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Alchemy BOX c44

Chapter 44

[Little One, why did you save us?]

The Dragon spoke without moving its lips.

It was using telepathy.

Ain: “Why….? I mean……this guy started running all of a sudden and besidesーー”

I glanced briefly under one of the Dragon’s wing.

Ain: “I don’t have any children, but I can still understand what a parent who lost their child would feel like.”

[........have you lost one.]

“Yeah, it was right after the birth. I know that it might be different between us, but you wanted to save that child too, right?”

I pointed at the child under its wings.

Ain: “But…….what’s wrong with the child? I read this in a book, but it said a Dragon’s scales will show a darker hue when it’s in a healthy state.”

The light reflected against the scales of the Ice Dragon and against the beautiful sky blue color, the light made it look almost silver.

But the one under its wings only had faint dull-colored scales.

You can tell at a glance that it probably wasn’t the Dragon’s original color.

Ain: “Are you the mom…..? Oh, from the voice, I guess you’re a dad.”


“Yes, I’m talking about the father. Umm, yーyou’re a male….sir?”

[Why be so polite all of a sudden. Indeed, I am a male. Do you call males “dads”?]

Ain: “OーOh, no. Not exactly. A male with a child is called a dad or father.”

The Dragon stared at me intently, and then mumbled “dad” under its breath.

Huh…..does it want to be called dad by its child? Eriol: “I thought it rude to eavesdrop, but we could not ignore such a story, o brave Ice Dragon!”

Hearing our conversation and gaining confidence, Prince Eriol stepped forward.

And Royce and Avenges are only one step behind just in case.

Eriol: “I am Eriol Tronstad, the first prince of the Tronstad Kingdom. I hope you can find it in your gracious heart to forgive my subordinate’s imprudent action earlier.”

[ I have stepped into your territory without warning, forgive my actions as well.]

The Knights who were on guard all exhaled, “oooohhhーー” in admiration as they heard the Dragon speak.

To have a Dragon apologize to a species that’s not of its own was quite surprising.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, can you pardon the intrusion?”

Ain: “Please.” Eriol politely asked before he stood in front of the Dragon.

Eriol: “As far as I have heard, has your child been wounded in some way and cannot move from there? If that is the case, we will gladly share with you our Healing Potion supply.”

[It is not a wound, Prince of the Humans. My child…….is suffering from death’s illness.”

Eriol: “Death’s?” Dragon’s can get sick too? But I was not the only one surprised by the news.

Aires: “And what kind of illness will that be?” “Eriーー”

And Princess Aires, being supported by one of her female Knights, came next to Prince Eriol.

[And how will my answer benefit you, Princess of the Humans?]

Aries: “Huh? How did you…”

[You have the same scent as the Prince. How would I not know then?]

Is that like people with tasty smelling blood and bad smelling blood? Like that?

Aires: “The same as my brother…..oーof course! We are siblings after all! That would be expected.”

Eriol: “Eri, I don’t want this discussion to get too complicated with your involvement, so please step back.”

Aries: “As if I would! If the Dragon has brought its child here, then we are probably both after the same thing, brother.”

Eriol: “Oh?! I see! So that would be very likely…”

I see too!

Wait, so this Dragon knew about the materials for the Elixir you can obtain from the lowest floor of this Dungeon?

Eriol: “Are you desiring to obtain the Elixir?” [ is as you say.]

Aries: “Then you are the same as us. I also suffer from the Decaying Death Disease, and that is why I seek the Elixir myself.”

Decaying Death Disease…….I think I read about that in a book somewhere.

I heard that it’s a disease that causes you to rot away from the inside out……huh?! SーSo the Princess is suffering from that disease?!

Unbelievable. From the outside, it looks like she’s not particularly bad.

But if the disease eats away from the inside, that may be expected that I’m not seeing the symptoms surface on the outside.

I can’t believe she was suffering from such a dire illness.

There is no treatment or cure for Decaying Death Disease. So the Elixir is her last hope.

The Dragon seemed taken aback by the Princess’ words.

[The Decaying Death Disease……what a serendipitous meeting. I never would have imagined meeting a human child who suffered the same disease as my own.]

Aires: “What?! SーSo your child has the same illness as myself?!”

The Dragon spread its wings and revealed the child it was protecting.

The baby Dragon’s scales were a faded silvery blue with no sheen.

Its eyes were tightly closed, and it shook and trembled as if enduring a lot of pain.

Aries: “It looks like the disease has progressed further than mine.”

[My child will not last much longer. In about 3 months……..]

Aries: “That’s terrible…..”

The Princess rushed towards the baby Dragon. She gently patted its head as the Dragon continued to suffer quietly.

It was hard to believe that grumpy Princess Aires could show so much sympathy and pity as she knelt down beside the baby Dragon.

No, I’m sure that she is kind-hearted by nature.

Being in death’s shadow because of the illness, she decided to take a bold, confident posture at all times so as not to let the people around her worry.

And she is sincerely concerned for the baby Dragon that is suffering from the same thing she is.

We need to get it no matter what.

We need to get the Elixir.

Ain: “Dragon, we came here to heal the Princess’ illness and need the Elixir for that purpose. I will make sure to make enough for your child as well.”

[What?! BーBut the Core of this Dungeon isーーI see now. So it is you.]

Ain: “Hm?” The Dragon looked lovingly at its own child.

[The infant of an Ancient Dragon will be able to see the future in its dreams a few times before it is full grown.]

AーAncient Dragons……? Isn’t that…….like the highest tier species of all Dragons…….? REALLY?!

[My child dreamed a half a month back that I would be laughing with a human child here in this spot.]

Ain: “Laughing?” [That’s right. And I would only be laughing when my child is cured. That is the only way.]


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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