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Alchemy BOX c51

Chapter 51


*CHONKY TL Notes: Switching Lou Quain’s nickname from “Ain” to “Luke.”


“Sir Luke! Ohhh, Sir Luke, I’m so glad that you’ve returned safely!”

After I finished making the Elixirs, I made sure to gather the Drop Items and returned back to the surface.

The brother-adoring Princess Aires for some reason, was calling out my name.

The female Knights supported her on their shoulders and headed towards my way.

She suddenly lost her balance and fell forward.


“Lady Aires!”

The female Knights reach out for her as the Princess takes hold of my hand.

As I slowly help her back on her feet her face isーーred. Does she have a fever?!

Is her condition getting worse?!

Luke: “Princess, we have obtained the Elixir. Please drink this before your condition worsens!”

Eri: “The Elixir?! But, I can’t…….”

Prince Aires glances towards the Infant Dragon.

I know she’s concerned about the Dragon too but……

Luke: “We have 3 bottles of Elixir, so it will be okay.”

Eri: “3?! Is that true, Sir Luke? Ohhh, I knew that you would be my prince!”

The Princess suddenly jumped into my arms.

What…….what’s happening here?!

Sia: “Unyuaaa?!?! UーUga, gr…..GRRRRRRRrrr!!”

Sia jumped in between us, and pushing the Princess away, she clung to me.

Eri: “What? Sia, please do not interrupーーWHAT?!”

Sia: “HISSSSーー! Sia, like UーK. E-ice, no take UーK from Sia, no!”

Eri: “What do you mean, ‘no?’ But Sia…..what happened to you?!”

Luke: “Oh yes, you noticed Sia’s change, Lady Aires. In fact, Siaーー”

Eri: “Why are you wearing Sir Luke’s clothes?! YーYーYーYーYou! Sia… didn’t! Did you perhaps do some sort of baby-making game with Sir Luke?!?!”

BーBaby-making game? To make a baby, you need toーー.

Luke: “A BABYYYYYーー?!”

Eriol: “EーEーEーEーEーE, Eriーー! WhーWh, What are you saying all of a suddenーー?!”

Sia: “Baーy Game?”

It’s a little different from a baby game!!

[Um……..little ones……….iーif you have the Elixir……..could you please…….hey, could you at least listen to us?]


[<glug glug glug>........fwewーー]

Eri: “<glug glug glug>.......fwewー”

[ “ How do you feel?! “ ]

The Prince and the Dragon’s voices overlapped as they spoke.

Everyone swallowed hard as they watched the Dragon and girl drink down the entire bottle of Elixir each.

Though you couldn’t tell that the Princess was ill just by looking at her, the Infant Dragon was obviously suffering and deteriorating rapidly.

But even the Infant Dragon looked healthier after drinking the Elixir.

Though its scales’ colors were still dull, the fogginess disappeared as it began to reflect the sun.

And the way it opened its eyes and nestled against its parent lovingly was completely different from before.

Luke: “Are you okay with just one? I have one more…….”

[No, there is no need. You have my gratitude, small one. The odor from the Decaying Death has ceased. I also cannot smell it from that human princess either.]

Eriol: “IーIs that true?!”

The large Dragon nodded to the Prince.

Eriol: “IーI’m so glad…….I’m so glad, Eri. How do you feel?”

Eri: “My dear brother……let’s see. The burning sensation within my chest has completely disappeared. Ohhh, andーー”

Princess Aires looked my way and smiled.

Eri: “I didn’t know that the Elixir would taste sweet.”

Luke: “Oh, really? I have never tasted it so I wouldn’t know.”

[It’s sweet. Delicious. Can I have more?]

[The Elixir is a rare and precious medicine. You cannot have more just because it tastes well.]

The Infant Dragon seems to be doing really well.

The color on its scales are becoming brighter.

If it wants something delicious, I wonder if it would like fruits?

I went to the horse-drawn carriages that were being guarded, and I take a few fruits.

Luke: “Sir Prince, may I?” Eriol: “Of course. Do as you wish.”

Luke: “Heyーー! Take a look at this! Well, I guess the color is a little faint.”

“Oh, we made sure to purchase some unripen fruits so that it can ripen during the journey.”

I nod as I listen to the female priest explain. If you buy ripened ones at the beginning of the trip, they could overly ripen and rot.

I place them inside the [Alchemy BOX], ripen them, and offer the fruits to the Dragon.

Luke: “It’s sweet. Would you like to try?” I offered a strawberry. But in this world, the strawberryーーor rather, sutrawberries, are as big as small watermelons.

The Infant Dragon looked at the sutrawberry and looked at its parent and back at the fruit again.

As the parent Dragon smiled and nodded, it picked up the fruit into its mouth.

[So sweet! It’s sweet and delicious!]

Luke: “I’m glad you like it. If you eat lots of it, I’m sure your scales will become even shinier.”

[Yes, thank you, human!]

Luke: “Humー.....? I’m Lou Quain. What are you and your dad’s name?” [Dad?]

Oh, that’s right. Dragons don’t have names for parents like dad or father.

Luke: “The parent of the child, specifically the males are called papa, dad, or father for humans.”

[Is that so?]

The Infant Dragon looks up at its parent.

And the parent looked hopingly at its child.

[Hmmm…..okay, then it’s father!]


[Yes, father!]

The father stiffened at the words. Did it want to be called, “Dad” instead?

No, that’s not it. He’s stiff from being overcome with joy. There are tears welling up in his eyes now.

The Infant Dragon’s scales looked more beautiful, but it was unable to stand.

It would be best if it rested here until it regained its strength.

Eriol: “Lou Quain.”

Luke: “Prince Eriol, is something the matter?” Eriol: “I could never thank you enough……”

Luke: “Ohhhh, don’t worry about that. It was a rare and precious experience for me too. Oh, yes. What should I do with the remaining Elixir and the petals?”

There is one Elixir left ー a medicine capable of healing any wounds or diseases.

It would be handy to have just in case something happens to the King or Prince.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, that belongs to you. You were the one who defeated the Dungeon Boss, and you were also the one who made the Elixir.”

Luke: “Huh……?” Royce: “Oh, that’s right. Sir Luke, could you try using the Elixir to enchant objects?” Create more of it with enchanting?

That’s right! I could do that!

I put the Elixir inside with water and an empty bottle with a lid that used to contain a potion.

I asked the BOX to enchantーーbut nothing happened. The BOX did not light up like it usually does.

In exchange, I heard a merciless announcement inside my head.

[ The Elixir is a Potion. It is not a Spell or a Magic Item ]

Luke: “Looks like I can’t……..since the Elixir is a Potion, I can’t transfer its properties like I can with Spells.”

Royce: “What?! Hmmmmm, I guess it is true that the Elixir is not a Magic Item……but hmmmmm….”

Royce began to groan as he thought until Avenges placed a hand on his shoulder.

It can’t be helped. I’ll just leave them like this for a while.

I place the Elixir and the petals inside the Item Bag.

And I turned towards the happy parent and child Dragons.

Luke: “So what are you two’s names? How can I address you?”

[A name………..I carry a name, but this child does not. My name is in the Dragon tongue, so a human would not be able to pronounce it.]

Luke: “Hmmmmm, it’ll be awkward if I don’t know how to address you.”

[Then Lou Quain. Why not give myself and my child a name?]

What? I get to think of a name for them?

Eriol: “SーSir Dragon?! That would just trouble Lou Quainーー”

Luke: “Then why not make the father Dragon, Gonzo, from the word ‘Dragon’, and the child, Gonta?”

Eriol: “Lou Quain?! DーDo you even know what it means to give a Dragon its name?!?!”

Luke: “Huh? Isn’t that really easy to remember?” I didn’t want to keep calling it parent Dragon and Infant Dragon…….and if you explore the world, I’m sure you’ll run into other parent and child Dragons too.

So I took the “Gon” syllable from Dragon and arranged it in a Japanese way.

[Gonzo……..Gonta……..I do not understand the meaning of the name, but it is a good name.]

Luke: “I’m glad you like it.”

[Ha ha, it is a pleasure to be part of your company, Lou Quain.]

Luke: “Yes, it’s nice toーーwait what?!”

[HAーーHA HA HA!!]

Gonzo laughed mightily as a sudden wind erupted from his mouth and the ground shook.

I see now.

The Infant Dragon, Gonta, must have saw this scene from the future…….a future where his father was laughing.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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