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Alchemy BOX c39

Chapter 39

Clothes, a change of clothes, and weapons. Lastly, I created the Sheepoo’s coverings with the Alchemy BOX and made them all a different color.

It was 3 days since we landed at port.

Eriol: “I’m sorry to make you wait for so long, Lou Quain. Let’s get going now.”

We departed from the port city.

There were 4 horse carriages, and two large wagons. One wagon was for the Sheepoo’s to ride in and the other had equipment like tents and food supplies stored onto it.

The 10 Knights were riding on horseback in a formation that surrounded the carriages and ran alongside us.

I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to attackーー


Royce: “{Flame}”

The hot-headed Royce hurled a Spell and sent the bandits sailing through the air without bothering to respond.

The Priests who were traveling with us immediately began praying. I assume that this is quite normal for this group.

Ain: “How much longer until we reach the Dungeon?” It’s been 4 days since we departed from the port city. We decided on a location to camp for the night, and I was helping setup the tents.

Once all the tents were setup, the Knight Commander, Avenges, brought over a map. He then spread that over a table that was setup.

My birth country of the Andestan Kingdom was on the far west side of the continent, and their territory stretches horizontally across.

In contract, the Tronstad Kingdom resided in the center of the continent and held a square shape.

Avenges: “The location of our Dungeon is around here.”

Ain: “Wow. It really is right next to the inter-continental route.”

Avenges: “In fact, the entrance of the Dungeon was right on the inter-continental route. We destroyed the Dungeon Core, but it’s not safe if there is a gaping hole in the middle of the road, so they actually shifted the route slightly to avoid it.”

Eriol: “Before we head to the Dungeon, we will stop by the town of Auguste.”

Prince Eriol came by and pointed out the town of Auguste on the map.

I followed the road that ran along the inter-continental route, but the town he pointed veered suddenly east away from our destination. Before we arrive at the Dungeon, there is also another larger town, but why are we taking a sudden detour? Eriol: “It is to go pick up my younger sister Aires.”

Ain: “We’re taking the princess along?!”

The prince nodded in response to my question.

Eriol: “I brought this up back on the island, but the flower that is an ingredient to the Elixir will wilt after a few hours. We will recruit a well-skilled Pharmacist in the town near the Dungeon, but just in case, it will give us the option to directly administer the flower ifーー”

It was rumored that the Adventurer who just touched the nectar had their wounds instantly healed.

So he probably thought, “What if she drinks the nectar?” or something along those lines.

Of course, he will take the Pharmacist as insurance just to be safe.

Eriol: “There will be no Monsters inside the Dungeon. As far as going, it’s as if we have already been ensured of our safety, no?” Ain: “Yes, certainly…..but as soon as the Core is fixed, there will beーー”

Avenges: “And that is why we will be there.”

And Avenges smiled as he spoke.

There will be 10 Knights with them. Among them, some will have to stay behind to stand guard of their supplies, but the Mages and Priests will also come along too.

Though they had help from the Sheepoo on the island, Sia and I were able to take down the Dungeon Boss.

Maybe from that perspective, they have more than enough people on their side.

Eriol: “It will be a 5 day journy from here to the town. From that town to the Dungeon is about a 4 day journey.”

Ain: “Understood. I will also let the Sheepoos know.”

I took their favorite foods and walked over to where Boss and his group was.

They love carrots, but they will not try to stuff themselves. I had to ask them why once.

According to Sia’s translation, if they stuffed themselves full, it would all be gone quickly, so even if it’s just a little, they prefer to eat a little every day.

And we also discovered another food that the Sheepoos loved.


The beans that go great with beer, the Edamame Beans.

The Sheepoos ate this for the first time and fell in love with it immediately……

But they did not like the outer skin as it was too bristly and hard to chew. So taking out the beans inside the pods and feeding them just that was a lot of work.

Ain: “Siaー Can you helpー?”

Sia: “Yeaーー”

“Oh, can we help too?” And the Knight, mage, and Priest also came. Everyone enjoyed feeling the Sheepoos’ fluffy wool and looked forward to it.

While we were still back at the port, we cleaned the Sheepoos too, and as a result, their fluffy power increased drastically.

We take out the boiled edamame beans onto a wooden plate I made with the Alchemy BOX.

And the Sheepoos surrounded our group as they watched us work.

[Mm. Mm]

As Boris made begging sounds, the female priestess blushed in joy at the sight.

“You cutey wootyーー just wait a little longer. We’ll get this ready for you in no time.”

Among the Prince’s servants, many enjoy the feeling of the fluffiness of the Sheepoos’ wool. Even his Highness himself enjoys it very much.

Eriol: “I wonder if Sheena’s child will be a boy or a girl. I can’t waitー”

“Prince, the child that is coming is not your own.” Eriol: “Hahahaha, of course I know that. But I look forward to it nonetheless.”

The Prince also joined our circle as each person continued to take out the beans out of the pods.

We split apart and continued to take out the edamame beans out of three large bundles, and finally, they were ready to give to the Sheepoos.


Sia: “Says, ‘Thank you for the food’”

Ain: “Yes, go ahead and enjoy the meal.”

As soon as I finished saying those words, the Sheepoos all stuck their heads on top of the bowl.

We don’t have enough for everyone to fill up their stomachs. In fact, it’s probably not much at all. But if we were to count each individual bean, it would have been a lot.

They licked the plate clean almost instantly, but none begged for more.

They were all quite satisfied with being able to just eat a little.

They ate the grass they found nearby until they were full and then fell asleep.

Ain: “Prince Eriol, thank you so much.”

Eriol: “Do not worry about it. It’s not something I can do at the castle normally. I’m actually enjoying taking care of them myself.”

Prince Eriol is the first prince of the Tronstad Kingdom. He is the heir to the throne ー the next King in line.

If it wasn’t for our present situation, he would not have been permitted to leave the castle.

Though he has a cheerful personality, he would occasionally look towards the north-easterly direction with a very serious expression. I’m sure that he was thinking about his younger sister then.

I heard that she suffers from a very serious disease, but will she be okay to travel inside of a Dungeon?

Concerns come to my mind as we arrive at the town of Auguste.

It was larger than the port city, and it was also more lively and full of energy.

The Horned Sheepoos are being left at a pasture for domesticated animals near the town’s entrance. All the servants of the Prince who especially took a liking to their soft and fluffy fur were standing guard.

Eriol: “Lou Quain. We will be spending one night here before departing. If you like, you can go tour the city.”

Ain: “Understood. We will be back at our campsite by nightfall.”

Eriol: “Do you not want to spend the night at an inn?” Ain: “Yes, Boss and the rest of the Sheepoos would feel lonely without us.”

Eriol: “I’m so jealous. I wish cute animals like that missed me as much.”

I had a sense that he was not completely joking around.

The Sheepoos are indeed cute, but they are huge too. Even Boris, who’s barely a month old, is close to the size of a large dog.

Since we received permission to do as we please, we decided to tour the city.

Sia was astounded by the sheer number of people she saw.

Sia: “Oooooohhhhh”

And seeing a food stand, immediately began to drool.

Sia: “UnOHHHhhhh”

Ain: “Okay, I get it. You want to have some of that?” Sia: “OOOhhh. Oh, OOOOOhhhh!”

And seeing another delicious object at a different food stand, her eyes continued to wander and glitter.

We ended up going to many food stands and both arms were full carrying various kinds of foods.

We were hoping to find some place where we could sit down, and came out to an open area.

Around here, we saw more people equipped with weapons and armor.

Hm? OHH!!

There was a building at the end of the area with a blue roof, and on a sign, it read, “The Adventurers’ Guild.”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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