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Alchemy BOX c52

Chapter 52: The Mother and Son Orc……….Finally

It was five days after Lou Quain successfully made the Elixirs. In the Andestan Kingdomーー

“I’m telling you! The Tronstad Kingdom has robbed me of my precious orchard!”

At the castle in the Capital of Adislo, the Lady Lonneberg continued to scream angrily inside the meeting chambers.

The King who sat on the throne held his aching head, and his council who stood next to him pulled back from the sight.

The reason why his younger brother was not present was probably because he heard the Lady of the Marquis, Angelina, was coming to the castle and immediately found a reason to vacate the premises.

“Lord Marquis, please translate.”

The King rubbed at his temples furiously as he squeezed the words out.

Hearing that, the Marquis flailed speechlessly back and forth.

From the mansion to the Capital, it would take four days by horse carriage. Though he spoke to his wife to convince her during the travel, she hadn’t had enough fruits in her diet, and she was at peak frustration.

Inside the carriage, their son Endin was also present.

The carriage meant for six should be able to comfortably hold the three under normal circumstances.

But that was not the case.

Because the two breathed so heavily, the air inside the carriage became thin, and though it was in the middle of winter, it became humid and hot.

On the way, the Marquis became ill, and completely fatigued, arrived at the Capital.

As soon as they arrived, Angelina went straight to the market.

There, they bought a mountain of fruits and with her son, Andin, gorged themselves.

Then the two went to the food stands.

Without any regards to their status as Nobles, they shamelessly fulfilled their gluttonous desires as they walked down the market.

One by one, the stands closed down as they sold out of food.

The owner of the stands were overjoyed, and the customers following cried bitterly.

Finally, the two seemed to be satisfied, and the Lady of Lonneberg headed to the castle to meet with the King and arrived at the meeting chamber.

She pushed aside all who were lined up to meet the King that day, and even bumped one castle guard with her stomach (she did not notice as she walked) and made him fly backwards through the air as she entered the meeting chamber.

And the first words that came out from her was, “They robbed me of my orchard!”

That is why everyone present looked baffled.

(What is this White Orc speaking of?)

Though everyone’s eyes spoke out those words, Angelina took no notice, and continued to lay out her fantastic victimization tale.

Angelina: “Myーー(Mama, me too) OUR orchard has been deviously taken by the evil conspirators of the Tronstad Kingdom!”

“And what evidence do you bring before us to prove such fictitious allegations…..?”

Angelina: “It is NOT fiction, sire! As evidence, one of our workers who worked the orchard has gone missing!”

The King looked at the Marquis.

The Marquis shook his head quietly side to side in denial.

“ThーThat man was…..well, he formally retired five years ago.”

Angelina: “DEAーR! JUST SHUーーT IT!”


Endin: “Mama~, I’m so hungry〜. I haven’t eaten for days and now I’m about to die~”

(No, wait. Didn’t you all just eat all the food available in the market when we arrived?!)

But the Marquis held his tongue and seeing the situation unravel, began to panic.

Looking at the King’s expressionーー

The Marquis clearly saw the King snap.

“EEEEEEEEEEーーNOUGH!! You ugly fiend! Is there nothing else except food in your empty head!!”

The King’s fist hit the armrest of his throne.

And that triggered his council to began condemning the Marquis and his family.

“It is as his Majesty says. There are many kinds of women in this city, but I have never seen one who was able to gain this much weight.”

“That is true. How can anyone gain so much weight?”

“And look at their son. Isn’t he only 15 years of age? His weight gain is absolutely abnormal as well.”

“Looking at them, it would be rude to compare them to Orcs. Of course, I mean that it’ll be rude to the Orcs.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” And Angelina stood there speechless.

Angelina: (I am overweight?)

Angelina: (That’s not possible. My meals have mainly consisted of fruits.)

There was a time when Angelina was a teenager. And of course, she was quite round then.

And there was a time when she attended one of the Castle’s social balls.

There were many well dressed and beautiful ladies of the same age, and they were all one by one asked by young Knights or heirs of Nobles for a dance.

Among them, she was the only one who was left out.


It was due to her weight.

At the time, she was aware of this fact, and she was motivated to do something about it.

But at the same time, she also held a deep gluttonous desire to eat as much delicious food as possible.

And in her despair, she saw something on the way back from the Capitalーー

[Lose weight and become beautiful with the fruit diet!]

A store advertised that tagline on one of its signs.

Angelina: “I, IーーI am not overweight. I have been continuing the fruit diet that is trending in the Capital. There is no way I am overweight!”

As she returned to reality, one of the counselors who heard the Lady Marquis’ words, was reminded of the fruit diet fad.

(Was that about 25 years ago? I remember the women at the Capital become quite fond of that trend).

(I remember my wife trying it. It was a diet where you were supposed to replace one of your meals with fruits.)

(Oh yeah! My wife was also into that too. But you could only have a fourth of an Aapple and one sutrawberry, which is hardly enough so she quit after a while.)

Yes, it was a diet where you replaced one of your meals with fruits. And the amount of fruits you consumed was not that much.

It was a diet method that was published enthusiastically in the local newspaper that fruits helped with your skin, beauty, and overall health.

Or something similar to that.

As she read the news article that it is difficult to gain weight by eating fruits, in Angelina’s mind, it was reinterpreted to “You can eat as much fruits as you like without gaining weight!”

And sometime afterward, the “as much as you like” not only applied to fruits but to all other foods eventually andーー

As long as you eat fruits, you will not gain weight by eating other foods either!

And that became her unalterable mantra.

And that is how she lived up to the present.

Angelina: “EEEEEEEEEEE!! I look overweight because I haven’t been eating enough fruits lately!!”

(No, you had plenty in the downtown market of the Capital. You have eaten less lately, but you have been eating over 20 fruits per day.)

Angelina: “EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! It’s the fault of Tronstad! War! We must wage war!!”

And finally, she spoke of something that would become an international relations issue.

If that’s the caseーー

“Guards! Take that ugly pig and throw her into the dungeon!”

“ “ YES SIRE!! ” ”

This followed.

Five guards came, but seeing the Lady Marquis, they called for reinforcements.

Ten guards tried to move the Lady Marquis away, but she wouldn’t budge.

The Knights joined in on the effort to assist.

With more reinforcements, a total of 20 people were now helping.

But she still wouldn’t budge.

The Palace Mage had to come and cast a Spell to put the Lady Marquis to sleep.

But even if she stopped resisting, her weight was still a problem.

Andin: “WhーWhere you taking my Mama~!!”

And Endin, who grew up with very little education and discipline, attacked the guards.

He bowled past the Marquis, his father, and body slammed into the Knights and Guards as he tried to save his mother.

The Palace Mage had to use his Spell once again, and the audience room became very still.

“Take the two to the dungeon. Marquis, I am the one who asked you to take her as your wife, but how did things end up like this? I believe she was not as overweight back then as she is now.”

In factーー

The Lady Marquis was originally supposed to be wed toーーwell, she was one of the candidates to be wed to the younger brother of the King.

Of course, the younger brother begged his elder brother to please refuse the marriage proposal.

And Lonneberg was sent a request from the King.

He would be upgraded in his status as a Noble, but the condition was to take [that] as his wife.

And Lonneberg did accept the proposal.

“She has grown at least 3 times heavier since……”

“Why did you allow things to get so out of hand?” The reason was simple.

The Lonneberg family was a Viscount at the time, and by taking Angelina as his wife, he was upgraded to Marquis.

Angelina is still the daughter of the Duke. Compared to the Viscount, their status difference was night and day.

And though he himself was a Marquis now, his past status still spoke of the vast difference in power between him and the Duke.

There was nothing he could do without suffering severe repercussions.

He was willing to cling to his Marquis status and power as long as he could.

“Enough. Marquis, you will also be sent to the Dungeon. Would you like to be placed in the same dungeon as [that]?”

“NーNo, your Majesty. Anything but that.”

“Understood. You shall be placed in a different cell.”

And the King kindly granted the Marquis his request.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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Oct 08, 2022



Jorge L. Carreras Jr.
Jorge L. Carreras Jr.
Apr 18, 2022

Okay. The Marquess has a bit of my sympathy now. The marriage to that delusional pig was royal decree, and he couldn't chew her out on her delusions because of the difference in rank.

Still doesn't excuse his cowardice, but does explain it.

M. H.
M. H.
Dec 29, 2023
Replying to

Royal decree, but he gladly accepted since it elevated him from viscount to marquess.

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