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Alchemy BOX c41

Chapter 41

We say our thanks to Latz and his group and leave the Guild.

We immediately headed to a street lined with luxury inns and found the inn where the Tronstad Knights stood guard.

“Sir Lou Quain, you look troubled. Did something happen?”

Ain: “Could you ask Prince Eriol if he has time to meet with me? I obtained some critical information from the local Guild.”

“Critical information? Understood. Please come this way.” Sia and I were led by the Knight inside of the inn.

“Sir Lou Quain is here to see you.”

Eriol: “Lou Quain is? Let him enter.”

“Yes, your highness.” The Knight opens the door, and on the far side of the room, Prince Eriol, Avenges, Royce, and one female Knight was there. And there was one other girl who looked to be a year or two younger than the Prince or me.

I believe this is Princess Aires.

Both the Prince and the Princess had blonde hair and blue eyes. Though they had similar faces, the Princess who was suffering from an illness had a more sharp look in her eyes.

Eriol: “Lou Quain, what good timing. I want to introduce you to my younger sister, Aires. Eri, introduce yourself.”

Though the Prince was smiling, the Princess on the hand, only glanced towards our way.

Eri: “Hmph.”

And turned her face the other way.

It doesn’t look like she likes us very much.

Eriol: “Eri, aren’t you being a little rude to those who we will be in service to?”

Eri: “Didn’t <my brother> find these people for my sake? Then regardless, it would be you, brother, who is helping me cure my disease.”

Ohーー I see now. This is what they called a brother complex.

She’s probably viewing all women who try to be friendly with her brother, and also any men who might take credit away from her brother as her personal nemesis.

Eriol: “I’m sorry, Lou Quain.” Ain: “Oh, you don’t have to worry about me. But besides that, Prince Eriol. I heard some disturbing news at the Adventurers’ Guild today.”

Eri: “Oh, is that perhaps about the Dragon who currently resides at the Dungeon’s entrance?” Ain: “Have you already heard the news?” It was a little unexpected…….but hindsight, maybe not.

It was the Kingdom that put a halt to assembling an Adventurer Crew to slay the Dragon. The Princess must have come front the Capital, and it’s no surprise then if she’s already heard the news.

Eriol: “I also heard the news from Aires just now. My sister received this message from a Mage Communication Device while she was passing through one of the towns.”

Ain: “A Mage Communication Device…”

Yes, a unique device known only to this world!

Take a highly concentrated Monster Stone with an incredibly pure crystal and mold them together. By doing so, you have an item that is now able to communicate with someone far away with telepathy.

But you need high Magic Power (MP) to use it, and during the conversation, it will continue to drain your MP.

That’s why I won’t be able to use it.

But if my Magic Power Status reaches 50 one day, maybe……

By the way, I am consuming Status Fruits secretly every day, but the chances of Magic Power going up is extremely low.

“So do you have a plan? I don’t believe there were any other entrances……”

The Prince shook his head to confirm and said just, “None.”

“Then we have to defeat it then?” Eriol: “Yes, that is correct.”

Eri: “Oh, but for brother, that would be an easy victory.”

Princess Aires smiles as she gazes at the Prince’s face. The Prince let out a disappointed sigh that followed with, “There’s no way that that’s the case….”

Eriol: “According to our sources, the Dragon is large and a flying type.”

“Oh……the Dragon’s strength can be judged by it’s size, correct? And they also say that a flying type is one rank above land Dragons…”

Eriol: “That is correct. According to Royceーー”

And here, the Prince paused to look at the intense and always energetic Mage.

Royce: “The scales are silver blue. We believe it to be an Ice Dragon.”

Ain: “Ice…….quite a rare type.”

Eriol: “That’s right……..sheesh, give me a break, really.”

Royce: “Unfortunately, among the Mages we brought along, there’s no one that can cast more than a mid-tier level Lightning Spell…..”

Ain: (I guess from Royce’s personality, <Fire> is his best Magic Type. He was killing all the bandits instantly with Fire Type Spells.)

Sia: “Whaー ‘bout Roーy?”

Royce: “Oh, me? I am a High Mage so I can use all types of Magic. Of course, Lightning Magic is awesome and strong, and I love it!”

Sia: “Ohhhhhh! Roーy, amazーing!”

Ain: “What? Huh? Royce is a High Mage?” A High Mage is an occupation that only a handful of people with real strength and skills can call themselves among the Mages. It is one step below a Sage in fact.

Ain: (That guy…..he’s really that amazing? Wowー no wonder why he’s allowed to follow the next King of Tronstad around.)

Royce: “But even then, Prince. That leaves me and maybe Avenges and a few other Knights that would be able to fight against it.”

Eriol: “Hmmm…….should we hire Adventurers?”

Royce: “Should I teach my disciples Lightning Magic?” Eriol: “If you begin now, could they master it in a few days?” But Royce strained a smile as a he thought about it, and replied with an apology to the Prince.

In other words, it would take a considerable amount of timeーーmuch more than a few days.

Though Princess Aires seemed well, she hadn't moved from the sofa at all.

And occasionally, she would be trying to catch her breath with some deep breaths.

They’re desperate enough to drag her all the way out here. She may not have much time left.


They just need to be able to use Lightning Magic.

Ain: “Prince Eriol, my Alchemy BOX has one hidden feature.”

Eriol: “A hidden feature?” I explained to everyone there about my [Gift] and its effects.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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