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Alchemy BOX c55

Chapter 55: The Silver Wolf

Sia: “Sia, is a Silver Wolf.”

Luke: “Silver…….Wolf?”

I don’t know anything about Silver Wolves. I’ve read many books, but that’s the first time I’ve heard the term.

But if I use my previous life’s knowledge as reference, I have some idea.

The Prince and his two attendants were completely enraptured by the newly born Gina.

Gonta was equally curious but also jumped back each time with Gina’s sudden moves, and tried to get a good sniff of her scent again.

Though it was an heart-warming scene, he looked at Sia and the two of them walked away from the stable.

As they walked, I started the conversation.

Sia: “You see, Sia was brought here from a land way~~~ in the west.”

Luke: “West? From the Fortresst Continent?” Sia nodded.

Sia: “On the west continent, I was walking when I saw Beast People being chased by lots of humans.”

Luke: “They must have been hunting for the Beast Race. Wait, so you got pulled into that incident and got caught?” Sia: “Uguuuuu”

Sia’s face turned red and her ears and tail drooped to the floor.

But she said she was walking so…….was she taking a walk when she was caught?”

Luke: “If you walked by and got entangled in an incident when they were capturing Beast Men, did you live close to that area?” Sia shook her head side to side in denial.

Sia: “No~~ Sia was doing a Journey of Trial to become an adult~”

Luke: “A trial?” Sia: “Yea. The Fenrir Clan of the Silver Wolf, no live in packs.”

…….Silver Wolf……Fenrir Clan……

Somehow, that sounds incredibly rare.

Luke: “Pack? So… don’t live with your family?” Sia: “Yea. When you’re 15, you go away from parents~”

Luke: “I see~ 15 is the same age humans when they’re consideredーーwhat?” ………..wait. Hold on.

15 years old? Looking at her now, I can agree that she looks 15. She may not be as developed in one particular area, but her height and face now look around 15.

But that is <now> and before, she looked 12 or 13. She could have even passed for 10.

Luke: “Miss Sia, can I ask you something?” Sia: “Wha?” Luke: “How old are you exactly?” Sia: “Now? Hm~ um~~.........oh, Sia, 16!”

Luke: “You’re lying!”

Sia: “Sia not lie~”

ShーShe’s older………than me?

Luke: “Wait, wait. C’mon now. You were shorter than me before.”

Sia: “GUuuuu. Sia, not have something important. I grow once I find something important.”

Luke: “You grow after you find something important? Hmmmm, I don’t get it.”

Gonzo: [Just accept her word as-is.]

Luke: “Gonzo?!”

Gonzo lifted his head away from the stable and brought it near to us.

Gonzo: [I and the Horned Sheepoo are Magical Beasts, but the Silver Wolves are part Spirit and part Magical Beast. Since she has a physical body, she is more Magical Beast though.]

Luke: “When did you realize this, Gonzo?”

Gonzo: “I was after you returned from the Dungeon. With her releasing her other appearance, I was able to detect the Fenrir’s smell from her.]

Sia: “He he he”

So she’s part Monster and part something else.

So which appearance is Sia’s real self…….?

And Gonzo seemed to pick up on my apprehension.

Gonzo: [The human appearance and beast appearance are both the true selves of the Silver Wolf Clans, and to them, neither of them are considered post-transformation.]

So he says.

Both the human form and the beast form are representative of Sia’s true appearance.

Well, I guess that makes sense.

Luke: “Sia is Sia after all.”

Sia: “Unyu? Sia is still Sia~.”

Luke: “Yeah, Sia is just Sia.”

I pat her head, and as she closed her eyes happily with the affection, she nestled closer to ask me to keep it going.

Eri: “I thought it was strange that you didn’t return immediately, and you made me come find you……that’s not fair, Sia!”

Sia: “A-ise found us?!”

We heard a voice behind us, and as we turn around, Aires stood there with both hands on her hips and glaring in our direction.

Not fair……? What is she talking about?

Princess Aires puffed her cheeks out with quite the disgruntled face and placed herself between Sia and me.


Eri: “I get this side. You get that side. That’s how it will be!”

And she grabbed onto my right arm.

Sia: “Sia this side. Aires that side.”

Sia grabbed onto my left arm.

Eri: “We’ll split him half and half.”

Sia: “Half and half.”

Wait, stop. Are you guys going to literally split me in half?!


Eriol: “I asked you to send for Lou Quain because I had some important matters to discuss with him. So why are you relaxing on the terrace with him and having tea, Eri?” Eri: “Oh! IーI’m sorry, my dear brother. I’ve completely forgotten.”

What?! Is that true!?

Princess Aires asked us to have afternoon tea with her, and when we arrived at the terrace, everything was prepared.

And as we munched on the cookies, the Prince came by.

The Princess looked at me suddenly andーー

Eri: “Sir Luke, my dearest brother has something he would like to discuss with you.”

And rather delivered the message a bit late.

She has some guts to say it even with the Prince right there in front of us.

The Prince massaged his temples as he seemed to be enduring some sort of pain.

Eriol: “<sigh>........well, whatever. Lou Quain. We have received news from the King of Andestan.”

Luke: “So it’s come.”

Eriol: “Yeah. They would like to ask for more details and wanted you to appear at the Capital’s castle, but what do you want to do? It said in the letter that you are free to refuse as well.”

Though they want me to come, they’re not going to force me to decide, huh.

To be honest, it’s not that I dislike the idea as much as it’s just tiresome to me.

But for the sake of Andestan and Tronstad, it would probably be better for me to go.

Well, if I’m just going to the castle, it’s unlikely that I’ll run into those familiar faces, so it should be okay.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 3: To the Castle

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