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Alchemy BOX c43

Chapter 43

In almost every game, if you mention Alchemy, then you are talking about making Potions.

Fortunately, there was no lack of materials.

On the road to our destination, there were many herbs found along the way. The way I found those herbs wasーー


Ain: “Boris, did you find another herb?” [Unpeh, unpeh~]

As if to say, “Yeah I didー”, Boris would jump around to notify me. And Hannah would immediately go to where Boris was and sniff the plant.


Sia: “Younーー young leaf? Onlyー she says.”

Ain: “Got it. Only pick the young leaves, right?” The adult Sheepoo would sniff the herb to inspect it, and they would let me know if the herb is ready to be picked or not.

After that, I just have to put it in my BOX to assess its quality. With that information, I would be able to determine what kind of Potion I can make with it.

We stopped by a small river to collect sand and small clam-looking shells and made a bottle to hold the potions. I also gathered some water and just in case distilled it first, and with all the ingredients insideーー

Ain: “Good, good. It’s done.” Sia: “Uーk, amazingー! Thiー medicine?” Ain: “Yeah, remember how we gave Hannah some after she gave birth on the island? It’s similar to that.” But this is a low-grade potion so the amount of health recovery is lower.

As we performed these tasks during our breaks, the Prince looked curious and came over.

Eriol: “Can you make Potions too with your BOX? But well, it is a BOX with the Alchemy label, so maybe that was to be expected.” Ain: “It was just a test to see if it would work, and I’m glad that it did.”

Eriol: “I see. Then great. We won’t hire a Pharmacist and leave the potion creation to you.”

Whーーleaving it to me? Does he mean the Elixir?

Ain: “Leave it to me!”

If I know it can be made by Alchemy, I’d really like to try making the Elixir.

I read a lot of different books about this world, so I know.

There’s really not going to be too many opportunities where I get a chance to make an Elixir.

I’ll restore the Core and make the Elixir too.

I definitely have my work cut out for me.

Now, all that remains isーー

Ain: “Wow…….I was half expecting it, but it really is huge.”

Eriol: “Ha, hahahaha, yeah, it’s big.”



On the intercontinental path, there indeed was a dragon residing in that spot.

It’s fluorescent blue scales were closer to white as it reflected the sunlight, and from afar, it would look like an ice mountain.

And behind it, we could clearly see the Dungeon entrance.

As the Knights get into formation, Royce began reciting his long incantation.

The more powerful the Spell, the longer the incantation, and there are times when you have to repeat the incantation multiple times to gather enough Magic Power.

I can just throw a stone, but the real thing isn’t that easy.

The Dragon hasn’t moved at all from its spot. I’m not sure if it noticed us or not.

NOPE! It’s definitely looking at us now!

I grabbed hold of one of the stones hidden inside my pocket.

The Dragon’s wings moved. Is it trying to fly?

No…….under its wings……there is something of a lighter bluish color underneath andーー


Suddenly, Boris sprinted forward.

Ain: “WhーHーHey, Boss!”

[Unbehー] [Beh-Behー] [Unbeh-behー] [Unーbeh]

The female Sheepoos followed Boss’ lead, and began charging towards the Dragon.

HEY HEY HEY!! Royce is about to cast his Spell!


Ain: “Boris, you too?! What are you guys doing?!”

Sia: “Baーy. Uーk, Baーy”

Ain: “Baーy?......BABY?!”


As the Dragon blocked the entrance to the Dungeon, under its wings, there was some smaller light blue scales that I could see.

Is its child under it?!

Ain: “Royce! Stop the Spell!”

Royce: “DーDon’t be ridiculous! The Spell’s already complete!!”

Above the Dragon, dark clouds gathered and swirled ominously. Lightning flashed sideways andーー


I ran. I ran and jumped onto Boss’ back who were all there waiting.

The Spell can’t be canceled.


Ain: “I’ll capture it inside my <Alchemy BOX>ーーー!!”

Boss jumped high into the air.

Possibly predicting Boss’ move, the Dragon also reached out its arm.

We won’t be able to dodge from this close.

Eriol: “Lou Quain?!”

Royce: “Sir Lou Quain! Don’t!!”

“Sir Luke!”


Was that Princess Aires’ voice at the end? But at that moment, I felt Boss land on something.


Boss actually landed on the Dragon’s arm and jumped again!


Ain: “I know!”

I opened the lid to the BOX and held it above my head.



It sounded like countless shrieking, shrilling bird cries as it was followed with a <BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!>

I continued to absorb the Spell until the sound was gone. During that time, something like static electricity flew all around us like small fireworks.

EEEEEKーー!! ROYCE! You really cast something big this time!!

Next, Boss landed on the Dragon’s head.

By then, Royce’s Spell was over.

I could see Prince Eriol and his group below us.

……..whoa. IーIt’s quite high up here…..haha, hahaha.

But the sight immediately approached the ground.

As the Dragon lowered its head close to the ground, Boss jumped off.

We turned around. Yikes! The Dragon’s face is right there in front of us!!

[Little one]

Hm? That voice……

[Little one. Why did you save us?]


As promised in these situations, the Dragon spoke.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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