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Alchemy BOX c40

Chapter 40

I want to become an Adventurer. I want to become an Adventurer. I want to defeat a Dragon and have people say, “WOOOOOOW HE’S SO STRONGーー”.

I was reborn in a world of fantasy filled with swords and magic. Of course I would romanticize living a life like that.

Ain: “But right now, we have an important mission. And well, Prince Eriol said he plans on building an outpost Adventurer’s Guild on the island, so I can wait till then.”

Sia: “No goーー?”

Ain: “But……….we could just take a peek inside, right?” Sia: “Sureーー”

We enter the building, and we immediately see several rounded tables with people filling most of the seats.

There are some who are drinking and eating, but I don’t see anything like a kitchen anywhere. I guess they bought the food and brought it here to eat.

Sia: “Oh, Uーk, thereーー”

Ain: “Hm? Where?” Sia took the food we bought in her arms and headed to an open table.

Ain: “Hey Sia, we’re not Adventurers, so we shouldn’t use their facility like that.”

Sia: “Whaaーー I want eatーー”

Ain: “I know, I know. Let’s look for a place to eat outside.”

Sia: “Yea”

I didn’t get a very good look at the place….. We were about to exit the Guild when, “Hey, you looking for some help?” and someone called out to us from behind.

Ain: “Me?” I turn around and see a man with a dog’s ear and tail ーー a Beast Race Man.

I can tell that he’s a man from all the well built muscles surrounding his body.

“Yeah, you. You were looking around curiously, so I was wondering if you were here trying to register as an Adventurer.”

Ain: “Oh, no. That’s not exactly……’s true that I do want to register as an Adventurer, but right now, I have business crossing the intercontinental route.”

“The inter-continental route? Are you also looking for the Dragon?” Ain: “Huh?” Why would he bring up a Dragon all of a sudden? What’s the connection to the intercontinental route?

“What, you don’t know? Ohー, here. Come over here.” Ain: “Oh, sure. Sia, let’s go.” Sia: “Ughhhhhh fooooooood….”

“You can eat at our table.”

The Beast Race Man smiles at Sia as he spoke.

Sia: “Let’s goーー”

She immediately got on board.

As we followed the man, we came to a table with one other man and two women.

“So you decided to bring them over, Latz?” “Oh, she’s a cute one.”

“Mr. Latz, you’re always on the look out for helping other Beast Races.”

Ohhh, I see. So this Beast Man was trying to help Sia.

Latz: “These guys were about to head onto the intercontinental route without knowing anything.”

“The intercontinental route? The East Route? Or the West Route?” Something must have happened on the intercontinental route.

From this town, we’ll be heading westward. But as soon as I said so, their expressions became darkened.

Ain: “Did something happen?”

Latz: “Well, even if you’re going on west on the intercontinental route, as long as you don’t head to the dead Dungeon, you should be fine.”

Yeah, we are heading straight for that dead Dungeon. But I didn’t say anything further.

Ain: “OーOh, so did something happen around the dead Dungeon? You mentioned a Dragon earlier.”

“A Dragon appeared at the entrance of that Dungeon. And it’s sat there ever since.”

Latz was the only non-human in the group, and the other man looked to be a warrior. One woman had a bow, and the other wore a robe so maybe she was a priest? There were 5 seats at the table, but Latz gave Sia his seat.

Sia: “Thanー you”

Latz: “You’re very welcome. You must have been hungry. Here, go ahead and eat.”

Sai: “Yea”

“Oh, you haven’t eaten yet? Please don’t mind us and eat.” The Priestess-like girl spoke kindly to Sia. I’m glad. I was pretty hungry too.”

Ain: “ThーThank you. So…..has the Dragon remained in front of the Dungeon?”

We took large bites out of the food we bought from the foodstands and listened as we ate.

A merchant first witnessed the Dragon but was not attacked.

“The town of Beltan is the closest where you can find an Adventurer’s Guild outpost. The merchant reported the incident to Beltan andーー”

Latz: “That was 2 weeks ago. Nowadays, there was a call out to various Adventurer Parties to form a Dragon Slaying Team, butーー”


Latz: “5 days ago, the Kingdom’s government sent out an executive order.”

Latz explained succinctly.

Latz: “They said to wait until the Tronstad Kingdom Military investigates. Isn’t that strange?” Ohhhh, this probably has something to do with reviving the Dungeon.

If the Dragon gets into a bout with the Adventurers, the entrance to the Dungeon could get destroyed.

That’s why they probably sent that order.

Latz: “That’s why you probably should go near the Dungeon for a while.” Ain: “IーI see. So that’s what’s happening. Thank you for the details.”

“(sighーー) I really, really wanted to go Dragon Slaying.”

Ain: “Wow, is everyone a high-ranking Adventurer here?” In this world, the Adventurer’s Rank goes from Bronze → Red Bronze → Iron → Silver → Gold → White Gold → Diamond.

They all smiled at my question, and Latz, who was the only one with a serious expression, spoke.

Latz: “We’re Gold Class.”

ーーwas his answer.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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