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Alchemy BOX c47

Chapter 47

Ain: “I wonder why the Monsters inside the Dungeon never come out outside?”

The Monsters inside the Dungeon rarely step outside of the Dungeon walls.

There are very rare instances though when a stampede occurs. Very specific circumstances must align, but even with those circumstances in place, it does not guarantee that a stampede will occur either.

Across the entire continent, it may happen once per year.

Avenges: “Sir Luke, that is because the Dungeon Monsters are afraid of the sun and moon light. That’s why a stampede will only occur when both are completely hidden by clouds.”

Ain: “I’ve also read that in a book, but is fear alone what’s holding them back?”

Avenges: “There are reports from Adventurers who forcefully dragged out Monsters outside of the Dungeon.”

Oh, and then what happened? Avenges: “They melted.”

Ain: “Ack?! Really?!”

Sia: “Scar-ee!!”

Oh wait, but does that mean if the Monsters on the surface fell into the Dungeon, they would…….melt?

Avenges: “But the Monsters on the surface simply dislike the smell of the inside of a Dungeon, and they will not die if they enter it.”

Avenges explains everything very calmly.

Oh, yeah, that’s right.

Hanna fell into the Dungeon and was fine, so I should have known that.

And though it was pretty dark inside the Dungeon, we all happily carried on the entire week we traveled through there.

Finally, we arrived at the lowest 15th floor.

Ain: “So there is no throne in this room.”

Royce: “Was there one on the island’s Dungeon?”

Ain: “Yes, the Boss that appeared was a Demon.”

Royce: “I see. The one that will appear here is the Flame Worm.”

A worm…… an earthworm? And if it’s called a “Flame Worm,” it must be a Fire Type……

Fire Types are weak to water, but would a worm be weak to water?


As we proceeded to the deepest part of the room, we finally arrived at our destination.

We all first took a break, and we studied the room where we would be doing the final fight. Or at least, the Knights did.

Since we have this many people, I’m pretty certain that I won’t have to fight after restoring the Dungeon Core.

We finish taking our break, and confirming that everyone is ready and prepared, we all get into formation.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, please go ahead.”

With Prince Eriol’s command, Sia took all the pieces of the Core and placed it inside the BOX.

I closed the lid, commanded the BOX to restore itーーand as soon as I did so, the BOX shines brightly.

Ain: “Okay, I’ll take it out now.”

“ “ Understood! ” ”

I look around the room to make sure everyone is ready, and they all nodded in nervous tenseness back to me.

Ain: “Sia, looks like we won’t have to fight this round. Let’s stay here to observe the battle.”

Sia: “Oooohー”

I took the Dungeon Core from the BOX. And just like before, the Dungeon shooーーisn’t it shaking a little too much?!

Ain: “OーOhhhhh”

Sia: “Uー, UーK! That!”

Sia was looking at the ceiling, and I was drawn to where she was gazing.

IーIt’s collapsing?!

Eriol: “Lou Quain, Sia! It’s dangerous there! Comeーー”

But before Prince Eriol could finish what he was saying, the ceilingーーno, the ground collapsed~ー?!

And it’s only Sia and I that are fallーーing………ing……………



Ain: “Why is the worm right here where we fell?!”

Sia: “GAUUUUUUUuuuu”

The worm picked up its enormous body like the shape of a scythe and gazed down on us.

It’s really gross to see a 10 meter (33 foot) worm up close!!

Ain: “Dangit! We’ll just have to fight it, Sia!”

Sia: “OHHhー!”


And I have Sir Royce’s greatest Lightning Spell with me!

Ain: “Sia, hand me the stone pouch.”

Sia; “Here.”

I drew out from the pouch Sia handed me, a blue and yellow marbled color stoneーーand threw it!

It’s a giant creature and also an earthworm.

It was unable to dodge and the stone struck it squarely.

Ain: “Yesーーーhーhuh?” Sia: “Huh? No ligh-ning?” The lightning……..did not come.

Wait, is it a Spell that can’t be initiated undergroundーーー?!

Then what about the other stones?!

The [Thunder Bolt Stone] triggered the Spell successfully. And it looks like it was somewhat effective against the worm.

But as I was throwing the second stone, it immediately burrowed itself into the ground.

I threw the stone anyway, but it only burned the surface of the ground slightly.

Ain: “Ohhh, yeah. That’s right. Ughーー the Lightning Type is not very effective against Earth Types.”

Sia: “GAu”

Ain: “WHOA?!”

Sia tackled me to the side, and we both bowled over onto the ground.

The next moment, the ground that was beneath us before buckled upwards as the worm came flying out.

Unlike earthworms inside of the ground, its skin was covered in sharp needle-like blast holes and from there, fire was blowing out!

Ain: “Sia!”

Sia: “Unyuu”

I grabbed Sia and held her tightly as the fire passed by us!

Ugh, I think it burned my back a little? Dang it. I though the Mage’s Spell would have the most destructive power.

But now, it’s either that or using Sia’s Ice Type Magic that freezes the opponent in a Ice Crystal ー it shouldn’t be relatively effective against Fire Types.

I took one of the rocks that was dyed white and threw it at the worm.

But it already learned how to dodge my attacks.

I was only able to hit the tip of its tail(?) and froze a little bit of it before it escaped into the ground.

Ain: “Dang it. Where did it go?” Sia: “Shhh…” Sia’s ears prick up and point this way and that as it searched for sounds.

Sia: “UUUuuuuuー!”

Ain: “Whoa?!”

And she tackled me once more just like last time.

And as the ground that used to be beneath us roseーー

Ain: “Take thatーー!!”

I threw the rock which hit the worm right on top of its head.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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