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Alchemy BOX c45

Chapter 45

[Hmmmm, I see. So if you use the al-ke-mee bo-cks, you can restore a Dungeon Core that was destroyed?]

Ain: “Yes. That’s how I was able to revive a Dungeon on my island.”

[I see…….then you are able to obtain the Flower of Life that blooms only after you defeat the Dungeon Boss here.]

So it’s called the Flower of Life, huh.

I was wondering where the Dragon obtained this information whenーー

[In the past, there was a human who challenged me, and I heard it from them. They were a courageous group. And when they learned that my companion was suffering from the Decaying Death Disease, they spoke to me about this flower.]

Ain: “Oh, your wife suffered this illness too?”

Eriol: “There are instances where the Decaying Death Disease is transmitted genetically to their children. My mother was one of them.”

Prince Eriol who stood next to me spoke up.

They discovered that the Decaying Death Disease became active right after he was born.

And unfortunately, they discovered Princess Aires inside the womb right afterwards.

Ain: “Then the Infant Dragon’s illness was…..”

[Yes. It was something that was transmitted by my companion. My companion cursed herself. She regretted the day when she could not bring a healthy child into the world. And she lived her remaining days in regret and died carrying it.]

Ain: “Then you need to live even longer to cover for your mother’s shortened life.”

I spoke as I patted the head of the Infant Dragon.

The Infant Dragon opened its eyes slight, and I thought it smiled for a moment.

Ain: “Prince, then let’s get going.”

Eriol: “Yes, let’s.”

Ain: “Boss, please wait here with the Ice Dragon. Boris, I need you to protect the Infant Dragon.”


Boris seemed still a little shook up, and his voice wavered and trembled slightly.

A Knight and 3 Priests were going to remain here to guard our luggage and belongings.

I gave the carrots and edamame to the Female Priest who adored Boris and asked her to take care of the Sheepoo’s feeding. She enthusiastically accepted the request.

“Then Princess Aires, please sit here.”

A Knight who was extremely well-built knelt down with his back to the Princess with a large back carrier seat towards her..

They were probably planning on carrying her in that.

But the Princess did not get on.

Eriol: “Eri, what’s wrong?” Eri: “Brother, I……..I will remain here.”

Eriol: “What is wrong all of a sudden? Wasn’t it you that wanted to come in the first place?”

Eri: “ThーThat is true, butーー”

The Princess saw how the Infant Dragon’s strained expression as it fought down the pain, and she herself also showed an equally pained face with her brows furrowed.

Eri: “Sir Luke, you will be bringing the Elixir here, correct?”

Ain: “Huh? Oh! YーYes, I will definitely deliver the Elixir here!”

Eri: “Then please go with my brother, and if you are successful in obtaining the flower, if we are only able to make one Elixir with that flower, then my brother will surely have me drink it first.”

Eriol: “WーWell…….yes, we have come this far for your sake, so that is to be expected. And after thatーー”

Eri: “It cannot be afterwards! This poor child has very little time left, my dear brother!”

That’s why the first Elixir will be given to the Infant Dragon. The Princess stated clearly that that is the reason why she will stay behind.

Wow. I thought she was a pretty prickly Princess, but she had a genuinely kind side to her personality.

Sia: “E-a-i-s, good. Good girl.”

Eri: “WhーWhat do you mean, Sia?! IーI have been good from the beginning. OーOf course I would do this!”

Sia: “Good girl. Good girl.”

It was like watching one child pat the head of another. The group relaxed at the heart-warming sight.

Eriol: “I understand. Then Aires, you remain here and protect the Ice Dragon. In a short while, the Dragon Slaying Expedition Group will arrive. As the Princess of Tronstad, you are tasked with convincing them to not take action. Understood?” Eri: “Yes! Leave it to me, brother.”

[Are you certain, Princess?]

Eri: “Yes, this is fine. They told me that I would survive at least 5 more years with the Decaying Death Disease.”

But that’s still only 5 more years.

It’ll be difficult to say ifーーNo, we will definitely obtain the Elixir with this expedition!

[Then please, take this with you. If it is that Mage, he should be able to use this.”

The Ice Dragon broke off one of its fangs and handed it to Royce.

Royce: “AーAre you sure? I was the one who blasted that Highest-Tier Spell on you.”

[Do not be concerned. That was a powerful Spell, but neither I nor my child would have died from it. Butーー]

Hm? Why is he looking at me?

[Young man, you managed to absorb the Spell with your al-ke-mee bo-cks, but one misstep, and you would have died instantly. That was the most powerful Spell among all the Lightning Type Spells.]

Ain: “The most powerful of the Lightning Type…..”

IーIt was that kind of Spell…..


Royce: “Oh, wーwell, Sir Lou Quain. AーAs I said before, the Spell incantation was already completed. I couldn’t have stopped it evenーー”

Ain: “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!”

Royce: “There was no way I couldーー”

Ain: “Sia! Rocks! Please help me gather rocks!!”

Sia: “Yea!”

Royce: “.......huh?” Royce looked puzzled and bewildered as Sia and I gathered as many rocks as we could.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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