, huh……….yeah, I’m hungry tooー”


Ain: “Hm?” The girl suddenly tilted her head upwards and began sniffing the air with her nose.

Just then……

Something <SPLASHES>, and then something hit the back of my head.

It actually hurt.

And what hit me was a fish.

A fish with wingsーー

Ain: “A Flying Fish?!”


Ain: “HーWaiーSTOーOW!! OW!! THAT HURTS!!”

The girl began swinging the oars around.

Then she struck the Flying Fish that splashed out of the water.

I see! That’s what she’s doing!

Then I can…..

And we both swung our oars around, and as a result, we got a dozen or so Flying Fish who were floating above the water now.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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