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Alchemy BOX c34

Chapter 34


A Potion that can heal any injury instantly, and cure any abnormal statuses ー the common item found in most Light Novels and games.

It is considered the same in this world as well, but the rarity is extremely high.

The Elixir would be mentioned numerous times in Alchemy books, and the books mentioned about the flower as an ingredient.

But where you could obtain the flower was not recorded anywhere.

There might have been someone who realized the amount of wealth they can accumulate by knowing it and wanted to keep the secret to themselves.

And that information was being held by the Tronstad Kingdom.

Ain: “I was thinking about sharing the secret about how the Dungeon was revived to the Prince. What do you all think?” We left the Prince’s group behind and returned to the home where the female Sheepoo’s resided. There, I asked for everyone’s opinion.

[Unbehー. Unbeh-beh-behー, unbehー”

Sia: “He says, ‘Princeー smells same as Uーkー’”

Ain: “The same as me? What does he mean by smell?” Sia: “SInce it’s sameー probably good personー”

So the Sheepoos determine a person’s character by their smell? Well, I don’t think the Prince is a bad person either.

Ain: “What about you, Sia?” As I asked, she jumped into my arms and began sniffing me furiously.

And she suddenly got up to leave, so I had to grab her tail.

Sia: “Ahhh….”

Ain: “Hey, no! You were about to leave to go sniff the Prince just now, didn’t you.”

Sia: “Ahhhhhhhhーー Noーー Tail… Not tailーー”

Ain: “Whoa?! Don’t let out such a weird voice.

She made my heart jump with the way her voice just purred.

This girl… maybe it’s because she’s been eating well, but she’s gotten more meat on her bones lately.

As a man, my eyes are starting to wander to certain sections that were growing….

Sia: “Grrrrrrr…..Sia will……..if pwince is bad…….I protect Uーk.”

Ain: “I appreciate that…. Wait, isn’t that backwards?”

Sia: “AUuu?! G, GRRR!!”

Why did she blush and bite me all of a sudden? Well, whatever.

Then it’s decided. I’ll talk to the Prince about the [Alchemy BOX].

And if possible, maybe I can ask a favor from him too.


Ain: “ーーso that’s how I did it. This is the [Alchemy BOX] I was speaking of.”

Eriol: “So this can fix any broken object and restore it back to its original form……...let’s see….”

As soon as I finished explaining how I fixed the Dungeon’s Core, without any hesitation, Prince Eriol dropped a very expensive looking tea cup onto the floor.”

“AHHHHH!! Your Highness! Did you not know that one of these cups costs 800L!!”

Eriol: “Hahahahahahahaha”

800L……..around $800?!

Eeek. If he’s going to do something like that, why couldn’t he use something cheaper?

He confirmed that the teacup was pulverized into dust, and the Prince looked at me. His expression was that of a child who succeeded in pulling off a prank.

Ain: “I need to put every little bit into the BOX, so I wished you would just have broken off a handle or something like that….”

Eriol: “Oh……..sーsorry…..I overdid it.”

I placed all the dust particles into the BOX and willed it to be fixed in my mind. Okay, it’s remade.

The BOX shined, and as I opened the lid, the expensive 800L teacup was put back to normal.


His servants let out a huge sigh of relief at the sight. Prince Eriol gazed with avid curiosity at the cup.

Eriol: “So if we put the destroyed core inside of this BOX, it will be restored back to normal?” Ain: “Yes. As soon as I took it out of the BOX, the ground shook, and the Boss Monster came out. That’s why if the Core doesn’t exist at the Dungeon you would like to revive…….”

Eriol: “We can’t resurrect the Dungeon, huh? Hmm, then it’s okay. As a matter of fact, you cannot take the Core outside of the Dungeon. It doesn’t weather over time, and all the pieces will remain there.”

So apparently, I wouldn’t have been able to take the Core out of the room where the Boss appeared.

Then there’s nothing to worry about.

So we discussed what our next steps were.

Well, the [Alchemy BOX] will not appear unless I’m touching it, so I will have to go to that Dungeon.

On top of that, we have the secret contract. I will show this to the King of Tronstad, and to the uncle of the Prince, the Duke.

Since it is an international matter, the Prince can’t do anything about it himself.

Eriol: “As for me, I would like to set out as soon as possible…...but what about you, Lou Quain? When can we leave?” Ain: “When…..?”

As I turned around, Sia was playing outside with Boris through the window. There were a few Knights and Mages who were looking fondly upon the scene. At times, they looked slightly terrified.

It’s possible that Boss was glaring at them as a warning.

Sia…….can probably come with us if she wanted to. Butーー

Ain: “Can we depart the day after tomorrow? I need to speak with Boss.”

Eriol: “Boss?” Ain: “That huge Horned Sheepoo.”

Eriol: “He’s ‘Boss’ because he’s the leader of the flock, huh….”

Why do you look a little disappointed? Eriol: “And that baby Sheepoo is Boss’?”

Ain: “Yes, his name is Boris.”

Eriol: “You simply added a single syllable to the father’s name, huh…..”

So what’s with this disappointed face you’re making every time. I know I don’t have a good taste when it comes to naming things!

Ain: “SーSo, Prince Eriol. I took down the Pirates. I also revealed their illegal alliance with the Duke of Appunto. I will also help you with your search for the Elixir.”

Eriol: “Yes, you’ll need to be awarded for your efforts.”

He understands very well.

Ain: “Once the case with the Duke of Appunto is settled, what will happen to the rights of this island?”

Eriol: “It’s highly likely that my Kingdom will demand it to be restored back. And the Dungeon hereーーoh yes, it was resurrected. If that’s the case, people will start coming back here.”

Ain: “IーI see…….ummmmm, well…...I am actually…….the second son of the Andestan Marquis of Lonneberg.”

Eriol: “Ahhh, I thought so. I actually looked you up in the past.”

Ain: “MーMe?” The Princess, the younger sister of Prince Eriol, was born with a very serious illness.

He has been in search of a cure for quite a while now. Then he heard that the Marquis from the Kingdom next door had a child the same age as him who received a [Talent] of Alchemy. At the time, he was willing to bet on almost anything at this point.

But after a thorough investigation, I was determined by someone with a [Talent of Assessment] to be found with [Alchemy XXX], and they could not decipher the word BOX itself.

Eriol: “We determined that it was most likely not Alchemy as a result.”

Ain: “Wow, whoever did that background check is really thorough. Because it was the Priest who told me it was Alchemy, I grew up being treated as a good for nothing.”

Eriol: “But in a very roundabout way, you may contribute to fixing my younger sister’s illness now.”

Ain: “Yes, that is true. So Prince Eriol…….I have a request.” Eriol: “Let’s hear it.”

The Prince looked at me very seriously.

I sucked in a deep breath, and then spoke as clearly as I could.

Ain: “Please allow me to become a refugee to the Tronstad Kingdom. And please grant me rights to this island.”


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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