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Alchemy BOX c53

Chapter 53: To the Castle

We arrived at the Capital of the Tronstad Kingdom, Tronsistar after Gonta and Princess Aires’ health was well recovered.

And we did not arrive by horse carriage, but by being carried on Gonzo’s back.

And yes, everyone was quite surprised as countless fingers were pointed at us.

We were almost attacked!

Eriol: “Father, I have returned.”

Eri: “Dear father, I have returned as well.”

“Coming back on the back of a Dragon…..really, I felt my heart stop for a second.”

A King with graying hair welcomed the two with a gentle and peaceful smile.

I guess with a Prince like this, I could expect the King to be quite the respectable figure.

As he descended from the throne and hugged his children, he looked up at me next.

“Are you Lou Quain whom Eriol wrote about in his reports?” Luke: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

It was the first time for me to meet a King. I was nervous and straightened my back.

“I have also seen the evidence of the illegal arrangements. I cannot believe that a member of the Duke’s family would ally themselves with lowly pirates.”

“And only for the winter season for that…..”

A well-rounded elderly man who must have been a Minister of some sort spoke up to the King.

Luke: “Um, why do you think they chose to allow pirating just for the winter?” And I asked the first question that came to mind.

“Hmm, Oregory, please explain.”

Oregory: “Yes, sire. Sir Lou Quain, I am Oregory, the Admiral of the Tronstad Navy.”

So this man with a respectable beard was quite high up in the ranks. Well, to say that out loud to an Admiral would be considered rude though.

Oregory: “In the continent of Aleston, the southern seas are rough during the winter, and the waves are quite high. There would be no ships with tourists then, and many merchants who travel internationally would pause their travels during that time.”

Luke: “Huh? But then, what purpose would the pirates serve?” Oregory: “There will be larger vessels that can withstand the rough seas. And the ships that travel from continent to continent would opt to travel during these seasons when the port taxes will be the lowest.”

But the Admiral added that it would only be a ship every couple of days.

“That is also a reason as well. Even if they attacked a ship relatively nearer to shore, there would be no witnesses.”

Luke: “Ohh……I see. If there were ships with tourists, there would be ships everywhere. Oh, but this includes the fisherman and their ships?” Oregory: “That is correct. There are heavy storms during the winter, and excluding a very small area of the sea, it would be dangerous for them to set out with their nets. With less ships in the ocean, they have less concerns about getting seen attacking a large vessel. Of course, we have Navy ships patrolling the area.”

And they probably could not imagine that the neighboring country’s navy would abandon their patrol duties and allow pirates to roam the seas freely……

And that would not just involve the Tronstad Kingdom, but ships from other countries and continents also pass through that area.

And they get sacked by the pirates.

We’re still talking about a portion and not all the ships though.

“But I am truly glad that we were able to recover my son’s wedding gifts. It was to fulfill a special request from their Princess.”

Oregory: “Truly. It took one year to make it. If we had lost the item, we would have had to make another request. Yes, we were truly fortunate.”

“Indeed.” The King and Minister nodded to one another.

Yeah, that would be hard to ask someone to remake something that took a year….

Even if they were able to communicate through a Magecraft Telephone, they would have to directly deliver the payment.

So to go there directly and then wait a year…….and getting anything from the west continent would take several weeks.

Yeah, that’s quite a long time.

“Lou Quain, I was going to send a copy of the illegal agreement to the Andestan King with a personal letter, but do I have your permission?” Luke: “SーSire, you do not need to consult me for anything. I have left the entire matter to you. This matter is well beyond me now.”

“That is true, but isn’t the Duke of Attempo your grandfather?”

Luke: “GーGran……oh”

I see. My stepmother is the daughter of the Duke of Attempo, so that’s why he thought so.

And the King does not know that I have no blood relation to my stepmother.

Luke: “The Duke of Attempo is not my grandfather. My mother isーー”

I can’t believe that I’m having to explain my personal family history with another country’s King….

And for some reason, the King, Minister, and other council members are looking teary-eyed after hearing my story.

“That must have been very difficult for you, Lou Quain.” Luke: “OーOh no…..after the Passage to Adulthood, I was planning on leaving the family secretly regardless.”

“Ha ha ha! He’s quite the brave one. Isn’t he, Sire?”

“Yes. In Eriol’s letter, he had mentioned that you wanted to take refuge in Tronstad, but is that still the case?” Luke: “YーYes. Since the slave ship sank, I have become fond of the island where I was stranded.”

And Gonzo and Gonta said they wanted to come with me too.

Then that island would be even more convenient to live there.

Luke: “I understand that the island still belongs to the Andestan territory, but if this incident comes to light, I’m certain that it will be returned to Tronstad. If possible, I would like to become a refugee of Tronstad and be allowed to live on that island. That is my request.” “I see. You have no desire to return to Andestan?”

Luke: “I have nothing against the country, but I do not want to return to my father who discarded me.”

“I understand. You have retrieved my son’s precious wedding gifts from the pirates, and you have also saved the life of my daughter. I must reward you accordingly.”


“But I cannot grant this with my decision alone. Everyone, I would like to grant the status of Marquis to Sir Lou Quain, but what do you say?”

Luke: “MーMarquis?! PーPlease, that is too much for me. I simply wish to live freely without any constraints.”

Honestly, a Noble rank would be great. It would be great, but living on that deserted island was fun, and there were many exciting and fun things that happened since coming to Tronstad.

If possible, I’d like to explore more islands and continents and go on an adventure.

Luke: “IーIf possible, would it be possible to grant me a Noble’s title where I would be able to travel more freely…..?”

“Are you certain? Well…….you mentioned traveling freely. I do understand that feeling very well.”

The King smiled warmly and then looked far into the distance.

I’m sure that he has imagined throwing away his Kingship and traveling freely at some point.

“Then Lou Quain, I shall grant you the title of Baron. Everyone, is there any who object to this decision?” “None.”

“None.” “None as well.”

And everyone expressed no objection.

“Then there are no objections. But it will take some time before we can formally regain the territory after making the report to Andestan. Until then, please feel free to stay and rest here.”

Luke: “Thank you, sire. The only problem is that my family is here……”

Gonzo and Gonta are in the castle yard. Right now, they are the center of attention for all the Knights.

Sia and Boss’s pack are coming back with the Knights that are traveling by horse carriage and are on the way here.

For now, I need to find a place where they can rest. And this is especially true for Sheena’s sake.

Eri: “Dear father, please allow Sir Lou Quain to borrow the family summer residence.”

“Oh, I see. The summer residence….from here, it is only a half-day’s journey by horse carriage, and the Dragons can rest in the mountain nearby.”

And with Princess Aires’ recommendation, I suddenly got to stay at a super-luxurious place.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 3: To the Castle

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