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Alchemy BOX c58

Ch. 58

Sia: “This is Uーk’s mama?”

Eri: “Wow, what a beautiful woman.”

Luke: “Do you think so? I thought you would say soー”

Inside the horse carriage on the way back to the Tronstad Kingdom, I gaze at the portrait of my mother and cannot help but relax and smile.

We had to stay at Andestan much longer than we expected. I hope the Sheepoos are doing okay.

Eriol: “But are you sure about this, Lou Quain? The King of Andestan offered the status of Marquis to you.”

Luke: “Well~ I think living on the island will be much more enjoyable than becoming a Marquis.”

I sat between the King of Andestan and Prince Eriol, and the return of my island to Tronstad’s territory was determined.

It will be returned, but the Prince’s uncle and wife’s lives will be uninterrupted.

And with some mismanagement of the crown being responsible for the cause, the Andestan Kingdom would pay a fine-like settlement to the Tronstad Kingdom.

The Lonneberg inheritance was not fully surrendered in the end.

Luke: “Besides, my uncle will take over the Lonneberg family. I was glad to see that someone I knew took over rather than someone entirely new.”

There was a man who hurriedly arrived at the castle as soon as he heard the news that I was alive.

It was not the former Marquis’ relation, but rather, an uncle from my mother’s side of the family.

I gave all the Lonneberg inheritance to my uncle, but that is because the farmland and orchards within the territory have been suffering from diseases.

I asked him to take it over so that the people do not go hungry and starve to death.

My uncle accepted my offer and with a kind smile too.

I vaguely recalled the milk maid saying, “Lady Luciela’s brother is asking if he could adopt you……I’m certain that that would be for the best.”

Eriol: “Your uncle was happy about the news as well. Now, he is able to give both his sons territories to manage. Butーーthat woman in the portrait with your uncle, I see the resemblance.”

My mother from my memories and my uncle had the exact same eyes. They both had very kind gazes.

As soon as I spoke to him, I could tell that he was a good person at heart.

That’s why I requested for my uncle to take over the Lonneberg estate to the King, and they executed my request accordingly.

That was one less problem to worry about.

After that, I went to the territory where my uncle will be governing, and as a memento of my mother, I received a small portrait of her.

After that, we returned to my family’s home, and I retrieved the backpack that I packed for the day I was leaving.

Inside was a ring and necklace my mother received from her parents when she was marrying the Marquis.

Luke: “But really though…everything changed so much while I was gone~”

Eri: “What was that glass cottage in the backyard of the mansion? It was full of wilted trees, and it even smelled foul.”

Luke: “Ohh~ that used to be an orchard…..before my rite of passage to adulthood, it was very green and healthy.”

It was not the fruits that rotted.

The entire tree rotted.

Endin didn’t even bother to help out with the home’s orchard?

What’s the point of receiving a [Talent of Agriculture] then? Royce: “And not only was it like that at the mansion, all the orchards in the territory seemed to be quite fatigued.”

And Royce, who was riding on our carriage as our guard, also received a similar impression.

They probably got hit by diseases and parasites…..

Was no one helping to counter and deal with them?

Before I left the mansion, I wrote recipes of effective plant disease medications and insecticides as much as I could remember.

They will need to consult professional botanists going forward.

I let my uncle know by letter, so he should be able to handle the rest.

I will live my own life out now. This was my chance.

Eri: “Oh, Sir Luke, I can see Gonzo from here.”

Luke: “Whoa~ he really is big. I can see Gonzo before I could see the mansion.”

Sia: “Gonzo bーiーg~”

We returned to the summer home of the Tronstad Royal Family.

Next is my request to transfer residence, and the re-cultivating the island.

We’ll help stand up the island economyーーand first, we’ll build an Adventurer’s Guild Branch.

And before that, we’ll have to fix all the buildings. Actually, it may be faster just to rebuild new buildings at this rate.

As the horse carriage drew near the mansion, Gonzo raised his head and mumbled, “Finally…”.

Well, we were away for one and half months so I can’t blame him~

I wonder if Gina still remembers us.

I wasーーquite worried about that.

As we arrived at the mansion and got off the carriage, Borris cried out as he charged towards us.


Luke: “OOF!!”

HーHe’s…….so much more powerful now…..

I secretly left a stash of dried Status raisins, so I’m certain that he’s been eating it diligently every day.

Or…….maybe he just grew up?


Luke: “Yeah, I’m back. How’s your little sister?” [Peh]

Boris looked back behind him and maybe he just called Gina over?

But she quickly hid behind Sheena, and she refused to come out of hiding.

Her mother, Sheena, tried to push her out of her shadow, but Gina continued to hide desperately.

And to our dismay, she ran back to the servants of the mansion as if to go call for help.

Luke: “Gina………she’s……forgotten all about us?”

Eri: “Well, we only saw her for a single day. It can’t be helped……..but still, I’m quite saddened.”

Sia: “AUuu. Gina, said Sia is scary~

Luke: “Hey, Boss~ You could have at least told Gina more about us while we were gone~”


Urgh, he just smirked at us.


Gonta: [Luke, Luke, welcome back. Hey, when are we heading back to the island?] Gonta ran clumsily over with heavy steps.

He has wings on his back, but they are still too small for him to fly.

The way he walks kind of reminds me of a penguin, and it’s quite adorable.

Luke: Thanks, Gonta. Yes, well…..I need to finish and submit the paperwork for transferring residence so~”

Gonta: [Humans take so much time with boring things~ Oh~ I can’t wait till we move to the island~]

During our leave, maybe Gonta heard about the island from the Sheepoos?

Gonzo: [The island is small by what we’ve heard, but if there’s a mountain, we’ll live there. And when Adventurers come, I will test them to see if they are worthy to enter the Dungeon.]

Luke: “Hey, if you do that, no one would be able to go into the Dungeon so don’t.”

Gonzo: [HA HA HA HA! That was a joke.]

I’ve never heard of Dragons who told jokes.

Eriol: “All the paperwork to transfer your residence to our country should already be prepared. If we go to the castle, it will be quick.”

Luke: “That’s a relief to hear. Thank you so much for all the help, your highness.” Eriol: “It is I who should be thanking you. Still………I’m sorry for all the trouble.”

The Prince glanced briefly at Princess Aires as he turned to answer me.

Eriol: “Once she made up her mind to go, we were unable to convince her otherwise.”

Luke: “hーhaha, hahahaha….yeah……”

Princess Aires is working with Sia to get Gina to let them approach her.

I can’t tell if these two get along or don’t get along at all.

Luke: “With Gonzo, Gonta, Gina, and Princess Aires, it’s going to get quite rowdy on the island.”

Gonzo: [And it’ll still get merrier.]

Gonta: [Yes, much merrier~]

Luke: “Huh?” Gonzo and Gonta smile in unison.

Luke: “More?” Gonzo: [Yes, much more.]

Gonta: [Who hasn’t come out to welcome you back again?]

Who? Oh, where’s Carol and Nina………..WHAT?!

Luke: “BーBOSS?! DID YOU……?!”

Boss: [Beh, beh-beh-beh, beh~]

Gonza: [They are expecting.]


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 3: To the Castle

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