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Alchemy BOX c28

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Chapter 28: The Mother and Son Orc Part 2

Crossing the Marquess, the Head Butler Jopan, the Head Maid Amanda, the Head Chef Mishu, and 20 others were now fired.

Currently, the Marquis' mansion is overflowing with newly appointed servants.

(How did things end up like this?)

The one holding his head in duress was the Marquis of Lonneberg himself.

It’s just because of one fruit……...well, a few dozen fruits, and the Marquess has continued to fire servants.

Because everyone in the mansion was brand new to their role, the Mansion itself was in utter chaos.

No one knows where anything is.

The Head Butler and Head Maid were dismissed without any forewarning, so important documents and the clothes embroidered with the family insignia and and seals were all lost somewhere within the mansion.

(That thing’s obsession to fruits is absolutely abnormal)

But this was all realized in hindsight.

“Husbandー! Where are you my husbandー!!”

“EEEEKKー! I’m coming, darling! Right away!”

His body now instinctively moved on its own quickly as the Marquis headed towards the Marquess' room.

Inside the room, besides the Marquis, their son Endin and two maid servants were there.

“AーAngelina, did you call for me?”

Although it was his own wife and son, their hideousness grieved his eyes.

The two were stomping on the floor in perfect unison.

With each stomp, the floor of the mansion shook.

(Please don’t destroy our floor boards any further)

The Maquis simply couldn’t say those words out loud and held a business smile as he engaged with the two.

Angelina: “OF COURSE I called for you! My husbandー I need you to immediately bring me two carts full of fruits.”

Endin: “Mamaー What about me~?”

Angelina: “Ohhh, my dear, sweet little Endin. I’m cho chorry~. My husbandー Two carts! Bring two carts of fruit right away!”

“TーTwo carts?! Angelina, we have our orchard in the back, do we not?!”

It’s an orchard inside a glass framed greenhouse, but it is quite spacious inside.

Building it was the condition the Marquis had to fulfill to marry Angelina.

Hence, the Marquis was never romantically involved with Angelina and doesn’t even remember how he proposed to her.

“Hey, you two. Bring some fruits from the back orchardーー”

And the Marquis turns to the frightened maids.

The two looked mortified as they shook their heads side to side.

“ThーThere are no more fruits. One month ago, all the fruits that were in the orchard have been eaten.”


“There’s no more fruits left in there~!”

The maids wail in reply.

“HーHow is that possible?! Nothing like this has ever happened beforeーー”

The Marquis held his head in high duress as he faced the fact that this is the first time all the fruits in the orchard were consumed.

(How did we handle this in the past? Wasn’t there a gardener named Roku….?)

“Call for Roku!”

And gave order to the two maids, but the both tilted their heads in confusion.

“AーApologies, my Lord. I do not recognize the name of Mr. Roku.”

“MーMe neither. You have allowed me to let me serve you starting a month ago.”

(UGH! They’re newーーthat’s right. Almost everyone here has been hired in the last month. Is there anyone who’ve worked here longerーーthat’s it!)

“You two, head to the stable and call for Bob!”


All the servants the Marquess fired were maids, butlers, and cooks.

All the gardeners and stable hands were still left.

The reason is simple. They are servants who never come near the mansion, and they rarely receive orders from the Marquess.

After some time, they brought Bob over.

“Bob, where did Roku go?”

And the Marquis begins his questioning.

“Ohhー my Lord. Mr. Roku completed his service 5 years back and quitー Have you forgotten?”


Angelina: “My husbandー who is this Roku you speak of?!”

Both the Marquis and the Marquess do not know the faces of those who work on their property. But the Marquess doesn’t even know what role or job each performs either.

Endin: “Mamaー I’m so hungry, I could die~ Look at me, Mama~ Look at how flat my stomach has gotten~”

You’ve got to be kidding me. On the contrary, your stomach is several times the size of any ordinary person.

If the world itself could speak, it would have immediately retorted. That’s how ridiculous Endin’s statement was.

Angelina: “Just wait a little longer, my dear, sweet Endin. Your Mama will get everything ready for you. My husbandー!!”

“RーRーR, Roku was the gardener who managed the Orchard. HーHe seemed to have quit 5 years ago.”

Angelina: “Then who has been managing to get us fruits since this Roku left!”


Bob: “Yーyes'sir. It was Sir Lou Quain. After Mr. Roku retired, he has been taking care of the orchard by himself, alone.”

Why Lou Quain?

But it dawned on the Marquis as he finally recalled.

About 11 years ago, it was the Marquis himself who commanded Lou Quain to assist the gardener with his tasks.

Angelia: “(teeth grindly sharply) Then bring to us this Roku immediately!!”


The Marquis' words were now a desperate cry for help, but Bob could only respond with a troubled expression as he answered.

Bob: “Mr. Roku went to go live with his daughter in the Tronstad Kingdom…..I believe it will be a li~ttle difficult to call him over now.”


Angelia: “What did you say?! Did you just tell me that you can’t obey my order?! BOOOOB!! You’re fired! Get off this premise right now!!”

Though Bob was shocked for a moment, with a “Then I will take my leave”, he immediately left the room. From his face, you could see that a heavy burden was lifted off his back.

Angelina: “My husbandー We are bringing Roku back!”

“Wait, we can just drag him back here. He formally retired and took his leaveーー”

Angelina: “SILENCEー!! The Tronstad Kingdom is trying to take away my Orchard!!”


The Marquis could not comprehend the Duchess’ line of thought.

Angelina: “GIYEEEEAAAAAHHHH!! It must be the work of that Queen ー her jealousy of my beauty is well known far and wide! And that’s why she schemed to take away my Orchard and abducted Roku!!”

“NーNo, that’s not…..”

Endin: “Mamaー that Orchard is both yours and mine”

Angelina: “Ohー Of course it is. My Husband. We will write a letter to the King.”

Wait, stop.

The Marquis desperately began praying in his heart.

Angelina: ‘The Tronstad Kingdom abducted Roku and must return him immediately! We will go report this to the King!!”

“AーAngelina, if we do that, worst case scenario, we’ll start a war.”

Angelina: “(SNORT) Then let there be war!!”

With his wife now snorting as she huffed and puffed furiously, the Marquis steps several paces back.

Behind him, the door opened, and one of the new butlers entered.

“MーMy Lord, there’s been trouble. The Garapes (grapes) Vineyard in the East District has…..”

“Quiet! Don’t speak of that right now. AーAngelina, I will make preparations to send the letter, so please excuse us.”

Angelina: “Understood. But hurry! Do it now!!”


And dragging the butler’s hand behind him, the Marquis screamed as he exited the room.

He ran and ran and made sure to arrive at a location where the Marquess cannot overhear their conversation. The Marquis was finally able to catch his breath.

“SーSo, tell me. What happened to the Garapes Vineyard?”

“YーYes. Apparently, the plants were affected by a disease that rotted the roots, and the whole vineyard is now dead.”


“But sirー that’sー”

The Marquis grabbed the butler strongly by the shoulder.

“So what are they going to do about it?!”

“So, yes. Um, they said that if they could speak to Sir Lou Quain, Sir Lou Quain would be able to provide medicine against the rotting root disease ー is what the farmer said.”

“Lou Quain?” Why?

As he began furiously thinking, the Marquis held his head once again.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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