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Alchemy BOX c27

Chapter 27

Ain: “If it’s 2 fruits a day, we seem to be fine.”

Sia: “UUUuuuu”

It was 3 days after trying to eat 5 Status Fruits, throwing it up, and experiencing complete and utter misery until they recovered. But I was still enamored with the dream of increasing our Statuses and began experimenting to see how many we are able to consume per day. Of course, the only guinea pigs around are ourselves.

Since 5 was too much, we tried 4. But the next day, we had terrible bowel movements. The symptoms continued with 3.

As a result, as soon as we felt better, our Statuses also returned to what it was previously.

But with 2, we did not have diarrhea or throw up.

After 10 days, we finally discovered how many we could consume safely.

Ain: “Well, even if we know that, the grapes growing on the trees are at their limits….”

There are many bunches of grapes still hanging down from the trees, but they are starting to rot.

They are doing their best to eat as much as they can, but there are too many trees in the orchard. They haven’t even eaten 1% of the total harvest.

But as an excellent food source to enchant, the grapes are ideal. If it’s an apple, they would have to eat the whole thing, and so grapes can be eaten in one bite, and they can gather a lot of it at once so the cost performance ratio is so much better.

Ain: “Is there a way to not let them spoil and preserve them long term?”

I wonder if dried fruits will not spoil as fast……

Since we’re talking about grapes, there are raisins but…..

I guess I could test it out with my [Alchemy BOX].

I take the Shine Muscat Grapes that were enchanted with the Status Fruit inside the [Alchemy BOX], and as I imagine raisins in my head, I will the BOX to turn the grapes into dried fruit.

YES! The BOX lit upー!

It did it!

I had to see if the enchantment was still there. I close the lid to assess the final product.

[The Dried Fruit of the Shine Muscat Grapes. It is enchanted to increase a Status randomly. It can also temporarily increase your Status.]

I threw a victorious fist into the air.

Ain: “Boss’ sheep wool is……..dang, it’s grown so much. Don’t they grow back too fast?” It’s been one month since we cut some of their wool, and though we left about 5 cm (2.5 in), now the wool has quadrupled in length and is about 20 cm (10 in) in length.


The Boss gives me an arrogant, proud smile back.

At the Green House 2, the carrots were finally ready for harvest, and we invited the Sheepoo to come have a taste of it butーー

Something white came floating down from the sky, and as we fed them carrots, we buried ourselves inside their wool. It felt so good.

Ain: “Since we helped it initially grow with the [Alchemy BOX], they were ready for harvest in one monthー”

Sia: “Yaーy. Ukeeeeー Preーeee”

Ain: “Sia, aren’t you cold?”

Sia: “Noーー”

Sia seems to be well adept at handling the cold. I have to wear the wool down jacket, but Sia isn’t wearing a sweater.

But she likes the feeling of the wool and wanted a one piece dress with no sleeves, so I made her one with the [Alchemy BOX]. I made her underwear with the sheets, so she’s wearing something underneath ー as am I.

Ain: “Because my Stamina increased by 8 with the Status Fruit, I think I’m stronger than before, but it doesn’t mean that I can handle the cold at all.”


Ain: “Hm? What’s wrong, Boss? Heーy, Siaー. Can you translateー?”

Sia: “Yea~”

Boss is trying to say something to Sia. Sia then turns towards me to speak.

Sia: “Bossー wants to eatー”

Ain: “Eat? You mean carrots?”

Sia: “Noー”


Sia and Boss answer at the same time.

Sia: “Fruitー Status Fruitー”

Ain: “What? Monsters can eat that too?”

Sia: “Yea”


Apparently, they can eat Status Fruits too.

Boss spoke a few words, and Sia translated his words to me. This translation process is actually helping Sia learn correct pronunciation as well.

Sia: “Protectー Faーly”

Ain: “Faly……? I don’t know what that is, but do they really need the Status Fruit to protect that?”

Sia: “NOOー! FAーー, MMMMM, LYーーー”


Ain: “Oh, you mean family.”

Sia: “Yea!”


Ain: “I see. So you want to get stronger to protect your family.”

Boss nodded.

I’m sure Boss will have to protect more kids in the future.

On the eastside of the island ー meaning the side we are on ー the Monsters around here are generally low rank. But if you go to the westside, they go up about 2 ranks. It’s because the forest is very deep.

Ain: “Fine, fine. I get it. We’ll share it with you too. But only 2 per day. If you eat more than that, you’ll get sick.”


[Beh, Behhhhhh….]

Ha. Looks like even Monsters didn’t know that.

We returned to the inn and grabbed some raisins and brought it back to the Sheepoo. By that time, the white things floating down from the sky ー the snow, began descending in greater numbers.

If we get the Sheepoo’s wool, should we make carpet with it? Actually, I’d like one more blanket if possible.

As for the wood we need for the fireplace, we can take it from the inn across the street. No one’s using it, so no one will get mad.

Ain: “I like living on a deserted island, but one day, I’d like to go back to the main continent. You would like to see your family again, right?”

Sia: “Faーm, lyー? Uーk, want to see?”

Ain: “Oh no. Not me.”

Sai: “Fast”

I mean, that’s a given.

My parents kicked me out of the house and sold me to a slave trader on top of that. I would never want to see them again…..

But what about Sia? Why was she on that boat?

Ain: “WーWell, I have other reasons why I want to go back to the continent. There’s those jewels we got. If we sell it for money, we could buy better cloth, right?”

As long as we have the cloth material, we can make clothes or curtains. With the [Alchemy BOX], we could make all sorts of things.

Right now, we are making ends meet with using washed sheets that we found, so everything we’re wearing is white!

Ain: “We could get spices and different vegetable seeds. If we could purchase those, this island will become more luxurious and comfortable. Don’t you think that would be good?” Sia: “OOOOHHHH! GOOD!”

Ain: “Right?” The other day, it happened when we went to the eastside beach. The waves were really turbulent and high. I heard that the winter ocean can get pretty rough, but I guess it’s no different here.

Ain: “Once the springtime comes, the waves will get calmer, and if we work hard and build a ship ー even if it’s just to remodel that small row boat, I think we can make it.”

Sia: “Ohhh! Sia, work harー!”

Ain: “Yeah, let’s work hard together.”

Sia: “YEAー!”


Between Sia and I, Boris stuck his head in between.

He has grown from a small dog size to a large dog size, but he still has his baby face and is so cute.

Ain: “Even if we go to the main continent, we’ll come back here again. This ー this is my home now. This is where I started a new life, and it’ll become my new home.”

Sia: “Sia tooー”



Boss came by too and nestled his nose against me.

If this is my new home, then Sia and Boss are like my new family members.

In the future, we might even get visitors to this island.

On the mainland, they have domesticated and raise Sheepoo. As long as I mark the Sheepoo in some way to show that they are domesticated, they shouldn’t get attacked.

If anyone tries to attack them still, I’ll have to protect them.

But, for now, the number one priority is to make this island more comfortable and better.

Ain: “So, Boss, give me your fur!”

We’ll have to make some progress for our island living, and we’re just about to take our first step.

First, let’s make some carpets.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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