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Alchemy BOX c50

Chapter 50

The ground slightly shook but then calmed down.

Sia: “UーK! NO DIEーー!!

Ain: “IーI have Potions so I’m okaーー?!?! Wh, WHーWH, WHーWhat happened?!?!”

She was slightly taller.

And her chest area developed more than before as she stood there ーーwithout any clothes on.

Yes. No clothes, and in human form!

If she just turned back to human from a wolf-form, I understand that. But why thenーー

Ain: “Wh, WHーWHーWHーWH, HーHow did you grow up so much?!”

Sia: “UーK, Potion drink.”

Ain: “IーI got it. I understand so please wear some clothesーーohh, it’s all ripped up. I need to make you new clothesーー”

Sia: “UーK, POTION!!”

Fine. I get it. I’ll drink the Potion first. Sheesh.

I take out the Potion from the Item Box and guzzle it down.

Ick. It’s bitter.

It’s bitter, but it immediately took effect.

The large, gaping hole in my thigh began to close. It’s actually really gross to watch it heal.

Ain: “Maybe I should drink another one.”

I tried to take out a second bottle when a bright white flower bloomed in front of me.

A flowerーーthe Flower of Life?!

Ain: “Sia! It’s the flower! The flower bloomed!”

Sia: “What? Where…….there! UーK! Touch the flower!”

Oh yeah. If I pick the flower, my wounds will heal!

Ain: “Ugh, Sia. Can you help me stand?”

Sia: “Yea”

Sia weaved underneath my right arm and supported me by the shoulder as I stood up.

Ugh, my leg and lungs hurt………but I saw some things just now that made me forget about the pain!

I can’t! You idiot! Stop looking!


With Sia’s help, I hop over to where the flower bloomed and picked it up with my hand.

There were droplets like morning dew on the flower petals, and as soon as I come into contact with it, a green, warm light envelopes me completely.


It doesn’t hurt. My thigh and my lungs…. All the pain in my body is gone!

Ain: “Amazing. I’m completely healed….”

Sia: “No hurt? Body no hurt?” Ain: “Yeah, it doesn’t hurーーlet’s put on some clothes, shall we?!”

I drew out some clothes for Sia butーー

Sia: “UーK, can’t wear”

Ain: “What? Why…? Oh, you need a bigger size. Okay, I have some spare clothes you can wear.”

Sia: “YEA!”

Sia was ecstatic about the news and started putting on my spare clothes.

We tore the pants slight on the backside to allow the tail to go through, and managed to get everything inside.

“Lou Quain! Sia! Are you both safe?!”

The Prince and his soldiers finally reached out location.

Judging how they were covered in mud and dirt, it must have been difficult to get down here so quickly.

Eriol: “That was unexpected. I never thought the ground would cave in like that.”

“This area must have had some underground irrigation or aquifers. When the Dungeon was created, it’s likely that the water was diverted elsewhere and only the empty cavern remained.”

And that cavern was coincidentally, right underneath the Dungeon Boss’ room.

I’m glad it wasn’t that deep……..

But before thatーー

Ain: “Prince! The flower bloomed!!”

Eriol: “What?! RーReall……..huh? SーSia’s…..elder sister?”

The Prince is confused.

Sia: “I’m Siaーー”

Eriol: “What?” Ain: “Prince, I understand your feelings, but for now, this is Sia.”

Eriol: “.......yes, you’re right. The flower. You found it? Oh! There it is! A white flower indeed!!”

The Prince was successful at escaping reality and distracted himself.

Eriol: “How will we make an Elixir with this?” Ain: “I’ll put it in the BOX and see if it will tell me!”

The Flower of Life I picked up did not show any signs of wilting.

I don’t know when it will start wilting, so I need to work quickly.

[The Flower of Life. If you touch the nectar directly, you will be instantly healed of all wounds. If you mix the flower with the petals and mix it with unblemished, pure water, it will become an Elixir.]

The flower and petals……there are 3 stems and more petals but how many do I need precisely?!

[Assessment Initiated. With one stem and 2 petals, it will create one Elixir.]

An assessment?!

Did it actually respond to the question inside my head?!

Ain: “With the stem and petals, and also pure water, we can make an Elixir. Can someone get me some water?”

I take the bottle from the first potion, and empty out the contents of other bottles to make room.

I rinse it all out with water, and I place the water inside the Alchemy BOX to remove all foreign substances from it. I don’t know if there are any, but I take the precaution regardless just in case.

During that time, Royce brought over the Flower of Life with its petals and stem.

I arrange 3 bottles with caps inside the BOX.

3 flowers.

6 petals total.

And place it into the Alchemy BOX.

I ask the BOX to turn it into Elixir andーーthe BOX lights up.

When I open the lid, and I no longer see the flower stems and petals insideーーbut a colorless, sparkling liquid filled 3 bottles.

I close the lid to assess.

[Elixir. An all-purpose medicine that can heal any disease or wound.]

[Elixir. An all-purpose medicine that can heal any disease or wound.]

[Elixir. An all-purpose medicine that can heal any disease or wound.]

I say a prayer of thanks as I hear the same announcement for all 3 bottles.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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