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Alchemy BOX c54

Chapter 54: Midwife

Luke: “It’s two inhales and one exhale. <su su haaa~> (*sfx) Like that, okay?”

Sia: “<su su ha~>”

Aries: “<su su ha~> is how it is done.”

Luke: “.........wait, Sia, Aires, you guys can just breathe normally, okay?” It’s been 2 months since coming to the summer home of the Tronstad Royal Family.

The Horned Sheepoo borrowed the horse stables and slept there.

And currently at the stable, Sheena was beginning to give birth.

[Unbehー beh, behー]

[Un, un, beh]

Hannah, who gave birth last year, was trying to help coach and encourage Sheena as a veteran mom.

Luke: “Hey Boss, this is your second child, right?” Boss: [Beh? Unbeh.]

Sia: “He say no. Boss has many kids, many many kidsー”

Many many? ……..Somehow, it makes me nervous to ask about it.

Gonzo: [The Horned Sheepoo have a set cycle of when they will give birth and raise their young. Once the child is fully grown, they are pushed out of the pack.]

Luke: “A set cycle?”

Boss: [Beh. Behhーー]

Sia: “‘bout 20 years says Bossー Kids are on island somewhere. They get spoiled so no getting back into pack~.”

Luke: “That’s a long time.”

Boris: [Unpehー]

But I was a little relieved.

Thankfully, it didn’t sound like they were killed by Adventurers.

Aires: “Ergh! Everyone, please, be quiet! Right now, Ms. Sheena is doing her very best. So Sir Luke, Sir Gonzo, and all other men, please exit the stable right now!”

Luke: “What? But….” Gonzo: [I am not inside the stable. I am looking through the window.]

Boris: [Unpehh~]

Aires: “Even looking through the window is forbidden! Now, please go on outside right now.”

And Princess Aires threw us out and closed the windows too.

What about Boss?!

Oh, I guess he’s the father, so that’s okay.

It was Boris who was most annoyed by the decision.

He was kicked out just when his little brother or sister was about to be born. I’d be sad too.

Boris: [Unpeh-peh-peh~]

Gonzo, Boris, and I who had to leave now looked up bored at the sky.

Gonzo: [Lou Quain, what kind of place is the island you inhabited?]

Luke: “Hmmーー.......well, there’s a Dungeon there. Back in the day, there was apparently a bustling town because of that Dungeon, but for whatever reason, the Dungeon Core was destroyed, and without any reason to be there any more, the town was deserted.”

But now that I resurrected the Dungeon Core, I guess Adventurers will be flocking back again.

Gonzo: [Adventurers, huh……..he he he. I will be the judge then to see if they have adequate strength.]

Luke: “Hey now. Are you saying that they have to pass a Dragon’s trial just to set foot on the island? No one would be able to come then, so please don’t.”

Gonzo: [He he he….]

Gonta: [He he he…]

Gonta came wobbling over and mimicked his father.

Gonta: [Father, is the baby bornー?]

Gonzo: [No, not yet. They told all males to not go inside.]

Gonta: [Whatー Whyー?]

Gonzo: [I do not know why. Lou Quain, we have visitors.]


Gonta: [Oh, yeah yeah. Brother Luke, Prince Eriol is coming hereー]

Luke: “The Prince?” Did something happen? Is there news from Andestan?

Eriol: “Lou Quain!”

And as I turned around to where I heard the voice, the Prince was running at full speed towards us!

DーDid something happen?! Is there some sort of emergency?!

Eriol: “Is the baby born?!”

Luke: “It’s about that?!”

Jeez, this Prince and Princess too.

What kind of Royal family concerns themselves with the birth of a Sheepoo?

Princess Aires has been here this whole time. Is that really okay?

I recalled the gloomy expression of the King when she told him that she’ll be going with me………he looked really lonely….

Eriol: “Why are you outside the stable?” Luke: “<sigh> Princess Aires kicked us out. She asked all the men to leave.”

Gonzo: [And besides that, I was never inside the stable in the first place. I was only looking through the window.]

Eriol: “Sir Gonzo too? ……I apologize for my younger sister’s behavior.”

And the Prince bowed his head whenーー


A weak voice sounded from inside the stable.

Boris: [Unpeh?!]

Luke: “Which is it?! A younger brother or sister?!”

Boris: [Unpehn, peh~]

Boris began hopping up and down and scratched at the stable doors with his front hooves.

Boss: [Unbeh]

Boris: [Peh. Peh-pehー]

Boss: [Unbeh]

Boris: [Unnnnn~peh~]

Father and son are speaking to each other, but I have no idea what they’re saying.

Gonzo: [Oh, it may be a female.]

Luke: “Gonzo, you can understand what the Sheepoo are saying?]

Gonzo: [If they are Monsters similar to such as I, even between different species, we can communicate with one another. Just as we speak to Sia.]

Luke: “I see.”


Just like they talk with Sia? ……….

Luke: “AHHH!! I almost forgot with everything that’s been going on! SーSia, are youーー”

Sia: “Bayーbee!!”

A small, but still the size of a mid-sized dog, baby sheepoo was being held by Sia as she came out.

And with a huge smile on her face, she held the Sheepoo out to me.

Sia: “Uーk, name!”

Luke: “Me…..? It’s a girl, right?”

Sia: “Yea”

Then let’s see…..

Luke: “How about Gina?”

It’s similar enough to her mother Sheena.

Sia: “I like it!”

And Sia gave me an approving thumbs up.

Eriol: “Gina, huh. It’s a good name, Lou Quain. CーCould I hold the baby too?”

Luke: “Huh? Sure, of course.”

And the Prince’s eyes relaxed with delight.

And even Royce and Avenges who are always guarding the Prince have very relaxed faces as they stare at Gina.

I had to look away from them and looked at Sia who was standing next to me.

Luke; “Sia……..are you a Beast Race? Orーー”

Sia turned around with a blank, surprised look, and then looked a little worried as she spoke.

Sia: “SーSia is…..Sia is…..a Silver Wolfーー”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 3: To the Castle

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