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Alchemy BOX c56

Ch. 56

From the Tronstad Kingdom, Prince Eriol accompanied me.

And Sia and Princess Aires were also in the horse carriage with us.

The Horned Sheepoo family, Gonzo and Gonta are house-sitting the summer home.

When I was leaving the island, they jumped in the ocean to chase after me, but this time, they were willing to stay behind.

Per Siaーー

Sia: “They don’t want to go just to listen to icky human argumentsーー”

Luke: “Icky? Well……I guess I can’t argue with that.”

Suffering from withdrawal of not feeling anything fluffy and soft for 3 weeks, we arrived at the Andestan Capital.

Sia is fluffy if she turns into a Silver Wolf, but right now, only Gonzo, Gonta, and the Sheepoo Family know her true identity.

As we arrived at the Capital, we were guided to a very luxurious meeting room by the Knights who welcomed us.

From the Tronstad Kingdom, a small force led by Avenges, Royce, and Priest also came along with us as our guards.

Of course, any bandits who arrived on the scene on the way here were instantly eliminated.

Luke: “Ugh…I’m starting to feel nervous…….I know they just want to hear the details from us, but what kind of things are they wanting to know about?” Eriol: “Maybe it will be related to how we found those secret documents the pirates possessed?”

As Prince Eriol tilted his head to think, he also didn’t know what to expect from this meeting.

Royce: “Please do not fear. If the Andestan side tried to pull one over youーー”

Luke: “IーIf they do?” Royce smiled spread wide and wickedly as he laughed.

Does he plan to say he’ll blow up the whole place? He won’t, right….? Royce: “If that happens, we’ll convince them otherwise.” And left it at that.

How do they plan to do that? We heard a knock on the door of the meeting room, and a voice saying, “We have made all the preparations to grant you an audience.”

Eriol: “Then let’s go. Lou Quain, are you fully prepared?” Luke: “I’m still nervous, but I guess we’ll just have to tackle things as they come.”

Eriol: “Yes. But do not worry. All your actions have been straight and noble up to this point. You can be proud of that.”

The men all stood up, then Sia and the Princess, and then the female Knights of the Princess, and Avenges and two subordinates were to wait in this meeting room.

Everyone except Sia are guards for the Princess.

Luke: “Sia, you can wait here. Princess, please take good care of Sia.”

Eri: “Please leave it to me, Sir Luke. Please be careful.”

Sia: “Uーk, do your best!”

And now, to the battlefield! <<<<>>>>


“It’s also my orchard tooー My stomach’s completely emptyー Hurry up and bring me my meal!!”


………..what’s going on here? As we arrived at the hall of meeting, I saw two familiar giant balls of meat, and also one skinny, frail man with them.

Several dozen Palace Guards and Knights all had their shields at the ready to keep the giant balls of meat at bay.

The skinny man was not resisting at all so was completely ignored.

I think they’re arguing about fruits or something……


“Yes sir.”

The King spoke up to a man with a staff standing next to me, and the man approached the balls of meat and chanted a Spell.

Royce: “A Spell of Silence.”

Behind me, Royce spoke up.

Since they’re being too loud, they’re going to force them to be quiet.

And the Marquis of Lonneberg, who was just staring blankly up until now, turned and looked my way.

After a moment, he fell to the ground in utter shock.

“Lー, LーL, Lou Quain?! HーWhy are you here?!?!”

That’s my line. Why are you guys here? I thought if it was the Capital, I wouldn’t run into you guys, and that’s why I came.

“Marquis of Lonneberg. Yes, indeed. How can this be? On the day of your son’s rite of passage, we received reports that his horse carriage fell from a cliff, and he was reported as deceased. And from your reaction, it appears that your son is still present.”

“!! ThーThat is…… no sire. This man looks similar to my son, but it is someone completely different.

Fell from a cliff?

Is that how they treated my disappearance? So they sold me to a Slave Trader, and on top of that, reported that I somehow died?

“This is the Marquis of Lonneberg’s statement, so how do you respond, young man?” Luke: “Ummmm, I just need to prove that I’m Lou Quain?” “That is correct.” That would be easy.

Luke: “Your Majesty, is there any among your council that has the ability to [Assess]?”

“I do. Joffe.”

Joffe: “Yes, sire. Excuse meーー{Assess}.”

He must be the Palace Mage.

There are very few people who can use the [Assess] Skill. But anyone skilled enough to rise up among the Palace Mage ranks would typically have this ability.

There are even some who are just employed for having this skill alone.

Joffe: “The Assessment Result is as follows ーー Lou Quain Lonneberg. 15 years of age. His [Talent] is [Alchemy]……..followed by unidentifiable letters which I cannot read. His [Blessing] is [Enchant].”

“Though his [Talent] was reported as [Alchemy], his [Blessing] matches our records.”

Joffe: “I presume that because they could not read the letters, they guessed and wrote down [Alchemy] instead.”

“I see. So now, I understand that the young man before me is Lou Quain himself. So now, Marquis, how do you interpret this situation?” The King’s voice was flat and his face was devoid of emotion.

………….he’s super scary.

Luke: “Your Majesty………….could I ask a question?” Though I’m here to answer questions, there was something I really wanted to know.

“Yes, I permit your question.” Luke: “Thank you, sire. Then……why is the Marquis here?”

And not only is he here, no matter how I look at it, he’s being treated like a prisoner.

“Yes, well, to explainーー”

And as the King let out a deep, fatigued sigh and began retelling the account.

After he was done, I placed a hand on my temple.

“I see that you understand my feelings exactly.”

And the King looked somewhere far into the distance as he spoke.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 3: To the Castle

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