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Alchemy BOX c48

Chapter 48

I threw a stoneーーor rather, faked a throw.

My opponent burrowed into the ground and disappeared.

But once it was underground, Sia would let me know when it was about to come out (by shoving me out of the way).

And when it popped back up, I would throw an {Ice Stone}.

This worked unexpectedly well.

The worm also tried some feints to “act like it was about to come out,” but there was no deceiving Sia’s ears.

It received several dozen {Ice Stones}, and the worm noticeably weakened.

Ain: “Let’s finish it off…….ACK?! I don’t have any more {Ice Stones} left!!”

Sia: “WHAー?!”


What?! It can understand human speech?!

I thought I heard the worm just let out an excited yell….

The spikes protruding from its skin is now glowing a crimson red.

Ain: “Whoa…’s about to do something badーー!!

It’s a pattern you see with bosses in games. As they get nearer to death, they begin to perform their special attacks.

And before they attack, you can usually catch a pattern to their movements.

Looks like the Monsters in this Isekai have that tendency as well.

As if to prove my point, the spikes on its skin began launching outwards.

Ain: “Siaーーー!!”

This time, I pushed Sia away and curl up on the ground.

Ow, IーI think I took one needle………dang it.

Sia: “UーK?!”

Ain: “I’m fine. It only hit my leg…….ugh”

I was about to say my leg was fine, but from a glance, it was obviously not fine at all.

In my left thigh, a crimson thorn the size and thickness of a daikon root was stabbed into my leg.

Ughーー I shouldn’t have lookedーー

Sia: “UーK, Potion. Potion!”

Ain: “OーOh yes, the PotionーーSIA!!”

I sensed its presence and pushed Sia away once again.

I heard the sound of glass shattering as the Potion in Sia’s hand fell and broke on the ground.

Ain: “Ugh…..guhhhh”

I felt something fleshy wrap around my body. It’s its tail. Wait, or its butt?

Dang it. Is it trying to strangle and crush me?!

Ain: “ThーThe Alchemy BOX…SーSia….stones…..and thenーー”

The Ice Crystalーーis what I wanted to say, but my words were cut short.

As the worms grip constricted against my body, I could no longer breathe.


Sia: “GRRRRRRR!! Sia save UーK! Sia will save UーK!!!!”

Sia’s body was enveloped in white fog….?

My eyes probably began losing focus………Sia…….run……at the least, you need to get…….away…..


The hazy cloud suddenly cleared?!

Why is there a fluffy, silver wolf suddenly here?!

Where’s Sia?!

Where did Sia go?! Where did this wolf come from?!

[GRRRRRRR!! Sia savーー!!]

And the wolf spoke as it lurched and jumped onto the worm.


The claws of the wolf tore open the worm’s flesh, and the wounds instantly iced over at the same time.

Ain: “S…..ia… that…”

Sia: “UーK! Fighーー (*inhale)ーー....”

Ain: “SーSia….fight…? Yeah, you’re right. Let’s do our best!”

Sia took deep breaths in as she prepared to fire her Ice breath.

With the worm still wrapped around my body, I call out the Alchemy BOX. I tookーーwhatever stones were in my hand.

I don’t care right now. I threw whatever in andーーpointed it towards Sia.

Sia: “{Diamond・Freeze}!”

Ain: “Whaー A Spell?!”

Sia cast a Spell.

And from her wolf’s mouth, an ice beam like light burst out.

I caught it inside the BOX and closed the lid immediately.

And Sia jumped back in and began tearing at the tail that was wrapped around me with her claws.

It immediately froze into solid ice.

And as Sia rammed into the frozen worm’s tail, it shattered.

Ain: “(GASP).......ugh….I think it broke a few of my ribs…….it really hurts now……”

Sia: “UーK!!”

Ain: “I know! Just push through itーー!!”

I staggered away as excruciating pain ran through my body, and even while stumbling, I grabbed what was inside the BOX.

I threw itーー

ーーtowards its legs.

Ain: “You’ve been escaping from us so much. I’ll make sure you can’t this time!!”

And I threw a second stone as I spoke. The stone from my first stone froze the ground where it was trying to burrow down, and at the same time, it howled as a giant icy spike rose out of the ground.

That shape……’s Boss’s {Needle Quake}?!

The second stone struck its body, and half its body froze completely. With a rumble, an ice needle grew out of the ground andーー

Its body was severed in half.

The worm still tried to wriggle away, and Sia hits it with her Ice Beam.

Sia: “UーK!”

Ain: “I got it!!”

I threw the {Needle Quake} Stone.

The worm’s head was now frozen inside an icicle, and the stone needle pierced right through it.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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